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Blog Tour - Silver Belles and Stetsons by Kathleen Ball, Caroline Clemmons, Cait Braxton, Carra Copelin, Kristin Holt, Lyn Horner, Susan Horsnell, Paty Jager, Hebby Roman & Margaret Tanner | Spreading the Word

Today I'm turning my blog over to Kathleen Ball, Caroline Clemmons, Cait Braxton, Carra Copelin, Kristin Holt, Lyn Horner, Susan Horsnell, Paty Jager, Hebby Roman, & Margaret Tanner who are the authors of "Silver Belles and Stetsons!!" [Blog Tour will run from November 2 - 8, 2015]

"Silver Belles and Stetsons"
by Kathleen Ball, Caroline Clemmons, Cait Braxton, Carra Copelin, Kristin Holt, Lyn Horner, Susan Horsnell, Paty Jager, Hebby Roman, & Margaret Tanner

Authors' Book Description :
    Ten Western Romance Christmas Novellas by Amazon bestselling and Award-Winning Authors
    Available as a boxed set for a limited time

    A savings of more than 75% if the books were purchased separately.

    Bestselling and Award-winning authors bring you ten western romance novellas featuring alpha-cowboys from the past. This boxed set will take you back in time when men were rugged and handsome and the women who loved them courageous and daring.

This book is available to order on :

Amazon (US - e-Book) | Amazon (CA - e-Book)

** Be sure to add it to your TBR pile on Goodreads! **

Authors' Book Trailer :

#BlogTour - Silver Belles and Stetsons by Kathleen Ball, Caroline Clemmons, Cait Braxton, Carra Copelin, Kristin Holt,...

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"The Greatest Gift: A Montana Cowboy Christmas" [Silver Belles and Stetsons Anthology, Novella 1] by Kathleen Ball

Author's Story Description : ***This is 54 page short story. It is part of the Silver Belles and Stetsons Christmas Anthology with 9 other authors. I suggest buying the anthology for the same price - if you have kindle unlimited go ahead and read it for free!

Upon hearing screams, handsome rancher, Foster O’Donnell races to his barn and finds a stranger giving birth. When he tells her his name, she screams he can’t be Foster O’Donnell. Foster O’Donnell is the father of her baby. Can Christmas change their mutual distrust? Will Foster and Ginger find The Greatest Gift?

Purchase This Book Here : (e-Book) : The Greatest Gift: A Montana Cowboy Christmas

"Stone Mountain Christmas" [Silver Belles and Stetsons Anthology, Novella 2] & [Men of Stone Mountain, Texas Series, Book 3.6] by Caroline Clemmons

Author's Story Description : Join Amazon bestselling and award winning author Caroline Clemmons for a sweet Christmas novella in her Stone Mountain series of western historical romance.

Christmas has been Celia Dubois’s favorite time of year as long as she can remember. When she moves back with her parents a year after the death of her husband, the young widow is appalled at the town’s lack of Christmas spirit. Two months earlier, banditos had burned the church and crushed the townspeople. Celia vows to return holiday joy to the town. Perhaps doing so might help mend her aching heart. Will Celia’s plan work magic on the town?

Rancher Eduardo Montoya knows Celia is the woman for him. She enchants him with her winning smile and vivacious nature. When her father warns Eduardo away from Celia, Eduardo is both angry and frustrated. After he stops a robbery in the mercantile, will Celia’s parents change their minds about him? Can handsome Eduardo heal Celia’s sorrow?

Purchase This Book Here : (e-Book) : Stone Mountain Christmas

"Catherine’s Cowboy" [Silver Belles and Stetsons Anthology, Novella 3] by Cait Braxton

Author's Story Description : On the run from her vicious Kiowa husband, Catherine seeks shelter from a raging dust storm when labor begins. Fate steps in when a retired army tracker also seeks refuge from the elements and stumbles upon the same ramshackle dwelling.

