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2020 100+ Reading Challenge

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So ... with this book list from book number 1 to number 19 I had a computer malfunction and lost all of my ORIGINAL 2020 book reviews. Thankfully though I was hoping to start collecting my 2020 book stats so I have my ratings BUT after the mishap I gave up on collecting stats (I felt I already had enough to do). I'll try collecting stats again in 2021. Therefore, below is all that I have completed and links will be added as I go along and officially post the reviews that I do have. Thanks for your patience. CLICK HERE to find out more about this catastrophe.

Here's my (Jess') personal challenge .. or more of a record of how many books I have read in 2020 ::
    -- January 2020 --
  1. "Three Shifter Christmas" by Ariana Hawkes
  2. "Fever" [Dark Kings Series, Book 16] by Donna Grant
  3. "Their Runaway Bride" [Bridgewater Ménage Series, Book 0.5] by Vanessa Vale
  4. "Bunny Hearts Bear" [Heartland Shifters Series, Book 2] by V. Vaughn & C. J. Oliver
  5. "Single Daddy Dragons Box Set" [Single Daddy Dragons Series, Book 1 To Book 4] by Haley Weir
    • "The Shifter's Fake Engagement" [Single Daddy Dragons Series / Single Daddy Dragons Box Set, Book 1] by Haley Weir
    • "The Shifter's Secret Child" [Single Daddy Dragons Series / Single Daddy Dragons Box Set, Book 2] by Haley Weir
    • "The Shifter's Nanny" [Single Daddy Dragons Series / Single Daddy Dragons Box Set, Book 3] by Haley Weir
    • "The Shifter's Second Chance" [Single Daddy Dragons Series / Single Daddy Dragons Box Set, Book 4] by Haley Weir
  6. "Ninja on the Job" [Moby Shinobi Series] by Luke Flowers
  7. "An Unconventional Countess" [Regency Belles of Bath Series, Book 1] by Jenni Fletcher
  8. -- February 2020 --
  9. "Shifter Overload: A Paranormal Romance Box Set" by Candace Ayers & Kym Dillon
  10. "The Amish Teacher's Dilemma" [North Country Amish Series, Book 3] by Patricia Davids
  11. "Rock On" [The Rockstars of Hollywood Hill Series, Book 1] by E. M. Moore
  12. "Common Areas" by Alyssa Clark
  13. "I Hate You, Fuller James" by Kelly Anne Blount
  14. "Five Men and a Nanny" by Jess Bentley
  15. "The Arrangement" by Krista Wolf
  16. "A Duke Too Far" [The Way to a Lord's Heart Series, Book 4] by Jane Ashford
  17. -- March 2020 --
  18. "Magic In Her Eyes" [The Gifted Series, Book 1] by Donna Dalton
  19. "Six Single Dads' Nanny" [Love by Numbers Series, Book 5] by Nicole Casey
  20. "Sext Addict" by Virna DePaul
  21. "My Five Daddies" by B. B. Hamel
  22. "Manipulated" [Hammered Series, Book 3] by Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott
  23. "Chasing His Bunny" [Big Bad Bunnies Series, Book 1] by Golden Angel
  24. "Hanna And The Hot Hockey Gods" by Dizzy Hooper
  25. -- April 2020 --
  26. "Cramming Her Candy Bag" by Farrah Paige
  27. "Triple Sext" [Accidental Stepbrother Series, Book 4] by Stephanie Brother
  28. "Jessie's Harem" by Mandy Rosko
  29. "Her College Roommates" by Veronica Wade
  30. "Moving In" by Chloe Kincaid
  31. -- May 2020 --
  32. "One Bride for the Football Team" by Jess Bentley
  33. "Her Viking Wolf" [50 Loving States, Colorado Series, Book 3] by Theodora Taylor
  34. "The Tourist Attraction" [Moose Springs, Alaska Series, Book 1] by Sarah Morgenthaler
  35. "Embracing Ehrin" [Ashland Pride Series, Book 8] by R. E. Butler
  36. "Rock On" [The Rockstars of Hollywood Hill Series, Book 1] by E. M. Moore
  37. "Ravens" [Sons of Olympus Series, Book 1] by Helen J. Perry
  38. -- June 2020 --
  39. "From Cinderella To Countess" by Annie Burrows
  40. "Pregnant with Boss's Baby" [Billionaire Bosses Series, Book 3] by Miley Maine
  41. "Bait N' Witch" [Brimstone Inc. Series, Book 3] by Abigail Owen
  42. "Real Men Knit" [Real Men Knit Series, Book 1] by Kwana Jackson
