Friday, February 14, 2020

My 2018 Best Book Couples List

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Standards to being a Best Book Couple :
  1. A book couple who Jess thoroughly enjoyed reading about from February 2017 - January 2018
  2. Jess had to have rated their novel/novella 3.5 stars or higher
  3. If you are wondering why this is Jess' 2018 best book couples and not 2020 watch the video above that was posted on her booktube channel as Jess explains better and showcases all the 2018 Best Book Couples more!
means that Jess gave the couple's novel a 5 star rating
-- These books are listed in no particular order. --
-- Read more about the novel (and a teaser or two) that each couple is in by clicking their title links. --
-- To find out who were on Jess' previous lists check out the links at the bottom of this page. --
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My 2018 Best Book Couples :

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  1. Michele Summers' Sweet Southern Trouble

  2. Megan & Craig [from "A New Leash on Love" [Rescue Me Series, Book 1] by Debbie Burns]

  3. Abby & Liam from Virna DePaul's Rock Strong

  4. This is so not my genre but: Luna, Finn, Flint, & Forest

  5. Wait... I have to pick one?
    My first choice here is definitely: Lily & Anonymous Pen Pal [from "P.S. I Like You" by Kasie West]

    Of course, Mary & Rhage are tough competition. I just finished The Beast and let me tell you, their story just keeps getting better and better.

  6. Dorie & Nate are my all time favorite couple.

  7. Marabelle (Tinker Bell) & Nick (Nicholas)

  8. I like Molly & CJ (Cornelius) from "Stand-In Rancher Daddy" the most.

  9. Charlie (Charlene) & Dave (David) [from "Christmas at Seashell Cottage"


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