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Made the Grade: Tiger In Her Bed by Lizzie Lynn Lee

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"Tiger In Her Bed" by Lizzie Lynn Lee

Author's Book Description : Hot Guy + Big Cat = Trouble

It was a simple dare. Walk to her brooding, hot boss, Quinn Alexander, in the middle of the New Year's office party and kiss the arrogant smirk off the bastard. Fueled by too much alcohol, Vanessa Lyle impetuously takes up the challenge.

The next morning after the hangover fades, she's mortified. To think she'd been drunkenly brazen enough to steal a kiss from her boss. Quinn will fire her for sure.

To her surprise, she gets to keep her job because Quinn demands she fix the problem she's caused. Someone had taken a video of that scandalous kiss and posted it on social media. The video went viral. Quinn's mom happens see the video and demands to meet his "girlfriend." Quinn orders Vanessa to pretend to be his woman just to keep his mom off his back.

During a weekend at his parents' house, Quinn takes pretending to a whole different level. He can't keep his hands off her, in and out of his bed. But then she discovers his furry secret. Hot guy + big cat = trouble, and curvaceous Vanessa learns it the hard way...

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars! Quinn, the big boss at a computer company, has tried to ask out Vanessa a few times but she seems to be Captain Oblivious to his attentions. Therefore, after Vanessa gets a little drunk and takes a dare to kiss Quinn at the company's New Year’s party Quinn takes the opportunity to make his intentions with her clear by whisking her away for a family get-together. However, will Quinn be able to win Vanessa over, even though they have the secret of who he really is between them and a jealous wolf not wanting Vanessa to get in the way...

This quick erotic paranormal romance is fun and quirky. I liked its build up and was happy to read how not oblivious to Vanessa Quinn was. Quinn and his possessiveness charmed me. While they make an odd match up, I enjoyed them together. In addition, I really liked Quinn's family.

The only thing that annoyed me was this novella's wrap up, as I had hoped for a bit more depth to their connection with how it ends and to find out more of what happened to "the bitch." =0)

Nevertheless, I definitely DO recommend this novella to those looking for a quirky erotic paranormal romance!

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Book Teaser(s) :
“Is that your brother?” Vanessa watched John with appreciation. “He looks very nice. And approachable.”
“And I’m not?” Irritation crept into his tone.
“Not in the slightest,” she said, deadpan.
“If you’ll get to know me, Vanessa, I’m actually a nice guy.”
“Right. And the Pope is actually a Buddhist.”
“You don’t believe me?”
“You do know your nickname in the office, don’t you?”
“I’ve heard plenty. Which one are you referring to?”
“Lord Demon.”
“I heard that. Am I really that bad?”
She wagged a finger. “I plead the fifth. For the sake of my job. After all, you blackmailed me into playing your girlfriend.”
He gave a non-committal shrug. “Desperate times call for desperate measures.”
“That’s funny, especially coming from you. Just how desperate are you?”
“Vanessa, you have no idea.” ~ within Chapter 2

TIGER IN HER BED by Lizzie Lynn Lee -- Read my #bookreview here:...

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Book Preview :
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