Saturday, January 2, 2016

2016 100+ Reading Challenge

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Alrighty ... here's my personal challenge .. or more of a record of how many books I have read in 2016. Anyway ... here we go:
    -- January 2016 --
  1. "How To Catch A (Rock) Star" by Gabrielle Aquilina
  2. "Crashed Out" [MADE IN JERSEY Series, Book 1] by Tessa Bailey
  3. "Crazy for the Competition" [Hope Springs Series, Book 2] by Cindi Madsen
  4. "Crossing Lines" [Heat Wave Series, Book 3] by Alannah Lynne
  5. "Knights of Stone: Mason" [Highland Gargoyles Series, Book 1] by Lisa Carlisle
  6. "The Witch’s Champions" by Honoria Ravena
  7. "The Unlikely Lady" [The Playful Brides Series, Book 3] by Valerie Bowman
  8. "Longing for Wolves" [Shifter Country Wolves Series, Book 5] by Roxie Noir
  9. "To Save A Mate" [Somewhere, TX Saga, Volume 1] & [The VonBrandt Family Series, Book 1] by Krystal Shannan (aka Emma Roman)
  10. "How to Handle a Scandal" [The Scandalous Sisters Series, Book 2] by Emily Greenwood
  11. "Tiger In Her Bed" by Lizzie Lynn Lee
  12. "Saved by the Tiger" [The Tiger's Protection Series, Book 1] by Diane Hills
  13. "Bride by Mistake" [Montana Born Brides Series, Book 3] by Nicole Helm
  14. -- February 2016 --
  15. "A Husband for Mari" [The Amish Matchmaker Series, Book 2] by Emma Miller
  16. "Catching Cassidy" [Harborside Nights Series, Book 1] by Melissa Foster
  17. "A Moment to Dance" [Whistle Stop Series, Book 2] by Jennifer Faye
  18. "A Valentine for the Veterinarian" [Paradise Animal Clinic Series, Book 2] by Katie Meyer
  19. "Babies in the Bargain" [Doctor’s Orders Series, Book 1] by Mona Risk
  20. "Love in Bloom" by Delilah Devlin
  21. "King of Prey" [King of Prey Series, Book 1] by Mandy M. Roth (aka Reagan Hawk, Kennedy Kovit, Rory Michaels, & Elle Spencer)
  22. "Protected by the Tiger" [The Tiger's Protection Series, Book 2] by Diane Hills
  23. "Catching Summer" [Second Chances Series, Book 6] by L. P. Dover
  24. "The Good, the Bad, and the Vampire" [Dead in the City Series, Book 4] by Sara Humphreys
  25. -- March 2016 --
  26. "The Gift" [The Prairie State Friends Series, Book 2] by Wanda E. Brunstetter
  27. "Burning for You" [The Man of the Month Series, Book 2] by Michele Dunaway
  28. "A Deal With a Duke" by Mary Miller
  29. "Bite at First Sight" [Scandals With Bite Series, Book 3] by Brooklyn Ann
  30. "Viscount of Vice" [Covent Garden Cubs Series, Book 0.5] by Shana Galen (aka Shane Bolks)
  31. "Hawk's Revenge" [Lone Pine Pride Series, Book 3] by Vivi Andrews (aka Lizzie Shane)
  32. "The Virgin Cowboy Billionaire’s Secret Baby" by Lauren Gallagher (aka L. A. Witt, Lori A. Witt, Ann Gallagher, and Diana Fyre)
  33. "Three Little Words" [Fool's Gold Series, Book 12] by Susan Mallery
  34. "No Mistletoe Required" by Jeanette Murray
  35. "Craving the Babysitter" by Nikki Morris
  36. "Under His Kilt" [Under the Kilt Series, Book 1] by Melissa Blue
  37. "Her Dragon, His Demon" [Dragon Guard Series, Book 12] by Julia Mills
  38. "Her Stepbrothers Are Demons" by Trinity Blacio (aka Maria MoonStar)
  39. -- April 2016 --
  40. "Back in the Saddle" [Double S Ranch Series, Book 1] by Ruth Logan Herne
  41. "The Alpha's Fight" [Huntsville Pack Series, Book 3] by Michelle Fox
  42. "The Greek Tycoon's Tarnished Bride" [Men of the Zodiac Series, Book 10] by Rachel Lyndhurst
  43. "The Naughty List" by Lacey Harper
  44. "The Billionaire's Baby Swap" [The Montanari Marriages Series, Book 1] by Rebecca Winters
  45. "Baby's Got Bite" [Take It Like A Vamp Series, Book 2] by Candace Havens
  46. "Fighter" [Wolves of Angels Rest Series, Book 9] & [Mating Season Series, Book 36] by Elsa Jade
  47. "Alpha's Strength" [Fallen Alpha Series, Book 1] by Rebecca Royce
  48. "Along Came Mr. Right" by Gerri Russell
