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Made the Grade: The Amish Widow's Secret by Cheryl Williford

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"The Amish Widow's Secret" by Cheryl Williford

Author's Book Description : Second Chance at Love

Widow Sarah Nolt never expected another marriage proposal. She hardly knows the handsome Amish man who's come to help with her barn raising. Besides, they're both still mourning the loss of their spouses. But Mose Fischer needs a caretaker for his daughters, and Sarah needs to escape her father's oppressive rule. They agree to a marriage of convenience, but when Sarah moves to Mose's Amish community in Florida, she can't help falling for the strong, kind widower and his little girls. To create a family, they'll have to come to terms with their pasts…and the secret Sarah is unknowingly carrying.

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars! Sarah is deeply depressed. She blames herself for her husband dying in the barn fire, her cruel father and the community is now pressuring her to sell her farm that would put her back under her father’s roof, and for the past couple of months she has been more sore and overtired than usual lately. Nevertheless, with the community coming together to rebuild her barn, hope comes to her in the form of Mose and his two young daughters.

Mose arrives to help with the barn raising in hopes of helping his best friend’s widow and in turn finds a woman who is in deep need of a helping hand. Being a widow too, he understands the burden Sarah is going through. Overtime they grow close and form a nice friendship. Therefore, when he learns of the extent of Sarah’s troubles he asks her to marry him, and she accepts. Yet what they didn’t know was that Sarah is keeping a secret even she wasn’t aware of, once the truth comes out will it be the final piece of the puzzle to bring their new family together or will it be too much of a burden for them to handle?

This moving tale of two widowers coming together was touching, fascinating, and very sweet. It was uniquely written as it displays the good and bad points of being Amish depending on the community they live in. Yet, I enjoyed it all and got VERY teary eyed when an unexpected revelation comes out too.

The dynamic characters in this novel are what hooked me. They were very revealing and more outspoken then I planned on reading. However, the main characters, Mose and Sarah, are wonderful together. I really liked how they became a united team before they even really knew one another. Mose and Sarah were a great couple!

I do recommend this novel to those looking for a sweet contemporary Amish romance!

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Author's Novel Extras : Story Behind the Amish Widow’s Secret – Cheryl Williford

Looks grand, doesn't it.

Posted by Cheryl Williford on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Book Teaser(s) :
"You're not to fret. I'm your husband now. You're my wife and the mother of my kinder. I will always be here for you. Joseph would have wanted it this way. I feel honored to have you as my wife." He smiled so tenderly Sarah almost broke down. Her lip quivered as she took the rough hand he held out to her. She grasped it, their fingers entwined. Time stopped and Sarah's heart beat a bit faster. "Nothing will come between us." Mose promised. "You'll see." ~ within Chapter 6

THE AMISH WIDOW'S SECRET by Cheryl Williford -- Read my #bookreview here:...

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