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Made the Grade: Wolves of Angels Rest Series, Book 9 & Mating Season Series, Book 36

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"Fighter" [Wolves of Angels Rest Series, Book 9] & [Mating Season Series, Book 36] by Elsa Jade

Author's Book Description : The hunger moon hangs in the night sky…

Malachi battled alongside the Villalobos wolves against the fanatical Kingdom Guard paramilitary to save imprisoned shapeshifters, but he has never truly felt at home in Angels Rest. Raised in the depths of the Russian taiga, his wolf is too wild to be tamed.

Sofia has lost everything, but she’ll fight to the death to keep her newborn son. Then Malachi offers her one night of protection she can’t refuse—and a passion she can’t understand. There’s a wildness in him that calls to her soul, but his secrets are darker than the violence she left behind.

Trust is hard, but the desire is undeniable, and both of them are hungry for a love like they’ve never known.

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars, Mal (Malachi) has been a lone wolf for a very long time. Currently he is on a mission to find out who the middleman is that is kidnapping beaten shifters away from an underground fighting ring and into their enemies’ hands. The only way to find out more is to get into the ring himself just to get caught. Though, for his friends he’s willing to find out just so everyone will be safe. Yet, on the way fate steps in to throw a wrench (of the female persuasion with her infant son) in his plans … will he be able to protect them all before it’s too late?

First off, I’ll admit, this is the first time I’ve read a novel by Ms. Jade, let alone either of the two series’ this novel is attached too. Therefore while some of the inside jokes I might have missed or might have not known the significance of some situations with sub-characters in this novel, when it came to Mal & Sofia I wasn’t lost at all. A good stand-alone. Nevertheless, the first half of chapter one I found very slow and didn’t entice me all that much, but I’m glad I stuck with it since once Mal & Sofia’s relationship started up is when the novel got GOOD!

The intensity that is Mal is undeniable and I LOVED how he softened around Sofia and Ace (her baby). It was so precious to read. While finding out how their backstories had interesting similarities was charmingly fated, in a way. It was both of their underlying sweetness to others (at least to those who mattered) that I couldn’t help but enjoy. In addition, it didn’t hurt that reading about Mal dealing with his wolf was hilarious in itself helped too.

I recommend this novel to those looking for a fast-paced suspenseful paranormal romance!

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Book Teaser(s) :
Sofia slid an empty mug in front of him. The hairline fracture in the white ceramic was tinted with old caffeine stains, but the inside was clean enough. He hoped. She filled it most of the way. He dumped the ridiculously tiny pitcher of half-and-half into the cup and upended the larger shaker of sugar until the brimming beverage was the same luscious hue as her skin.
She watched with eyebrows arched. “I could just get you a hot cocoa.”
“Nah. That wouldn’t be manly. Unless you have miniature marshmallows…?”
She shook her head, and he shrugged.
Taking a sip of the coffee, he opined, “Not bad—” ~ within Chapter 1
“What are the chances we’d meet like we did?”
She tilted her head. “Mathematically? I have no idea. Probably somewhere in the same vicinity as the chances of escaping the Keep vault with all their riches.”
“Cosmically, though,” he murmured. “I think we were destined.”
Oh, and she’d just told herself not to have any great expectations.
She ran her hands over his chest, tracing his hunger moon tattoo and the hard edges of his muscles. “Well then, make me see stars.” ~ within Chapter 6

Book Preview(s) :
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