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Idolizing In: Found in Oblivion Series, Book 1

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"Bedded Bliss" [Found in Oblivion Series, Book 1] by Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott (aka Taryn Quinn)

Author's Book Description : A hot night in Vegas is just what the rockstar ordered…until someone ends up married.

Michael Shawcross is living the dream, opening up for his idols, Oblivion, on his band Warning Sign’s first tour. Until an overzealous fan goes too far and his hard-partying ways catch up to him in the form of an ultimatum from his manager, Lila Crandall.

Clean up your image—or else.

Single mom Chloe Adams is in Vegas for a rare girls’ night out. She wasn’t ever supposed to be attracted to another rockstar. In fact, she’s in rockstar rehab, and the cure for her addiction definitely isn’t a sexy, smart-assed guitarist with wicked fingers.

She never expects to accidentally end up his wife. Or to have her new husband suddenly decide that she’s the solution to all his problems. And surprise…he’s happy to show his appreciation in a number of interesting, inventive ways.

Pretending their marriage is real might just be the hottest proposition she’s ever been given.

But what happens when a lie becomes the truth?

My Book Review : 5 out of 5 stars!! Two acquaintances meet up unexpectedly in Vegas. After a night of partying and heavy flirtation they wake up to find they’re married yet have no memory of doing so. Both are from different upbringings and completely different worlds, but because of how he was raised Michael doesn’t want to get divorced and plans on assisting Chloe any way he can so their marriage will work. Will all of Michael’s plans fall into place, making it so Chloe, her son, and Michael can actually be a good family together? Or will others try to keep them apart for good?

This is the first really sweet rockstar romance novel that I’ve read in a while, and I am SOOO HAPPY that I found it! Though I feel that Ms. Quinn & Ms. Elliott need to put together some type of “family tree” for the band (if they haven’t already) just to keep everyone’s backgrounds straight, I did not feel lost at all in this novel and it kept me entertained the whole way through, with an intriguing plotline and characters (main & secondary) to boot!

Both Michael & Chloe are intense and driven people, so much so that they have a hard time listening to one another in the beginning but it makes their banter and their story that much more fun! I loved how Michael pretty much worshipped Chloe. I mean they might not have known each other that well before Vegas but I loved how their relationship came together and how Michael was determined to make a go of them together no matter what. I was charmed! In addition, I adored how the ending played out making it so they had a situation to deal with and to triumph over instead of one of them accidently hurting the other. As I said above, it made me all so happy. *hehee*

I HIGHLY recommend this novel to those looking for an awesome rockstar contemporary romance!

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Kobo (e-Book) USD : Bedded Bliss (Book 1)

Amazon (Kindle) USD : Bedded Bliss (Book 1)
Bedded Bliss (Found in Oblivion, #1)
Barnes & Noble (NOOK Book) USD : Bedded Bliss (Book 1)

Amazon (Kindle) USD : Found in Oblivion Series

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Book Teaser(s) :
Her wild hair, her seductive movements, and the longing in her eyes were his undoing.
His fucking personal Waterloo.
He hadn't planned on hooking up with anyone tonight. Definitely hadn't expected to be riding a high like this. But the buzz in his blood and the look of her ate at him, tempting him to seek her out for real after the concert ended.
Backstage pass, hell. He'd give her a bedroom pass, then tie her to his headboard right through the next morning.
She could be taken. Possibly even married. Could be a psycho. Damn, she might even be underage. She definitely had that whole schoolgirl thing going on, even with her hot clothes and gyrations. But he didn't care. Oh, he would---later. After.
Jesus, there had to be an after with her or he was going to lose his mind. ~ within Chapter 7 - titled 'Las Vegas'
Being near her was like standing in the path of the sun. As much as he just wanted to bask in her warmth, he needed more. Had to taste every part of her and remind himself that even if none of this made sense, even if it never did, he didn't have doubts when it was just the two of them.
Was it insane? Sure. Absolutely. An insanity he craved.
Maybe that was all he needed to know. ~ within Chapter 22 - titled 'Los Angeles'

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