Friday, December 1, 2017

We Are Booked - So Very Thankful - November Bookstagram Challenges Wrap Up | @traciemomie @SoDreWrites #WeAreBookedPhotoChallenge #BookChallenges #photography

2nd Ever Book Challenge and it's my 2nd Epic Fail! 😋 This one I pretty much gave up on. I started up this challenge on November 5th and I was just backdated from the beginning making it so I couldn't keep up. And than once I was close to being up to date (around Thanksgiving) life just got busy and I forgot about it again. LOL! So yeah ... the photos are good but the execution was VERY poor. *hahaa*

Here is the Book Challenge requirements that was hosted by Tracie Momie & Drea D.:

-- OKAY these book challenge photos are in order of the date they were posted be sure to click the photos or videos to get a better look at them! --

Belated #WeAreBookedPhotoChallenge - November 1st's post on November 5th: Your Favorite Book
Belated #WeAreBookedPhotoChallenge - November 2nd's post on November 5th: Gratitude
Belated #WeAreBookedPhotoChallenge - November 3rd's post on November 8th: Friendship
Belated #WeAreBookedPhotoChallenge - November 4th's post on November 8th: Home
Belated #WeAreBookedPhotoChallenge - November 5th's post on November 8th: Hope
Belated #WeAreBookedPhotoChallenge - November 6th's post on November 17th: Freedom
Belated #WeAreBookedPhotoChallenge - November 7th's post on November 17th: Laughter
Belated #WeAreBookedPhotoChallenge - November 8th's post on November 17th: Peace
Belated #WeAreBookedPhotoChallenge - November 9th's post on November 18th: Purpose
Belated #WeAreBookedPhotoChallenge - November 10th's post on November 18th: Sharing
Belated #WeAreBookedPhotoChallenge - November 11th's post on November 19th: Success
Belated #WeAreBookedPhotoChallenge - November 12th's post on November 19th: Teachers/Education
Belated #WeAreBookedPhotoChallenge - November 13th's post on November 19th: Wisdom
Belated #WeAreBookedPhotoChallenge - November 14th's post on November 19th: History/Ancestors
Belated #WeAreBookedPhotoChallenge - November 15th's post on November 19th: Faith
November 16th - 30th
I guess I should say .... YAY I ACTUALLY made it to the halfway point this month!!

I Regret Nothing via GIPHY

Stay tuned because I am NOW starting a readathon going from December 1st to 12th ... will it be successful? Who knows!? 😆 BUT here is my intro into that one!! Follow me!

If you can't see/watch the above video then click here to watch it.

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