Friday, May 4, 2018

Are Goodreads Reviews REALLY for the authors? | And Jessica's Fangirling Anne R. Allen / @annerallen

This morning I was in a Twitter Discussion about "are Goodreads Reviews REALLY for the authors." My standpoint (which will never change no matter what you say) is that any review (good or bad) about the book it is listed as a review for IS FOR THAT AUTHOR too. It is for readers yes, of course BUT it is supposed to be a book review about the authors novel and I wholeheartedly believe that book reviews are always 50% about the reviewer's thoughts and personal issues .. and 50% about the novel itself. I mean a prefect example of this would be my review for Joan Kilby's "The Secret Son." Also, as an author assistant for the past 2 years, I understand that EVERY review matters .. even those over on Goodreads. Therefore, after this morning's discussion, I went on a google search & I saw a LOT of opposing viewpoints. Yet, I found this one that I seem to agree on ALL this author's points & really liked her tips. So, I am deciding to share ...

👉 Click here to read the full post on Ms. Allen's own blog. 👈
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  1. Thanks so much for the shout-out, Jess! It's an older post, but most of it still applies. In my browser the block that must have the excerpt of my post in it is blank, but since you included the link to my blog, people can click through and read it. Actually, I needed my own pep talk today, since reviews are so much harder to get now than they were 4 years ago. Thanks a bunch!

    1. You're very welcome!! I'm sorry you aren't able to view it as I have it posted but I can at least view it on my Chrome browser. =0)

      And you're right, it is an older post but most of what you wrote, I'm finding, is still very accurate today. So thanks so much for have it out there!

      Also ... I'm happy to help with your pep-talk. =0)


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