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Feasted On: Leadville, Colorado Series, Book 5

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"For the Sake of the Children" [Leadville, Colorado Series, Book 5] by Danica Favorite

Author's Book Description : The Nanny Agreement

Widower Silas Jones needs a mother for his daughter, and marriage could help his former sweetheart repair her tattered reputation. Yet he can't blame Rose Stone when she refuses a marriage of convenience after he once broke her heart, marrying another woman to save his family's farm. He's blessed Rose agrees to be his nanny. If only she'd look at him again with the warmth she shows little Milly…

Rose's tarnished past hasn't quelled her spirit. She's building a good life in Colorado with her infant son—and the glimmer of a future with Silas. But when his in-laws try to claim Milly, Rose must decide if the makeshift family she and Silas have forged can reopen her heart to love.

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars! When they were younger Silas and Rose were inseparable. They were each other's secret friends and confidants while they dreamed of running away and marrying one another. Yet that all came crashing down after Silas marries his neighbor Annie in hopes of saving his family's farm instead. Now three years later, Silas is a widower and Rose's reputation has been questioned more than once because of her new son. But as circumstances bring their lives back together again will they reconcile their pasts in hopes for a future together or will everything between them be too much to overcome?

This was a novel about receiving and accepting redemption from past sins. The depth that Rose goes through to make sure everyone around her was cared for truly touched me. In addition, Milly's relationship with Rose was so sweet. What can I say other than, I was charmed!

Then when you throw in Silas and Rose's rocky past and how difficult their new start together is, makes it hard not to root for the two of them to be together. As the relationship, that they shared was one that would last through just about anything IF they planned to stick it out no matter what.

I recommend this to those wanting a sweet historical Christian romance.

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Book Teaser(s) :
"I missed you, my doxy."
Rose stilled. "What did you just call me?"
"My doxy." Milly grabbed Rose's face with both hands then planted a wet kiss on her cheek. "That's what Granmudder calls you. The doxy. An' you're mine."
Milly eased back into Rose's lap, then rested her head on her chest, closing her eyes. "Granmudder not cuddle like you."
Rubbing the little girl's back, Rose blinked back tears, trying to focus more on the loving way Milly spoke to her rather than the horrible word she used. How was she supposed to even address it? They didn't use words like that in their home, even if they were true.
"Rosey?" Milly lifted her head and looked up. "Did you miss me?"
She planted a kiss on Milly's forehead. "Of course I did."
Matthew let out a small cry. Milly jumped up. "He go back to sleep. He no share you when I wif Granmudder, so is my turn."
The look Milly gave her nearly broke Rose's heart. "See? I know sharing. I teach Ma-few." ~ within Chapter 12

Book Preview(s) :

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