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Feasted On: Brides of Amish Country Series, Book 1

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"Katie's Redemption" [Brides of Amish Country Series, Book 1] by Patricia Davids

Author's Book Description : After two years away, Katie Lantz returns to her Amish community nine months pregnant--and unmarried. With nowhere else to turn, she nervously knocks on her family's door, fearing she'll be shunned. Yet the handsome stranger who now owns the farm welcomes her in--just in time for Katie to give birth. Carpenter Elam Sutter and his kindly mother care for Katie and her newborn in a loving way she never dreamed was possible. But in the face of a heartwrenching choice, Katie learns just what family, faith and acceptance truly mean.

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars! Katie is a nine months pregnant ex-Amish woman who is down on her luck. After her boyfriend abandons her, she realizes she has nowhere else to go but back to her overbearing brother’s home. Yet, not long after she travels to Hope Springs Katie learns that her brother sold their farm and at that same moment, she goes into labor. Thankfully the new owner of the farm, Elam & his mother Nettie, are kind souls who generously help Katie with the birth and get her back on her feet. But as more revelations about Katie and her past come to light will Katie decide to redeem herself back to the Amish ways so she can also be closer to Elam or will she decide to forge her own path?

This truly was a story about redemption. Redemption for all, Katie, Nettie, Elam, and the town of Hope Springs. I enjoyed its steady pace, intensity, and all of the background stories. Katie is a free-willed woman who struggles to find her place in the world, yet hopes to do the best for her child. Elam is a man who always knew what he wanted and who he wanted to be, yet has had his heart broken in more ways than one which makes it hard for him to trust again. Together they make a great pair who lifts one another up to improve themselves.

I recommend this novel to those who are fans of Ms. Davids and/or are looking for a contemporary Amish romance!

-- On a side note --
This novel kind of reminded me of "The Amish Widow's Secret" by Cheryl Williford. =0)

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IndieBound (Hardcover, Large Print) : Katie's Redemption (Book 1)

IndieBound (Mass Market Paperbound) : Katie's Redemption and Plain Secrets

Kobo (e-Book) : Katie's Redemption (Book 1)
Amazon : Brides of Amish Country Book Series

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Book Teaser(s) :
“I certainly wouldn’t mind having another woman in the house.” It seemed his mother couldn’t be silent for long.
This wasn’t a discussion he wanted to have in front of an outsider. He said, “Nothing can be done tonight. We’ll talk it over with Katie in the morning.”
The faint smile that played across Nettie’s lips told him she’d already made up her mind. “The woman needs help. It’s our Christian duty to care for her and that precious baby.”
Mustering a stern tone, he said, “You don’t fool me, Mamm. I saw how excited you were to tell me it was a little girl. The way you came running out to the barn, I thought the house must be on fire. You’re just happy to have a new baby in the house. I’ve heard you telling your friends that you’re hoping Mary’s next one is a girl.”
His mother raised one finger toward the ceiling. “Gott has given me five fine grandsons. I’m not complaining. I pray only that my daughters have more healthy children. If one or two should be girls—that is Gotte wille, too, and fine with me. Just as it was Gotte wille that Katie and her baby came to us.” ~ within Chapter 3
Elam loaded two plates with fried chicken, coleslaw, pickled red beets, fresh rolls and two slices of gooey shoofly pie. He carried them to where she stood. “I’ve brought you something to eat.”
She smiled and rolled her eyes. “What is this thing you have about feeding me?”
“I don’t like skinny women.” He held out one plate.
Lowering herself to the ground, she leaned back against the trunk of the tree and placed Rachel on her outstretched thighs.
“If you think I’m going to get fat just to make you happy, think again.”
“One plate of food will not make you fat.”
“Ha! Do you know how many calories are in that peanut butter and marshmallow spread?”
He sat beside her. “No, and I don’t want to know.”
She took the plate from his hand, set it on the grass and picked up the slice of homemade bread covered with the gooey spread. She bit into it and moaned. “Oh, this is good.” ~ within Chapter 14

Book Preview :
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Patricia, then please check out her Amazon Acct.

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