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Made the Grade: Vegas Nights Series, Book 3

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"Wild Nights" [Vegas Nights Series, Book 3] by Karen Erickson (aka Monica Murphy)

Author's Book Description : A guy of her own? She’s not holding her breath—until he steals it away.

Natalie’s girls-only weekend in Vegas is shot to hell, thanks to her friends ditching her for very sexy, very famous guys. Not that she blames them. She knows what lonely feels like. A nurse’s long hours leave little time for a social life.

Then she collides with and spills her drink all over a very fine, very exposed male chest. A chest belonging to Noah Wilde, lead singer for the infamous Wilde & Wicked rock band. Thankfully, he’s merely amused as she tries to take care of the mess she made.

Noah sure would like to make a mess of the gorgeous, petite lady with luminous blue eyes. There’s no resisting the urge to tempt her along for an adventurous night of gambling, drinking, eating, and sin.

But during the harsh light of day, Noah has a change of heart. Not about the fact he likes Natalie—a lot. He’s not sure he wants to drag this sweet lady through his sordid life. Even though sparing her could cost them both a chance at forever.

Product Warnings: Contains a nurse who thought she knew all there was to know about anatomy, and a rock god who’s about to show her a few spots she missed. To say they both hit the jackpot would be an understatement.

My Book Review : 3 out of 5 stars. Looking to take a little brake Natalie (Nat) took a weekend vacation to Las Vegas with her two best friends for a girls getaway, only to end up at an exclusive party the first night and get ditched by her friends. Yet, things start to look up after she catches the eye of Noah the lead singer of a hot rock band Wilde & Wicked. Sparks fly and soon what was meant to be a just a wild weekend turns into something a whole lot more … but is the infatuation all one-sided?

Steamy and sweet. This quick read leaves you wanting more but satisfied with the sweet way it all wraps up. I recommend it to those looking for a steamy rockstar romance novella!

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Amazon (Kindle) USD : Wild Nights (Book 3)
Wild Nights
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Amazon (Kindle) USD : Vegas Nights Series
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Book Teaser(s) :
All of his baser instincts were coming out in full force tonight. All over a little sprite of a girl who tasted and felt like heaven. ~ within Chapter 6
Natalie kept him on his toes. She said whatever was on her mind, she got mad at him when chicks rarely did, plus she was so incredibly responsive. She was fucking perfect for him.
So perfect it was almost scary. ~ within Chapter 7

Book Preview(s) :

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