Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Lauryn from The Novel Lush's video: We Are Not Your Token Knee Grows | Blackness and the Book Community | @TheNovelLush #BookTube

In 2018 I featured Lauryn of The Novel Lush's video titled Racist BOOKTUBE DRAMA? Reaction to Entitlement vs Elitism on Booktube and the quote from Lauryn I posted with that video was "We gotta do better.", which truly is still completely relevant today. I find that to be really sad but it is not untrue ... society needs to do better. But to be more specific BOOKTUBE needs to do better too. So, when Lauryn posted this video (the one below) I asked if she would be alright with me featuring here and I am only doing so because she stated it would be okay. Watch it! Watch it ALL. Are you wanting to hear all the spilled tea .... watch it. Are you here because BLACK LIVES MATTER ... watch it. Also, after watching it you should check out these links in support of the BLACK LIVES MATTER too: blacklivesmatter.com & blacklivesmatters.carrd.co

We Are Not Your Token Knee Grows | Blackness and the Book Community
by The Novel Lush

If you can't see/watch the above video then click here to watch it.

Lauryn's Video Description :

I said what I said.
#BooktubeBlack #BooktubeBlackUS #readsoullit #blacknbookish

Jesse: https://youtu.be/-Q1AiQ1LAD0

Myonna: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQBtjMbFlM1oI0ImK8BH7wQ


Shae/Blackout Buddy Read: https://youtu.be/vdGEa9-k5-k

Bee's: https://youtu.be/1jlPhMwgo-E

Myonna's: https://youtu.be/kbJHbLPbiEc

Mina's: https://youtu.be/PTciiNHIMZ0

Mika's: https://youtu.be/qrZUvXzoajI

Monte's: https://youtu.be/-I_Qyu3Ad3M

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This video was posted on Lauryn's YouTube/BookTube Channel on June 6th 2020. I talked to Lauryn about posting this on June 23rd 2020 and I am posting this on my blog on July 14th 2020. I am telling you this because YES it is still relevant in all of our lives today. We all need to learn more. Watch this and than educate yourselves about what is going on in our world. Educate yourselves about what has been going on for generations in America. I am trying to educate myself more and you should too.

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