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Feasted On: Lone Tiger And Cub by Lizzie Lynn Lee | #BookReview #LizzieLynnLee

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"Lone Tiger And Cub" by Lizzie Lynn Lee

Author's Book Description : Nursing student Millicent (Millie) Swartz catches a weretiger cub who steals her steak dinner and finds out the cub belongs to her new hot and sexy neighbor Kieran. She instantly falls in love with the cub who seems to be malnourished and neglected. The cub even calls her, “Mama.” When the cub’s father comes looking for him, Millie gives him an earful piece of her mind.

Weretiger Kieran Dunaidh makes his living as a muscleman for a mob boss who rules Grand Junction’s underworld. He comes from an old shifter clan and was supposes to inherit the title Alpha. However, his stepmother schemes a plan that makes him disowned from his father. One day, he receives news that his sister passed away and she wants Kieran to look after her toddler cub, Fionn. Kieran knows nothing about raising a child, and he’d have been lost if it wasn’t for Millie’s help.

Soon, Kieran realizes that the quiet and peaceful family life with Fionn and Millie is all he ever wants. But then the trouble in his old clan drags him into a bloody civil war. Kieran must fight to save his beloved nephew and Millie—the woman he loves. Hell hath no furry like a pissed off lone tiger.

My Book Review : 4.5 out of 5 stars!! She knew when moving to Grand Junction that there could be a possibility of interacting with shifters and their children, yet Millie never expected to have a shifter cub steal her food and find a way so quickly into her life. Yet, that is exactly what Millie (Millicent) gets, AND more, when Kieran and Fionn slowly become her world. Though there are those in Kieran’s old life who are willing to go to great lengths to keep their little family apart, they try to make it work the best they can by any means necessary.

I LOVED the pacing, dynamics, and intensity of this novel. Though it wasn’t what I was expecting (plot-wise), I enjoyed it thoroughly. Plus, if Ms. Lee decided to turn this novel into a series, I could definitely see this being a nice start, as it seemed that there was a lot to build off of.

However, what really hooked me was the “little family” of Millie and Kieran, with Fionn. I was intrigued with how Kieran and Millie’s relationship was mostly a sweet friendship based on trust and a growing bond for a majority of this novel until the very end when everything steams up! In addition, I liked how they came together as a family in an unusual “mate” type of fashion.

I recommend this novel to those looking for a unique paranormal shifter romance!

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Lone Tiger And Cub
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"You vixen. Had I known you were naked under this dress, I would have sent everyone away hours ago," he groaned as his hands began to roam and explore her body.
"A girl can hope," she said with a laugh and then a long sigh came out as Kieran's lips began to move down the side of her neck. ~ within Chapter 6

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