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2019 100+ Reading Challenge

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So ... I had a computer malfunction and lost ALL of my ORIGINAL 2019 book reviews in this book list. When it first happened I felt terrible but I have plans to reread a majority of these novels again (probably) and because of this so you might see those novels mentioned multiple times on this blog or within this website/blog's book index. CLICK HERE to find out more about this catastrophe.
Alrighty ... here's my personal challenge .. or more of a record of how many books I have read in 2019. Here we go:
    -- January 2019 --
  1. "His Secret Child" [Rescue River Series, Book 2] by Lee Tobin McClain
  2. "Claiming Mia" [Dot Com Wolves Series, Book 1] by Alisa Woods
  3. "The Governess Game" [Girl Meets Duke Series, Book 2] by Tessa Dare
  4. "Vampire King: Cinderella" [Adult Fairy Tales Series, Book 1] by Joanna Mazurkiewicz
  5. "An Improper Encounter" [The Macalisters Series, Book 3] by Erica Taylor
  6. "The Body Checker" [Players on Ice Series, Book 3] by Cathryn Fox
  7. "A Taste of Shifter Geekdom" [Vanguard Elite Series, Book 2] by Annie Nicholas
  8. "The Bear's Secret Surrogate" [Bears With Money Series, Book 2] by Amy Star
  9. "Bella and the Beast" [Cinderella Sisterhood Series, Book 4] by Olivia Drake
  10. "Accidental Family" [Bachelors of Aspen Valley Series, Book 2] by Lisa Bingham
  11. -- February 2019 --
  12. "Howl Sassy" [Animal in Me Series, Book 4] by Tamara Hoffa
  13. "I Dream of Dragons" [Boston Dragons Series, Book 1] by Ashlyn Chase
  14. "Dragons' Jewel" [Nightflame Dragons Series, Book 1] by Milly Taiden
  15. "How to Wed a Warrior" [Broadswords and Ballrooms Series, Book 2] by Christy English
  16. -- March 2019 --
  17. "Winter's Gift" [Bistro La Bohème Series, Book 1] by Alix Nichols
  18. "Second Chance Hearts" [Sand Hill Series, Book 2] by Billi Tiner
  19. "Dragon Warrior" [Dragon Clan Series, Book 2] by Diana Green
  20. "Surprise Delivery" by R. R. Banks
  21. "The CEO Daddy Next Door" by Karen Booth
  22. "Governess Gone Rogue" [Dear Lady Truelove Series, Book 3] by Laura Lee Guhrke
  23. -- April 2019 --
  24. "Crossing The Line" [Atlanta Edge Series, Book 1] by Carla Swafford
  25. "Demon Princess" [Demon Kingdom Fairy Tales Series, Book 1] by Kassandra Lynn
  26. "Demon King" [Demon Kingdom Fairy Tales Series, Book 2] by Kassandra Lynn
  27. "Demon Queen" [Demon Kingdom Fairy Tales Series, Book 3] by Kassandra Lynn
  28. "The Untamed Earl" [Playful Brides Series, Book 5] by Valerie Bowman
  29. "On the Accidental Wings of Dragons" [The Dragons of Eternity Series, Book 1] by Julie Wetzel
  30. "The Baby Project" [Kingston Family Series, Book 3] by Miranda Liasson
  31. "Rock Me" [Ross Siblings Series, Book 2] by Cherrie Lynn
  32. "My Sister’s Husband" [Forbidden Fun Series, Book 3] by Cassandra Dee
  33. "How to Wrangle a Cowboy" [Cowboys of Decker Ranch Series, Book 3] by Joanne Kennedy
  34. "The Governess and Mr. Granville" [The Parson's Daughters Series, Book 2] by Abby Gaines
  35. "Coach Daddy" [Dark Daddies Series, Book 3] by B. B. Hamel
  36. "Bunny Misfit" [The Misfits Series, Book 3] by Eve Langlais
  37. "Embrace the Night" [The Blood Rose Series, Book 5] by Caris Roane
  38. "A Cougar Among Wolves" [Black Hills Wolves Series, Book 45] by Kali Willows