  43. "Her Rock Star Friends" by Amanda Horton
  44. "The Siren and the Deep Blue Sea" [Embraced by Magic Series, Book 2] & [The Embraced Series, Book 5] by Kerrelyn Sparks
  45. -- July 2020 --
  46. "Theirs to Keep" by Krista Wolf
  47. "The Billionaire Werewolf's Princess" [Beautiful Creatures Series] by Michele Hauf
  48. "Mating Their Omega" [Waxing Crescent Series, Book 4] by Jasmine Mills
  49. "Seven Soulmates" [Haremworld Series, Book 4] by Kelli Callahan
  50. "Falling for Mr. Townsbridge" [The Townsbridges Series, Book 3] by Sophie Barnes
  51. "The Nanny's Double Trouble" [The Bravos of Valentine Bay Series, Book 1] by Christine Rimmer
  52. "Triple Play" by Cassie Cole
  53. "Fractured Lives" [Matched By Magic Series, Book 2] by Jenna Castille
  54. -- August 2020 --
  55. "The Earl's Inconvenient Wife" [Marriage by Scandal Series, Book 1] by Ruth Ann Nordin
  56. "The Worst Duke in the World" [The Penhallow Dynasty Series, Book 5] by Lisa Berne
  57. "The Billionaire Prince’s Single Mother" [Sovalon Royals Series, Book 3] by Leslie North
  58. "Playing for Keeps" [Hot Jocks Series, Book 1] by Kendall Ryan
  59. "Her Dirty Rockers" [Men at Work Series, Book 1] by Mika Lane
  60. "My Last Duchess" [The Wildes of Lindow Castle Series, Book 0.5] by Eloisa James
  61. "Five Men and a Nanny" by Jess Bentley
  62. "Chasing Charis" [The Cartharian Series, Book 1] by Lynn Best
  63. "Marrying Mr. Perfect" [Reality Romance Series, Book 1] by Lizzie Shane
  64. -- September 2020 --
  65. "Tempting The Dragon King" [Dragon Lords Series, Book 1] by Kiersten Fay
  66. "Violet" [Spell Library Series, Book 1] by Mia Harlan
  67. "One For All" [A Reverse Harem Box Set] by Mia Moon
    • "All For One" by Mia Moon
    • "Power Play" by Mia Moon
    • "Claiming Her Cowboys" by Mia Moon
  68. "When the Earl Met His Match" [Wedded by Scandal Series, Book 4] by Stacy Reid
  69. "Radiance" [Wraith Kings Series, Book 1] by Grace Draven
  70. "Eidolon" [Wraith Kings Series, Book 2] by Grace Draven
  71. "Quadruple Sext" [Accidental Stepbrother Series, Book 5] by Stephanie Brother
  72. "The Heiress Gets a Duke" [The Gilded Age Heiresses Series, Book 1] by Harper St. George
  73. -- October 2020 --
  74. "Her Accidental Highlander Husband" [Clan MacKinlay Series, Book 1] by Allison B. Hanson
  75. "His Fake Alien Fiancée" [Out of this World Series, Book 2] by Patricia Eimer
  76. "A Marquis In Want Of A Wife" [Liberated Ladies Series, Book 3] by Louise Allen
  77. "Wings of Ice" [Protected by Dragons Series, Book 1] by G. Bailey
  78. "Wings of Fire" [Protected by Dragons Series, Book 2] by G. Bailey
  79. "Wings of Spirit" [Protected by Dragons Series, Book 3] by G. Bailey
  80. "Wings of Fate" [Protected by Dragons Series, Book 4] by G. Bailey
  81. "Wings of Dragca" [Protected by Dragons Series, Book 5] by G. Bailey
  82. "The Courtesan Countess" by JoMarie DeGioia
  83. -- November 2020 --
  84. "Highland Renegade" [Children of the Mist Series, Book 1] by Cynthia Breeding
  85. "Before Midnight" [Blood Prince Series, Book 1] by Jennifer Blackstream
  86. "Her Wicked Marquess" [Sinful Wallflowers Series, Book 2] by Stacy Reid
  87. "Burning Ash" [Forgotten Brotherhood Series, Book 3] by N. J. Walters
  88. -- December 2020 --
  89. "Santa's Wolves" by Evie Wilde
  90. "Rift Magic" by Margo Bond Collins
  91. "Dark Lovers" [Iron Wolves MC Series, Book 5] by Elle Boon
  92. "The Virgin Hunt Games" [The Virgin Hunt Games Series, Book 1 / Volume 1] by Mel Teshco
Here's My Hubby's 2020 Reading ::
  1. "Lock Every Door" by Riley Sager

Here's My Kids' 2020 Reading ::
  1. BOTH KIDS: "Ninja on the Job" [Moby Shinobi Series] by Luke Flowers
  2. BOTH KIDS: "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" [Harry Potter Series, Book 1] by J. K. Rowling

2020 Reading Challenge

2020 Reading Challenge
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