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2018 100+ Reading Challenge

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Alrighty ... here's my personal challenge .. or more of a record of how many books I have read in 2018. And I am already starting off poorly because of life things but oh wells. *hahaa* Anyway ... here we go:
    -- January 2018 --
  1. "Lord Hunter's Cinderella Heiress" [Wild Lords and Innocent Ladies Series, Book 1] by Lara Temple
  2. "Unwrap Me Daddy: A Holiday Romance" by Natasha Spencer
  3. "Buck, Naked" [Chronicles of the Malcolm Series, Book 3] by Teresa Noelle Roberts
  4. "Hearts on Fire" [St. Caroline Series, Book 2] by Julia Gabriel
  5. "Cowboys for Christmas: Moose Ranch" [Cowboys Online Series, Book 1] by Jan Springer
  6. -- February 2018 --
  7. "Tiny Treats 2: A St. Patrick's Day Collection" by Heather McGovern, Maureen Hardegree, Joan Kayse, D. B. Sieders, Jenna Bennett, Lindsey Brookes, Sophia Henry, Sydney Carroll, Lori Waters, Natalie J. Damschroder, Anna Sugden, Janice Lynn, Nancy Northcott, Monica McCabe, Jody Wallace, Tanya Michaels, Jeanne Adams, Sally Kilpatrick, Nicki Salcedo, Michelle Monkou, & Trish Milburn
    • "Love and Corned Beef" by Heather McGovern
    • "Haint and Begorrah" by Maureen Hardegree
    • "The High King’s Cauldron" by Joan Kayse
    • "Probability of Love" by D. B. Sieders
    • "Getting Lucky" by Jenna Bennett
    • "Her Pot of Gold" by Lindsey Brookes
    • "To Love a Leprechaun" by Sophia Henry
    • "Springs Love" by Sydney Carroll
    • "Pinch for Good Luck" by Lori Waters
    • "Lucky Enough" by Natalie J. Damschroder
    • "A Perfect Lucky Charm" by Anna Sugden
    • "His Good Luck Charm" by Janice Lynn
    • "Green Beer" by Nancy Northcott
    • "Blueberry Delight" by Monica McCabe
    • "Date at McCabe’s" by Jody Wallace
    • "Lucky in Love" by Tanya Michaels
    • "One Magic Kiss" by Jeanne Adams
    • "Green Beer and Shenanigans" by Sally Kilpatrick
    • "The Ides" by Nicki Salcedo
    • "A Gift from County Cork" by Michelle Monkou
    • "Lucky Day" by Trish Milburn
  8. "Moonlighting" [Starlight Grille Series, Book 3] / [A Serenity Harbor Maine Novella] by Delsora Lowe
  9. "Savannah's Secrets" [The Bourbon Brothers Series, Book 1] by Reese Ryan
  10. -- April 2018 --
  11. "Destined" [House of Night Series, Book 9] by P. C. Cast & Kristin Cast
  12. "Twins for the Billionaire" [Billionaires and Babies Series] by Sarah M. Anderson
  13. "Cooper's Bedtime" by Hallmark & Stacey Donovan / Illustrated by Crista Couch
  14. -- May 2018 --
  15. "The Love Child" [Alaskan Oil Barons Series, Book 3] by Catherine Mann
  16. "His Queen by Desert Decree" by Lynne Graham
  17. -- June 2018 --
  18. "Maverick" [Cat Star Legacy Series, Book 1] by Cheryl Brooks
  19. "Fighting For Them" [Witches of Rose Lake Series, Book 2] by Lia Davis
  20. -- July 2018 --
  21. "More Than Meets the Eye" [The Patchwork Family Series, Book 1] by Karen Witemeyer
  22. "Ghosts of Christmas Passion" by Trinity Blacio
  23. "Whiskey and Dragon Fire" by Marilyn Peake
  24. "Embracing Ehrin" [Ashland Pride Series, Book 8] by R. E. Butler
  25. "Cats and Dogs" [Age of Night Series, Book 4] by May Sage
  26. "Won by the Three Satyrs" [The Children of Lilith Series, Book 0.5] by Bliss Devlin