Elam helps Catherine deliver her child and a strong bond forms between them. But outside, biding his time until the squall passes someone longs to claim both of their lives and take what is rightfully his…the child.

Purchase This Book Here : (e-Book) : Catherine’s Cowboy

"Angel and the Texan from County Cork" [Silver Belles and Stetsons Anthology, Novella 4] & [Brides of Texas Code Series, Book 3] by Carra Copelin

Author's Story Description : Jamey O'Donnell has reached a crossroads in his life. It's time to make his own way and stop living off the charity of others, specifically from his brother-in-law, Ian Benning. Off to find his new life, Jamey stops to help an old friend only to find out the friend has been killed. Can he help the widow restart her life and then walk away? Will he be able to ignore the newly awakened emotions she brings to the surface?

Angel Rivers buried her first husband on the trail after a short three month marriage. Now, one year later, her second husband, Will, has been shot and killed leaving her to fend for herself, to work a ranch with little to no knowledge. When the stranger shows up in her barn on the coldest day she's ever experienced, can she trust that he's her husband's friend and not a henchman sent by her neighbor? The same one she suspects of the killing? Will she embrace her bad luck in marriage and bury the feelings stirred by the stranger to live a life alone?

Purchase This Book Here : (e-Book) : Angel and the Texan from County Cork

"The Drifter’s Proposal" [Silver Belles and Stetsons Anthology, Novella 5] & [Holidays in Mountain Home Series, Book 4] by Kristin Holt

Author's Story Description : "The Drifter’s Proposal" is a completely stand-alone read. I’m proud to include it in an anthology with nine other talented authors: Silver Belles and Stetsons to be released Monday, November 2nd. This novella will be released with its own cover on Tuesday, October 6th.

Colorado, 1900
The baker’s man is home for Christmas…

A spinster is startled by an overdue mortgage and imminent eviction, mere days before Christmas. Dare she trust a drifter to fight at her side, and invite certain heartbreak when he moves on?

Purchase This Book Here : (e-Book) : The Drifter’s Proposal | (Paperback) : The Drifter’s Proposal

"The Perfect Gift: A Texas Devlins Christmas" [Silver Belles and Stetsons Anthology, Novella 6] by Lyn Horner

Author's Story Description : It’s Christmas 1885 and everyone is gathering to celebrate at the River T ranch. The day promises a feast and fellowship for all, but surprises lay ahead.

Nora Taylor adores Vittorio Medina. He’s been her best friend all of her young life, but now she wants more than friendship from him. She’s too young, he insists while fighting his own growing feelings for her. Besides, she is the boss’s daughter. He’s just a poor cowboy of Mexican blood. They can never be together.

Although Nora refuses to accept what Vittorio says, she’s afraid he will go off and marry someone else before she is old enough to fight for his love. This Christmas threatens to bring her more pain than joy until a special gift offers hope.

Purchase This Book Here : (e-Book) : The Perfect Gift: A Texas Devlins Christmas

"Marshal Mistletoe" [Silver Belles and Stetsons Anthology, Novella 7] by Susan Horsnell

Author's Story Description : Penny Turner is the most beautiful girl in Bare, North Wyoming.

She is deeply in love with Eric Miller, the Marshal of Bare. She is the love of his life.

So, why does she end up married to Eric’s friend, Walter Adamson?

What happens to place her daughter, Larissa in danger?

Can Eric save her?

Will these two finally find happiness?

Purchase This Book Here : (e-Book) : Marshal Mistletoe | (Paperback) : Marshal Mistletoe

"Christmas Redemption" [Silver Belles and Stetsons Anthology, Novella 8] by Paty Jager

Author's Story Description : Amazon Bestselling and Award-Winning Author. Can two battered hearts find solace or will the past continue to haunt their lives? "A story of forgiveness that has a wonderful hero who has worked hard to redeem himself."

