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Made the Grade: King of Prey Series, Book 1

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 466 KB | Release Date: February 5, 2012 | Publisher: Self-Published | Obtained: Amazon

"King of Prey" [King of Prey Series, Book 1] by Mandy M. Roth (aka Reagan Hawk, Kennedy Kovit, Rory Michaels, & Elle Spencer)

Author's Book Description : Paranormal Bird Shifter Romance

In a place where realms combine and portals open passages to the unknown, a prophecy speaks of fertility being restored to his people through the taking of King Kabril’s mate.

The prophecy neglects to mention she lacks something vital to his kind—wings. Kabril, King of the Buteos Regalis has no interest in taking a human mate. His kind believes humans are dirty, vile creatures who rely on machines to lift them into the air. The last place he wants to go in search of his mate is Earth, but he’s left no choice.

Never did he expect to find love on a planet with one moon, people who lack wings and a stubborn vixen who makes his heart soar. When he does, he fears the truth about who and what he truly is will steal it away. Little does he know his enemies fully intend on doing the taking.

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars, Kabril is the King of the Buteos Regalis (the hawk shifters) and has been told by his Oracle that his mate has been found. The only trouble (for him as he dislikes them) is that his mate happens to be human. Therefore, he travels to Earth's realm to meet his mate and ends up with Rayna, a wildlife photographer. As they get to know one another they form an extraordinary bond but once outside forces try to kidnap Rayna and what Kabril is finally comes to light will that bond keep their relationship together in the end?

This fast-paced read keeps you on your toes and laughing the whole way through. It's an erotic romance that I couldn't help but smile about; mostly because of Kabril's blunders. I appreciated that while this novel is fast-paced it didn't feel rushed, by skipping ahead throughout their romance made it so the reader can feel like Kabril and Rayna are building a memorable relationship. Together they were a unique pair, a pair that becomes a united front against anyone wanting to separate them while bringing out a lightheartedness into each other’s lives.

I recommend it to those who are fans of Ms. Roth and/or those who like humorous erotic paranormal romances!

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IndieBound (Paperback) : King of Prey (Book 1)

Amazon (Kindle) : King of Prey (Book 1)

Amazon (Paperback) : King of Prey (Book 1)

Amazon (Audible – Unabridged) : King of Prey (Book 1)

Amazon (Kindle) : King of Prey Series
Amazon (Paperbacks) : King of Prey Series

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Book Teaser(s) :
“Considering breaking our agreement?” asked Sachin, walking into the room from the back hall, carrying yet another box. The old home seemed to posses limitless boxes, filled with what Sachin had explained were keepsakes, though they meant little to Kabril.
Kabril cast Sachin a warning look. “And if I am?”
“I shall mock you without mercy for centuries for being a coward.”
“A what?”
“One without honor or bravery,” returned Sachin. He looked very smug.
“I am dangerously close to killing you.” Kabril touched his side, where he normally kept a sword.
“I know,” said Sachin, setting down the box. “Why do you think I disarmed you upon our arrival?” ~ within Chapter 4
“I swear, around you, Kabril, I have two left feet and I’d forget my head if it wasn’t attached.”
He paled. “Your head can detach?”
She laughed and pushed past him, mindful of the steep ledge. ~ within Chapter 10

Book Preview(s) :
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