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Made the Grade: The Scandalous Sisters Series, Book 2

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"How to Handle a Scandal" [The Scandalous Sisters Series, Book 2] by Emily Greenwood

Author's Book Description : They thought the debutante was scandalous

Miss Elizabeth Tarryton was the toast of the London season the year she was seventeen and spurned young Tommy Halifax. A careless flirt who didn’t know what she wanted, she was startled into laughter by his public proposal of marriage. Furious and heartbroken, Tommy promptly left home for a life of adventure in India.

If they only knew about the widow

Six years later, Elizabeth has much to make up for, but the methods she chooses for doing good are as shocking as her earlier wanton behavior–should the ton ever find out. Tommy returns to England a hero, and he has no intention of allowing himself to be hurt by a woman ever again, but he’s fascinated nonetheless by Elizabeth, now a widow and more alluring than ever.

My Book Review : 3 out of 5 stars. Eliza (Elizabeth/Lizzie) was raised by her father for most of her life, a man who let her be more wild and free then respectable. After her father remarries, when she's a preteen, her new stepmother says she needs more discipline so Eliza is sent away to live with her Uncle Will the Viscount Grandville. A few years after living with her Uncle, Eliza finds herself the "bell of the ball" with a lot of wannabe suitors. Tommy is a close friend of Eliza's who has fallen for her and plans to propose to her, but the proposal doesn't end well and Tommy takes off for India. Now, about six years later, Eliza is a widow who is trying to make amends with Tommy when he finally returns home. However, one misunderstanding leads them straight for the wedding alter and now they need to navigate how to be friends again let alone how to turn that friendship into possibly something more.

Some people cannot get over their pasts without a bit of help from others. This novel is just like that, as you follow Eliza and Tommy through their youth into adulthood where they find that even if they make new experiences and think they've changed, their pasts will always be a part of them. While I liked Tommy & Eliza together, I found it hard to really like them at times because of how self-absorbed they seemed. But once what brings them together ends I seemed to like them better as individuals and as a couple. Though it wasn't what I expected I did like how everything turned out.

I do recommend this novel to those looking for a good historical romance!

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IndieBound (Paperback) : How to Handle a Scandal (Book 2)
Amazon (Paperback) : The Scandalous Sisters Series

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Book Teaser(s) :
How ironic: in attempting to accomplish something of worth, she was going to have to revert to the flirt she'd once been.
"Oh, my lord," she said, adopting a breathy, girlish voice to disguise her own and also play into the aging virgin that she apparently looked like. "I can't begin to imagine what you mean."
He laughed. "Can't hear, you, dear, innocent lady? Tell me, what is your name?"
"Er..." She said the first name that came into her mind, which was, appallingly, "Victoria."
Wonderful. She'd just used the name of Will's three-year-old daughter as a cover for herself in a bawdy house. Good God, if he ever found out about any of this... ~ within Chapter 4

HOW TO HANDLE A SCANDAL by Emily Greenwood -- Read my #bookreview here:...
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