"A Hard Candy Christmas" [Silver Belles and Stetsons Anthology, Novella 9] by Hebby Roman

Author's Story Description : Abigail Kerr Sanford is a single mother struggling to raise her child. Sheriff Clint Graham is a man scarred by his background and family tragedies. Drawn into a bitter feud between ranchers and railroaders, Abigail and Clint work together to resolve the feud, learning to respect and trust each other. And as their feelings deepen, they recognize their love is the most special Christmas gift of all.

Purchase This Book Here : (e-Book) : A Hard Candy Christmas

"Christmas Cowboy" [Silver Belles and Stetsons Anthology, Novella 10] by Margaret Tanner

Author's Story Description : Zac Goodman is a gunslinger who is haunted by an injustice from his past. He finds heavily pregnant Holly O’Leary in an abandoned wagon, her cheating husband lying dead a few yards away. Reluctantly he takes her to his cabin to give birth. Will this miracle Christmas baby unite two tortured souls? Or will it forever keep them apart.

Purchase This Book Here : (e-Book) : Christmas Cowboy | (Paperback) : Christmas Cowboy

#BlogTour - Silver Belles and Stetsons by Kathleen Ball, Caroline Clemmons, Cait Braxton, Carra Copelin, Kristin Holt,...

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About the Authors :

Kathleen Ball writes contemporary and historical western romance with great emotion and memorable characters. Her books are award winners and have appeared on best sellers lists.


While Cait Braxton's childhood friends dreamed of becoming ballerinas, nurses and movie stars, Cait wanted to be a cowgirl when she grew up. Some of her best memories stem from long visits to her grandparents' farm. Here she reveled in the delectable scents of pines trees, leather and horse. Her idea of a grand adventure wasn't hosting a make-believe tea party but rather riding through the woods and fields on the back of beautiful stallion.

Her love of the Old West (and the New) continues to this day. That's why she writes about strong alpha cowboys and the courageous women who loved them. She hopes you share her love for a majestic, rugged time gone-by and...the cowboys of today.


Caroline Clemmons is an Amazon bestselling author of historical and contemporary western romances whose books have garnered numerous awards. Her latest release is GABE KINCAID, book four of her popular Kincaid series. A frequent speaker at conferences and seminars, she has taught workshops on characterization, point of view, and layering a novel.

Caroline is a member of Romance Writers of America, Yellow Rose Romance Writers, From The Heart Romance Writers, and Hearts Through History Romance Writers. Her latest publications include the acclaimed historical Men of Stone Mountain series: BRAZOS BRIDE, HIGH STAKES BRIDE, and BLUEBONNET BRIDE and the audiobooks of BRAZOS BRIDE and HIGH STAKES BRIDE.

Caroline and her husband live in the heart of Texas cowboy country with their menagerie of rescued pets. Prior to writing full time, her jobs included stay-at-home mom (her favorite), secretary, newspaper reporter and featured columnist, assistant to the managing editor of a psychology journal, bookkeeper for the local tax assessor and--for a short and fun time--an antique dealer. When she's not indulging her passion for writing, Caroline enjoys reading, travel, antiquing, genealogy, painting, getting together with friends, and enjoying watching the birds, butterflies, and squirrels wandering through her back yard. Find her on her blog, website, Facebook, Twitter, Shelfari, Goodreads, and Pinterest.


Carra Copelin writes "well-written novels, complete with correct places, weather, and flavor." ... from a Native Texan reader. Her books are contemporary and historical romantic suspense about Texans set in Texas. No matter the murder, mystery, or mayhem that may surround or involve the hero and heroine, every story revolves around their romance and family.

She is a member of Romance Writers of America and President of Yellow Rose Romance Writers, plus she regularly contributes to Smart Girls Read Romance and Sweethearts of the West Blogs.

She and her hero live in North Central Texas, in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex where they enjoy their family and grandchildren. In addition to writing and researching with her fabulous critique partners, she enjoys playing bridge, crochet, and genealogy.


Kristin Holt: I recall the winter of my first grade year, basking in the heat from our fireplace in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Dad read aloud Madeline L'Engle's A WRINKLE IN TIME and Mom peeled orange segments for us to enjoy. That was the definitive moment I fell in love with fiction.

