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Disappointmentville: Her Stepbrothers are Werewolves by Trinity Blacio | #BookReview @trinityblacio

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"Her Stepbrothers are Werewolves" [Stepbrothers Series, Book 7] by Trinity Blacio

Author's Book Description : Lucy Ballard’s life sucked. First her father was killed in a boating accident, then some nut job she thought would be her husband, took something from her that left a hole in her heart the size of a watermelon. She was convinced that no man would want her now –she wasn’t whole. The one thing she had dreamed of all her life–to have a big family–was now physically impossible.

Duke and Nolan Masters were brothers, even though Duke was now the alpha of their pack. They shared everything else, including women. So it was no surprise that their mate would be one and the same, but they never imagined it would to be their new stepsister, Lucy Ballard. Not to mention the fact that she can’t’ have children, and the reaction of the pack to this would bring serious trouble.

Could the three of them come together? Would the pack accept her as their new alpha bitch even though she was damaged? Duke and Nolan were about to make sure of it, because otherwise there would be only one choice–to step down as alpha and move away from everything they knew.

My Book Review : 2 out of 5 stars. Lucy's life wasn't easy yet she thought she had it well and truly planned out. That is until her mother arrives with a new husband, which is a werewolf, and learns that her new stepbrothers are her mates. Everything in her life gets turned upside down, but as long as her dream life still comes true .... that's all that matters .... right?

I think I had too high of hopes for this novel, since even though it had all of Ms. Blacio's usual novel selling points this novel didn't hook me as I'd have liked it too. Everything was just okay. Then I found there were quite a few storylines that were never completed so you’re left hanging a bit.

I only recommend this novel to those who are fans of Ms. Blacio and hope you'll enjoy it more than I did.

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Her Stepbrothers are Werewolves
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