  39. "You're Lion to Me" [Paranormal Dating Agency Series, Book 20] by Milly Taiden
  40. "One Night of Surrender" [Wicked Dukes Club Series, Book 2] by Darcy Burke
  41. -- May 2019 --
  42. "Cinderella and the Billionaire" by Marion Lennox
  43. "Hot Lap" [Arkadia Fast Series, Book 2] by Leslie Scott
  44. "The Greek's Pregnant Cinderella" [Cinderella Seductions Series, Book 2] by Michelle Smart
  45. "The Nanny's Secret Baby" [Redemption Ranch Series, Book 4] by Lee Tobin McClain
  46. "A Duke Most Desirable" by Lucinda Nelson
  47. "Cold Heart, Warm Cowboy" [Cold River Ranch Series, Book 2] by Caitlin Crews
  48. "Mending the Duke" [Smithfield Market Regency Romance Series, Book 3] by Rose Pearson
  49. "Four Daddies’ Secret Twins" by Daniella Wright
  50. "Adorkable" by Cookie O'Gorman
  51. "Cowboy in Wolf's Clothing" [Seven Range Shifters Series, Book 2] by Kait Ballenger
  52. "Fearless Desires" [Immortal Love Series, Book 1] by Stacey Espino
  53. "One Fine Duke" [School for Dukes Series, Book 3] by Lenora Bell
  54. "Full Measures" [Flight & Glory Series, Book 1] by Rebecca Yarros
  55. -- June 2019 --
  56. "Catnip" [Age of Night Series, Book 3] by May Sage
  57. "The Duke Is But a Dream" [Debutante Diaries Series, Book 2] by Anna Bennett
  58. "Trinity" [de La Vega Cats Series, Book 1] by Lauren Dane
  59. "Highland Captive" [The Sons of Gregor MacLeod Series, Book 4] by Alyson McLayne
  60. "Shelter from the Storm" [North Country Amish Series, Book 2] by Patricia Davids
  61. "Untamed Delights" [The Phoenix Pack Series, Book 8] by Suzanne Wright
  62. "Stolen Desire" [Planet of Desire Series, Book 3] by Robin Lovett
  63. "Bear's Fake Marriage" [Bear Lake Protectors Series, Book 2] by Maia Starr
  64. "The Maid's Spanish Secret" [The Montero Baby Scandals Series, Book 2] by Dani Collins
  65. "The (Secret) Baby" [Truth & Secret Series, Book 2] by Leddy Harper
  66. "Minding the Amish Baby" [Amish Country Courtships Series, Book 3] by Carrie Lighte
  67. "From Governess to Countess" [Matches Made in Scandal Series, Book 1] by Marguerite Kaye
  68. -- July 2019 --
  69. "Mistaken Identity" [Regency House Party: Somerstone Series, Book 3] by Mindy Burbidge Strunk
  70. "His Suitable Amish Wife" [Women of Lancaster County Series, Book 5] by Rebecca Kertz
  71. "Cramming Her Candy Bag" by Farrah Paige
  72. "The Man with the Lion Tattoo" by Aurora Diamond
  73. "Eye of the Eagle" [Hotel LaBelle Series, Book 3] by Sharon Buchbinder
  74. "The Virtuoso" [Windham Series, Book 3] & [Duke's Obsession Series, Book 3] by Grace Burrowes
  75. "Every Angelic Moment" [Hyena Heat Series, Book 7] by R. E. Butler
  76. "Hunted by the Dragon Duke" [Council Of Black Dragons Series, Book 2] by Mina Carter
  77. "Full Contact" by Cassie Cole
  78. -- August 2019 --
  79. "Nathan's Heart" [Brotherhood of Bandits Series, Book 1] by Minx Malone
  80. "The Pretend Princess: A Lindzee's Royal Secrets Romance" [The Book Club Series, Book 15] by Lindzee Armstrong
  81. "One Bride for the Football Team" by Jess Bentley
  82. "Hanna And The Hot Hockey Gods" by Dizzy Hooper
  83. "Rescued by the Perfect Cowboy" [The Mountain Monroes Series, Book 3] by Melinda Curtis
  84. "His Christmas Family/A Merry Wyoming Christmas" by Brenda Minton & Jill Kemerer
  85. "Going Deep" [Fire & Ice Romance Series, Book 1] by Kylie Parker
  86. "Guarding the Countess" [The Scandal Sheet Series, Book 5] by Jess Michaels
