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Made the Grade: Paradise Animal Clinic Series, Book 2

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"A Valentine for the Veterinarian" [Paradise Animal Clinic Series, Book 2] by Katie Meyer

Author's Book Description : IT'S RAINING CATS AND DOGS…AND BABIES?

When charismatic K-9 cop Alex Santiago shows up at Paradise Animal Clinic with a tiny gray kitten in his jacket, something inside Dr. Cassie Marshall shifts. The overworked single mom and veterinarian had been sure her plate was already full. Yet something about Alex's coffee-brown eyes has made her reconsider. Surely she can make room in her heart for just one more.

But two? When Cassie learns she is pregnant after a hot night with Alex, she panics. How can she handle one man, his dog, her little girl, their cat and a baby? Her sexy deputy sheriff has made no bones about wanting a simple relationship. So how can she tell her love-shy Valentine that their already full menagerie is about to be visited by the stork?

My Book Review : 3 out of 5 stars. After a bad experience at his old job, Alex moves to Paradise so he can get a fresh start. There he meets Cassie and her young daughter Emma who quickly make him change his plans in more ways than one...

This was a very sweet romance!! Emma, Rex, and Trouble charmed me!! They were just adorable!! Reading about Cassie and Alex together and how their relationship grew was enjoyable; however, their relationship is rushed and has many missteps, which made me not enjoy the flow as much. Mostly the end of the novel had a great wrap-up however it was and wasn't what I had hoped for Alex and Cassie.

Nevertheless, I DO recommend this novel to those looking for a sweet contemporary romance!

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IndieBound (Paperback) : A Valentine for the Veterinarian (Book 2)

Amazon (Kindle) : A Valentine for the Veterinarian (Book 2)

Amazon (Paperback) : A Valentine for the Veterinarian (Book 2)

Amazon (Mass Market Paperback) : A Valentine for the Veterinarian (Book 2)
Amazon (Paperbacks) : Paradise Animal Clinic Series

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Book Teaser(s) :
"Are you taking Mommy and me to the dance?"
"Oh, no, honey, Alex didn't mean---"
"I'd be honored to escort you and your mother to the dance." He winked at Cassie. "In fact, that's really why I stopped by. To formally invite you to be my dates."
"Yes!" Emma pumped her little fist. "I told Mommy you were going to be our valentine."
Alex raised his eyebrows. "Is that right?"
"Uh-huh." ~ within Chapter 13

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