  27. "An Amish Wife for Christmas" [North Country Amish Series, Book 1] by Patricia Davids
  28. "Her Stepbrothers are Cowboys" [North Country Amish Series, Book 1] by Trinity Blacio
  29. -- August 2018 --
  30. "Two Dukes are Better Than One" by Lorna James
  31. "The Reclusive Earl" [Marriage by Fate Series, Book 1] by Ruth Ann Nordin
  32. "Defending Hayden" [Second Chances Series, Book 7] by L. P. Dover
  33. "Forgotten & Remembered: The Duke's Late Wife" [Love's Second Chance Series, Book 1] by Bree Wolf
  34. "In the Arms of an Earl" [The Rogue Series, Book 1] by Alexia Praks
  35. "A Moment on the Lips" [Whistle Stop Romance Series, Book 3] by Jennifer Faye
  36. "Montana Maverick" [Big Sky Mavericks Series, Book 4] by Debra Salonen
  37. "His Greatest Treasure" [Guardians of the Light Series, Book 5] by April Zyon
  38. "Playing with Matches" by Hannah Orenstein
  39. "Worth the Wait" [Guthrie Brothers Series, Book 2] by Lori Foster
  40. -- September 2018 --
  41. "Cypher's Mate" [Shifters Forsaken Series, Book 1] by Mia Taylor
  42. "An Amish Man of Ice Mountain" [Ice Mountain Series, Book 2] by Kelly Long
  43. "Their Siren" [Daughters of Olympus Series, Book 1] by Charlie Hart
  44. "Wild Temptation" [Wilder Irish Series, Book 5] by Mari Carr
  45. -- October 2018 --
  46. "Defying Pack Law" [Pack Series, Book 1] by Eve Langlais
  47. "Hollywood Bad Boys Club: Book 1: Drake" [Hollywood Bad Boys Club Series, Book 1] by Alexis Adaire
  48. -- November 2018 --
  49. "Lyric's Accidental Mate" [Iron Wolves MC Series, Book 1] by Elle Boon
  50. "Wyoming Christmas Surprise" [The Wyoming Multiples Series, Book 3] by Melissa Senate
  51. "A Duke in Need of a Wife" by Annie Burrows
  52. "Triple Daddies" [Her Daddies Series, Book 2] by Madison Faye
  53. "Second Chance with the Single Dad" by Kandy Shepherd
  54. "The Cinderella Countess" [Gentlemen of Honor Series, Book 3] by Sophia James
  55. "The Amish Bachelor's Baby" [Amish Spinster Club Series, Book 3] by Jo Ann Brown
  56. "Woven Dreams" [Tapestries Series, Book 3] by N. J. Walters
  57. -- December 2018 --
  58. "Icing On His Mate" [Move Over Fate Series, Book 1] by Michelle Ziegler
  59. "Wings of Ice" [Protected by Dragons Series, Book 1] by G. Bailey
  60. "Wings of Fire" [Protected by Dragons Series, Book 2] by G. Bailey
  61. "Wings of Spirit" [Protected by Dragons Series, Book 3] by G. Bailey
  62. "Wings of Fate" [Protected by Dragons Series, Book 4] by G. Bailey
  63. "Wings of Dragca" [Protected by Dragons Series, Book 5] by G. Bailey
  64. "Healer's Fate" by Beth Caudill
  65. "Forbidden Mate" by Kate Rudolph
  66. "Tangled in Tinsel" [Dragon Guards Series, Book 17.5] by Julia Mills
  67. "Seduction Games" [Game For Cookies Series, Book 1] by Allyson Lindt

So ... with this book list from book number 7 to number 57 I had a computer malfunction and lost all of my ORIGINAL 2018 book reviews. And I REALLY feel bad about this so I have plans to reread a majority of these novels because of this so you might see those novels mentioned multiple times on this blog or within this website/blog's book index. CLICK HERE to find out more about this catastrophe.

2018 Reading Challenge

2018 Reading Challenge
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