  49. "The Duke's Holiday" [Regency Romp Trilogy, Book 1] by Maggie Fenton (aka Margaret Foxe)
  50. "The CEO's Unexpected Child" [Billionaires and Babies Series] & [Millionaires of Manhattan Series, Book 4] by Andrea Laurence
  51. "Caged Magic" [Wing Slayer Hunters Series, Book 5] by Jennifer Lyon (aka Jennifer Apodaca)
  52. "Triplets Under The Tree" [Billionaires and Babies Series] by Kat Cantrell
  53. -- May 2016 --
  54. "Sacrificed to the Dragon" [Stonefire Dragons Series] by Jessie Donovan
  55. "Wolf's Blade" [The Paladins Series, Book 1] by Clare Dargin
  56. "Merry "Chris" Mas" [The Love Play Matchmaking Service Series, Book 1] by Clare Dargin
  57. "An Immortal’s Song" [Dante’s Circle Series, Book 6] by Carrie Ann Ryan
  58. "Prowled Darkness" [Dante’s Circle Series, Book 7] by Carrie Ann Ryan
  59. "A Bridge Through Time" [Thistle & Hive Series, Book 1] by Jennae Vale
  60. "His Lady Peregrine" [The Love Bird Series, Book 5] by Ruth J. Hartman
  61. "Bear's Secret Baby" [Emerald City Shifters Series, Book 3] by Kit Fawkes (aka Kit Tunstall, Kit Kyndall, Lilly LaRue, Kristianna Sawyer, Aurelia Skye, T. K. Reilley, R. E. Saxton, & Desdemona St. Claire)
  62. -- June 2016 --
  63. "Twice a Texas Bride" [Bachelors of Battle Creek Series, Book 2] by Linda Broday
  64. "An Heir Fit for a King" [One Night With Consequences Series, Book 13] by Abby Green
  65. "Bad Kitty" [Chronicles of the Malcolm Series, Book 2] by Teresa Noelle Roberts (aka Sophie Mouette)
  66. "The Captain's Bluestocking Mistress" [Dukes of War Series, Book 3] by Erica Ridley
  67. "Once Upon a Power Play" [Risky Business Series, Book 2] by Jennifer Bonds (aka J. J. Bonds)
  68. -- July 2016 --
  69. "This Book Will Change Your Life" [Arlington Series, Book 1] by Amanda Weaver
  70. "Abby and the Cute One" [Backstage Pass Series, Book 5] by Erin Butler
  71. "Unexpectedly His" [Smart Cupid Series, Book 2] by Maggie Kelley
  72. "DreamSinger" / "Dream Singer" [The Dream Chronicles, Book 1] by J. A. Ferguson (aka Jo Ann Ferguson, Joanna Hampton, Jo Ann Brown, Rebecca North, & Marianne Ellis)
  73. "Bump in the Night" by Dakota Rebel
  74. "Claimed by the Mate, Vol. 1" by Kate Douglas & A. C. Arthur
    • "Feral Passions" [Feral Passions Series, Book 1] by Kate Douglas
    • "The Alpha's Woman" [Wolf Mates Series, Book 1] by A. C. Arthur (aka Artist Arthur, Sapphire Blue, & Lacey Baker)
  75. "The Mating Ceremony" by Angela Foxxe
  76. "Yours for Christmas" [Fool's Gold Series, Book 15.5] by Susan Mallery
  77. "An Amish Match" [Amish Hearts Series, Book 2] by Jo Ann Brown (aka J. A. Ferguson, Jo Ann Ferguson, Joanna Hampton, Rebecca North, & Marianne Ellis)
  78. "Never Resist a Rake" [Somerfield Park Series, Book 2] by Mia Marlowe
  79. -- August 2016 --
  80. "The Baby of Their Dreams" by Carol Marinelli
  81. "The Sheikh's Baby Scandal" [One Night With Consequences Series, Book 23] by Carol Marinelli
  82. "Her Stepbrothers Are Angels" [Stepbrothers Series, Book 6] by Trinity Blacio (aka Maria MoonStar)
  83. "Moonlight" [Moon Series, Book 1] by Lisa Kessler
  84. "The New Guy (and Other Senior Year Distractions)" by Amy Spalding
  85. "One Night with the Playboy" [Whiskey River Series, Book 5] by Katherine Garbera
  86. "The Natural History of Us" [The Fine Art of Pretending Series, Book 2] by Rachel Harris
  87. "Her Stepbrothers Are Dragons" [Stepbrothers Series, Book 1] by Trinity Blacio (aka Maria MoonStar)
  88. "Taming Her Wolf" [Fire Creek Shifters Series, Book 1] by Dee Carney (aka Morgan Sierra)
  89. "A Widow's Heart: Mail Order Bride" by Christian Michael
  90. "The Bad Boy's Baby" [Hope Springs Series, Book 3] by Cindi Madsen
  91. "Masquerade" [Scandalous Ballroom Encounters Series, Book 1] by Victoria Vale
  92. -- September 2016 --
  93. "Having the Rancher's Baby" [Mustang Valley Series, Book 7] by Cathy McDavid
