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Feasted On: Wild Operatives Series, Book 2

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 540 KB | Release Date: July 30, 2015 | Publisher: Self-Published | Obtained: Amazon

"Let Us Prey" [Wild Operatives Series, Book 2] by Vivienne Savage (aka A. Payne, N. D. Taylor, & Dominique Kristine)

Author's Book Description : Leigh Denton has made her share of mistakes, but the judgmental residents of Quickdraw, Texas will never allow her to forget. Drugs and a history of criminal activity checker her traumatic past.

Now she’s cleaned up her act and fighting to regain custody of her infant. Having a relationship isn’t part of her plan.

Ian MacArthur is an eagle shifter and Air Force veteran with a big heart. His work takes him around the world, but R&R brings him back home to a town where rising drug problems are taking over the community. Falling in love with a lost soul named Leigh wasn’t part of his plan.

Leigh needs to prove she can provide a steady home, driving financially secure Ian to lend his money and his name to help. There’s just one problem: Eagles mate for life and soaring to her rescue will cost more than he’s able to give.

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars! The novel starts around Ian, an Air Force veteran, coming home and meeting Leigh, a young mother that’s getting her life back together, who is also his mate. Yet, this multi-plot novel mostly focuses on its thriller aspect about cleaning up the town of Quickdraw from the thugs and drug dealers who plan to ruin the town. Will Ian be able to help Leigh out with what seems to be everything else falling apart around them?

Although this novel captivated me, with its unique characters and fast paced setting, it was not what I was expecting. Moving so fast through the storyline to keep you engaged though slow enough to make you feel like you hadn’t missed anything. This thrilling paranormal novel keeps its characters on their toes as they come together to help one another out while adding a little love into the mix.

I have a thing for bird shifters. Ian made me proud in his portrayal and the intensity of his “mate call” was very hot. Yet, even though when Ian first sees Leigh he recognizes her as his mate, it was the gradual way they went about getting into a relationship that made me really like them as a couple. Add in Betty and Sophia too, you get to see another sides to both Ian and Leigh that made me smile the whole way through this novel!

I recommend this to those looking for an inventive paranormal romantic thriller!

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Amazon (Kindle) USD : Let Us Prey (Book 2)

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Let Us Prey
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Let Us Prey
Barnes & Noble (Paperback) USD : Let Us Prey (Book 2)

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Book Teaser(s) :
As he loped out of sight to inform the head of the house about my arrival, Ceres turned to me and punched me sharply in the shoulder.
"Fuck! What'd you do that for?"
She took my left hand and gestured to the plain titanium band. "Why wasn't I invited? Was it a private ceremony? Who is she... or he?" Her green eyes grew a little wider, as if all of the pieces had finally fallen together. "Oh, my God, who is he, Uncle Ian? When do I get to meet him? Did you finally get married since it's legal now?"
"I'm not gay."
"Oh... awkward." ~ within Chapter 9 - titled '~Ian~'

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