I write sweet (wholesome) romances set in the 19th Century American West. I'm newly active in a fantastic Facebook group for authors and readers of Western Historical Romances.


Lyn Horner resides in Fort Worth, Texas - "Where the West Begins" - with her husband and several very spoiled cats. Trained in the visual arts, Lyn worked as a fashion illustrator and art instructor before she took up writing. She loves crafting passionate love stories, both historical and contemporary. Lyn also enjoys reading, gardening, visiting with family and friends, and cuddling her furry, four-legged children.

The author's Texas Devlins series blends authentic Old West settings, steamy romance and a glimmer of the mysterious. This series has earned multiple awards and nominations, including Crowned Heart reviews and a Rone Award nomination for DEAREST IRISH from InD'Tale Magazine.

Lyn is a contributor to Rawhide 'n Roses, a Western Romance Anthology. This book is a finalist in the 2015 RONE Awards anthology category. Lyn is proud to be in company with such a talented group of authors.

Jumping from the American Old West to the present day, Lyn is now hard at work on her romantic suspense series, Romancing the Guardians. These books combine her trademark flashes of psychic phenomena with Irish folklore and a chilling apocalyptic theme. Along the way, readers will be treated to thunderous action, terrifying suspense and sizzling romance.


Susan Horsnell: I grew up in the Western Suburbs of Sydney in the 50's and 60's and have always been a fan of Cowboys, Indians and Outlaws.

During my years as a nurse I would write down ideas and when I retired five years ago I finally published my first book - The Glenmore's: Revenge. This developed into a four part series.

Since then I have published a further eleven Western Romance books and one contemporary. My westerns are set in Texas, USA during the 19th century and my contemporary in Sydney, Australia.

When I am not writing I enjoy walking our dogs with my husband and travelling.


Award-winning author Paty Jager and her husband raise alfalfa hay in rural eastern Oregon. On her road to publication she wrote freelance articles for two local newspapers and enjoyed her job with the County Extension service as a 4-H Program Assistant. Raising hay and cattle, riding horses, and battling rattlesnakes, she not only writes the western lifestyle, she lives it.

She has published twenty novels, three anthologies, and seven novellas. All her work has Western or Native American elements in them along with hints of humor and engaging characters. Her penchant for research takes her on side trips that eventually turn into yet another story.


Hebby Roman is the multi-published author of both historical and contemporary romances. Her first contemporary romance, SUMMER DREAMS, was the launch title for Encanto, a print line featuring Latino romances. And her re-published e-book, SUMMER DREAMS, was #1 in Amazon fiction and romance.

Hebby is a member of the Romance Writers of America, and the past president of her local chapter, North Texas Romance Writers. She was selected for the Romantic Times "Texas Author" award, and she won a national Harlequin contest.

She graduated with highest honors from the University of Texas in Austin with a Master's Degree in Business Administration. She was selected for inclusion in the first edition of Who's Who in American Women.

She is blessed to have all her family living close by in north Texas, including her family's latest edition, her granddaughter, Mackenzie. Hebby lives in Arlington, Texas with her husband, Luis, and maltipoo, Maximillian.


Margaret Tanner - WESTERN ROMANCE AUTHOR With the encouragement of friend and Western Romance author, Susan Horsnell, she has fallen in love with writing Western Historical Romance. Frontier Australia and frontier America, have many similarities, isolated communities, a large single male population and a lack of eligible women.

She has always loved Westerns, soaking up all the Western TV shows and movies when she was young. Bonanza was her all-time favourite show. Little Joe Cartwright was her hero. Western Author, Zane Grey was her favourite author at that time.

Margaret has a short story published in the Western Romance Anthology, Rawhide 'N Roses which was a 2015 Rone Finalist.

#BlogTour - Silver Belles and Stetsons by Kathleen Ball, Caroline Clemmons, Cait Braxton, Carra Copelin, Kristin Holt,...

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