  94. "Prodigal" [Maelstrom Chronicles, Book 3] by Jody Wallace (aka Ellie Marvel)
  95. "The Boss's Baby Arrangement" [Billionaires and Babies Series] & [The Lourdes Brothers of Key Largo Series, Book 0.5] by Catherine Mann
  96. "A Christmas Homecoming" [Bar V5 Dude Ranch Series, Book 5] by Melissa McClone
  97. "Let Us Prey" [Wild Operatives Series, Book 2] by Vivienne Savage (aka A. Payne, N. D. Taylor, & Dominique Kristine)
  98. "Under Her Skin" [Shifter Shield Series, Book 1] by Margo Bond Collins
  99. "The Sheikh's American Daughter" by Kate Goldman
  100. "Bionic Outlaw's Baby" by Zara Zenia
  101. "Miss Hopeful" by Laura Fletcher
  102. -- October 2016 --
  103. "Dragon Fall" [Dragon Falls Series, Book 1] & [Dragon Septs Series, Book 11] by Katie MacAlister (aka Katie Maxwell)
  104. "First Love, Second Choice" by Lindzee Armstrong
  105. "The Secret Son" [Secrets of Cherry Lake Series / The Jackson Family Legacy, Book 2] by Joan Kilby
    • (Note: "The Secret Son" is another name for "The Montana Son.")
  106. "One More Day" [The Alexanders Series, Book 1] by M. Malone
  107. "Hunger: A Stepbrother Romance" by Arabella Abbing
  108. "To Catch a Rake" [The Rake's Handbook Series, Book 3] by Sally Orr
  109. "Rebel Kato" [Shifters of the Primus Series, Book 1] by Elyssa Ebbott
  110. "Crashing Into You" by B. D. Rowe
  111. "Snowflake Bay" [The Brides of Blueberry Cove Series, Book 2] by Donna Kauffman
  112. "The Souvenir" by Emma Nichols
  113. "Bedded Bliss" [Found in Oblivion Series, Book 1] by Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott (aka Taryn Quinn)
  114. -- November 2016 --
  115. "The Governess Was Wanton" [The Governess Series, Book 2] by Julia Kelly
  116. "The Rock Star’s Christmas Reunion" [The Connollys Series, Book 1] & [A Charisma Series Novel] by Heather Hiestand (aka Anh Leod)
  117. "Breaking Him" by Sherilee Gray
  118. -- December 2016 --
  119. "Under His Skin" [Alien Encounters Series, Book 1] by Stacey O'Neale
  120. "Shared for Love" [Royal-Kagan Shifter World Series, Book 6] by Nancy Corrigan
  121. "The Man With The Dragon Wings" by Lizzie Lynn Lee
  122. "Shadow of a Girl" by Shannon Greenland (aka S. E. Green)
  123. "Pregnant with a Royal Baby!" [The Princes of Xaviera Series, Book 1] by Susan Meier
  124. "With Vengeance" [Hearts of Metal Series, Book 2] by Brooklyn Ann
  125. "The Earl's New Bride" [The Daughters of Amhurst Series, Book 1] by Frances Fowlkes
  126. "Hungry as a Wolf" [Shifter Date Series, Book 2] by Alma Black

* If you would like to know what I think about the books I didn't share my ratings or reviews with you about, than leave a comment about which one you want info on and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


  1. Have you read anything by Rosanne Bittner? She's my favorite author. She writes Historical Romance. I would suggest reading Outlaw Hearts and her sequel to that is Do Not Forsake Me. She is currently working on a 3rd book to this series. But really anything you pick up from her is GOLDEN! She's an amazing writer! If you have any time in your reading please pick up a book from her. You won't be disappointed.

    1. THANK YOU for the suggestion! I have yet to read a book from her but I'll kept her in mind. I am a huge book lover (if you couldn't already tell) and have a problem that my even with my extensive TBR list I'm always looking for other good books to read. =0)

  2. You will definitely fall in love with her writing and her characters and seek out more of her books. I have been reading her books for 24 years now and still can't get enough of them! She's re-releasing her older books slowly on Amazon thru e-readers and I'm so happy I get to revisit these older books that I don't have anymore. Let me know if you do read her books and if you enjoy it. :) Thanks!!


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