  87. "Carter" [Bachelors and Babies Series, Book 3] by Cynthia Woolf
  88. "The Bad Twin" by Avery Scott
  89. "Bear Naked Truth" [Southern Shifters Series, Book 7] by Eliza Gayle
  90. "Teaching His Ward" by Noël Cades
  91. "Saving Miss Grace" [Mayfair Menage Series, Book 4] by Viola Morne
  92. "The Brick Wall" [Redtails Hockey Series, Book 1] by Stephanie Julian
  93. "Bad Teacher" [Unprofessional Bad Boys Series, Book 1] by Clarissa Wild
  94. "My Dragon Masters" [Sanctuary, Texas Series, Book 2] by Krystal Shannan
  95. "Breaking the Habit" [Breaking Series, Book 4] by Ember Leigh
  96. "The Amish Widower's Twins" [Amish Spinster Club Series, Book 4] by Jo Ann Brown
  97. -- September 2019 --
  98. "Ice Hard" [New York Nighthawks Series, Book 2] by Tracy Goodwin
  99. "The Merman's Kiss" [Mates for Monsters Series, Book 1] by Tamsin Ley
  100. "Triple Sext" [Accidental Stepbrother Series, Book 4] by Stephanie Brother
  101. "Her College Roommates" by Veronica Wade
  102. "One Crazy Wolf" [Southern Shifters Series, Book 9] by Eliza Gayle
  103. "Omega's Choice" [Black Ridge Wolf Pack Series, Book 1] by Lilli Carlisle
  104. "Perfect Chemistry" [Kinky Chronicles Series, Book 1] by Jodi Redford
  105. "This Earl of Mine" [Bow Street Bachelors Series, Book 1] by Kate Bateman
  106. "Triplet Time" [Triplets Series, Book 1] by Stephanie Brother
  107. "Hometown Healing" by Jennifer Slattery
  108. "Ian" [Say Yes Series, Book 1] by Amelia Mae
  109. "The Accidental Daddy" by Meredith Webber
  110. "Forever My Duke" [Unlikely Duchesses Series, Book 2] by Olivia Drake
  111. -- October 2019 --
  112. "The Earl's Christmas Pearl" [Duke's Daughters Series, Book 4.5] by Megan Frampton
  113. "Seven Soulmates" [Haremworld Series, Book 4] by Kelli Callahan
  114. "Courting the Countess" [Courting Series, Book 1] by Donna Hatch
  115. "A Foolish Wager" [The Spinsters Guild Series, Book 4] by Rose Pearson
  116. "The Beast of Beswick" [Everleigh Sisters Series, Book 1] by Amalie Howard
  117. "The Bookworm Crush" by Lisa Brown Roberts
  118. "Her Rock Star Friends" by Amanda Horton
  119. "The More the Merrier" by Linda Byler
  120. "The Amish Marriage Bargain" by Marie E. Bast
  121. "Much Ado about a Widow" [The Widows' Club Series, Book 4] by Jenna Jaxon
  122. -- November 2019 --
  123. "Jessie's Harem" by Mandy Rosko
  124. "Our Little Secrets" [Montana Romance Series, Book 1] by Merry Farmer
  125. "Backfired Magic" [Mates & Magic Series, Book 3] by Jade Alters
  126. "Alaskan Holiday" by Debbie Macomber
  127. -- December 2019 --
  128. "My True Love Gave to Me" [The Marvelous Munroes Series, Book 1] by Regina Scott
  129. "It's A Vampire Christmas" [Vampire Lords Series, Book 1] by Lia Davis
  130. "Quadruple Sext" [Accidental Stepbrother Series, Book 5] by Stephanie Brother
  131. "The Red Hot Earl" [Love is All Around Series, Book 1] by Darcy Burke
  132. "A Cougar’s Fantasy" [Master of the Cats Series, Book 7] by Trinity Blacio
  133. "Courting the Alphas" by River Ramsey
  134. "Dragon's Nanny" [West Coast Water Dragons Series, Book 1] by Kayla Wolf
  135. "The Duke and I" [Saints and Sinners Series, Book 1] by Heather Boyd
  136. "Mating Their Omega" [Waxing Crescent Series, Book 4] by Jasmine Mills
  137. "Moving In" by Chloe Kincaid
  138. "The Earl's Secret Treasure" by Nicole Renee

2019 Reading Challenge

2019 Reading Challenge
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