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Idolizing In: Harmony Homecomings Series, Book 4 | #BookReview @michele_summers

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"Sweet Southern Trouble" [Harmony Homecomings Series, Book 4] by Michele Summers

Author's Book Description : What happens when a sassy kindergarten teacher stands up to the hottest bachelor to hit the Raleigh area in forever?

NFL head coach Nick Frasier needs to coach his young team to a championship and needs to downplay his playboy image. What he doesn't need his a fairy girl with a smart mouth and a propensity for fighting dogging his every move. And he really doesn't need to be the juiciest piece of meat up on the auction block.

Marabelle Fairchild has her work cut out for her in order to earn a permanent teaching position. Her future success depends on convincing the hunkalicious Nick Frasier to participate in the bachelor auction. Easy-peasy, right? Wrong.

How do two head-strong, independent people learn to live and love without killing each other in the process?

My Book Review : 5 out of 5 stars!! Under the pretense of getting Nick (Nicholas), the head coach of the North Carolina Cherokees, to allow her access to Nick’s team for her school's planned bachelor auction Marabelle (Tinker Bell/Mary-bell/Thumbelina) agrees to the ruse of being his fiancĂ©e. However, every time Nick and Marabelle are together, sparks fly and they quickly find that their relationship is progressing rapidly and into something VERY real. That is if Marabelle can get over her own securities, Nick can get over his past, and if someone from Nick's recent "past" doesn't get in their way....

Wow!! Out of the three novels I've read in Ms. Summers' Harmony Homecomings Series (which have been Books 2, 3, & 4) THIS one is by far my favorite!!! Especially since though it was written from multiple viewpoints (even those other than Nick and Marabelle) the main focus is always about Nick and Marabelle so I never got distracted. YAY! Also, even though I am not a fan of wishy-washy characters, which Marabelle definitely is, the plotline moved on so quickly that I never had time to get annoyed with her because of it, which made me enjoy Marabelle as a character more. Double YAY!!

This is one engaging tale that I had a hard time putting down. It reeled me in with its endearing cast and their outrageous schemes, and then it kept me hooked by getting me to root for main couple. Plus, it didn't hurt that Marabelle is very quirky like my favorite character of Ms. Summers' Lucy (from Book 2), which got my interest even more!

Above all though, it is the way Marabelle and Nick fell for one another, their playful banter, and their charm that I liked the best. As they both charmed me. Though they struggled with their pasts in different ways, I LOVED how they fought for one another to protect each other no matter the cost. They truly make a great couple! One I am thrilled I got to read about!

I HIGHLY recommend this novel and series to those looking for a quirky contemporary romance!

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Tinker Bell got one thing right: she may be small, but she sure had guts. ~ within Chapter 2
"You don't happen to live with seven dwarfs, do you?"
"This, coming from the Jolly Green Giant," she said with a smirk.
"Hey, Thumbelina, lead me to your cradle," he teased.
She squirmed in his arms. "You can put me down now."
Nick tightened his hold and headed down the only hallway toward Marabelle's bedroom. "Not until I see what leaf you sleep under."
"Look, Prince Charming, the wicked witch is dead, and I'm no longer under a spell. Thanks for liberating me though." ~ within Chapter 8

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