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Idolizing In: Dark Desires Series, Book 5

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"Blood and Metal" [Dark Desires Series, Book 5] by Nina Croft

Author's Book Description : Fleeing back through the black hole and into their own universe, the crew of the Blood Hunter find they have lost a few years. And things haven’t improved in their absence. The Church is now in charge, the Collective and Rebel Alliance are in disarray, and there’s a swarm of angry aliens behind them. Their chances of survival look bleak.

Newly turned vampire and co-pilot of the Blood Hunter, Daisy, wants revenge on the people who killed her family and her friends. First, she must get control of her new appetites. She needs blood—lots of blood—and the only thing that might control the hunger is sex. Unfortunate, when there is a good chance she could drain any lover dry. But when she meets old flame, Fergal Cain, he seems like the answer to all her needs.

Part human, part cyborg, Fergal, is living on borrowed time. Only one thing can save him, and it’s not sex with a scary vampire chick. He needs to find the scientist who changed him, and he needs to do it fast. When he learns the crew of the Blood Hunter is chasing the same man, it seems Daisy might be a match made in heaven after all.

Fergal needs to find a man and he needs him alive. The crew of the Blood Hunter need that same man dead, and Daisy just needs…blood. Maybe it’s more like a match made in hell.

My Book Review : 5 out of 5 stars!!! After recently being turned into a vampire, Daisy is still trying to come to terms with her life and the new turns it's taken. Yet, the path she was on changes about the instant she sets her eyes on Fergal again. He isn't who he seems, yet he's the one who can set her free while making her feel like her old self too. But when their choices end up working against each other, will they be able to put their trust in one another enough to succeed for both of them or will Fergal's past come get in the way and tear them apart?

This exciting sci-fi paranormal romance will delight you while keeping you in suspense the whole way through! I'm still reeling, a bit, from the massive twists this novel throws your way. It is definitely one book where not everything I guessed came out true since the characters are highly unpredictable, but in the best ways!

Daisy & Fergal’s relationship has such an intensity that you get hooked from the very beginning when she tries to literally to rip out his throat and keep wanting to read more. I really liked how they help each other come into their abilities while coming to terms with who/what they are becoming. They equal each other out enough that I didn’t want their novel to end just so I could keep reading about them. A great pair!

I HIGHLY recommend this novel to those looking for a fast-paced paranormal sci-fi romance! Also, this is one novel that you can read as a standalone or as a part of its series without a problem!

-- On a side note --
In truth, I was kind of hoping that because of Daisy’s biology that she would be a unique vampire and be able to deal with the sunlight. Also, I was surprised with the novel’s ending, not that it wasn’t good, but it didn’t turn out as I had expected.

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Book Teaser(s) :
She had fond memories of Fergal Cain. Even if the bastard hadn't recognized her. They'd once shared a torrid encounter in a very small shuttle. Though she supposed it had been less than a year for her, while it had been over twenty for him. And while he hadn't changed--presumably his not aging had something to do with the treatment he'd taken at Cybercom--she did look a little different than she had back then. Definitely less green. Even was hardly flattering. ~ within Chapter 3

BLOOD AND METAL by Nina Croft -- Read my #bookreview here:...
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