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Feasted On: Harmony Homecomings Series, Book 2

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"Not So New In Town" [Harmony Homecomings Series, Book 2] by Michele Summers

Authors' Book Description : "Sexy and fun! This small-town romance proves you can go home again." - Macy Beckett, acclaimed author of the Dumont Bachelors series.

You can't go back, and you can't stand still...
Lucy Doolan is a marketing genius. She can sell rain to a frog and snow to a polar bear. Newly single and unemployed, she's lured back to her hometown of Harmony, North Carolina to help out her pregnant evil stepsister...only to find former crush heartthrob Brogan Reese has returned too, to open a new business in town. To add insult to injury, he's still hot.

If the thunder don't get you, then the lightning will...
Brogan never noticed Lucy much when they were young, but seventeen people have recommended her to help him. She's got his attention now. With her sweet personality, brilliant imagination, and penchant for doing the completely unpredictable, Brogan is finding a whole lot of excuses to spend his days-and nights-with Lucy.

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars!! Lucy heads back to her hometown with hopes to reinvent herself after a bad breakup and help her rude older stepsister while she's on bed rest. Once home she finds herself floundering to try to keep her teenage nephew's life on track and trying to settle into small town life again. That is until Brogan (her old high school crush and her stepsister's ex-boyfriend) makes it his mission to have them help each other out, him with her nephew and her with marketing his new business. However, old habits die-hard and it soon becomes apparent that her crush for him is alive and well. The good news is it's reciprocated too. Yet as they both have plans to leave town after a few months will their romance be just a fling or turn into something more?

With some surprising twists and a whole lot of charm, this novel keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way through. From all the characters' playful banter to Lucy's colorful internal & external commentary, I couldn't get enough. I especially enjoyed how unwittingly Brogan sweeps into Lucy's life and lights up her world as their romance begins. They are just SOO perfect for one another! In addition, I liked how even though Lucy's stepsister is rude Lucy tries to put an effort into their relationship, no matter how "grouchy" her sibling gets. Just I am wishing that her sibling wasn't the cause for Brogan's "big epiphany" even though I liked how she got him back on track. The ending was great!

I recommend this novel to those looking for a HOT comedic contemporary romance!

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Author's Novel Extras : Pinterest: Brogan Reese...Not So New in Town | Pinterest: Lucy Doolan...Not So New in Town

Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina drinking Cheerwine! Lucy Doolan's favorite drink in NOT SO NEW IN TOWN (pre-order your copy today!) Love Cheerwine and this article says it all...@ourstatemag
Posted by Michele Summers on Thursday, June 18, 2015

Author's Series Extras : Pinterest: Harmony, North Carolina | Pinterest: Bertie! | Pinterest: Keith Morgan, hot tennis player | Pinterest: Bertie's Fun Interiors! | Pinterest: Vance Kerner | Pinterest: Katie...upcoming heroine

Book Teaser(s) :
Somehow his chest filled her vision. Lucy dug her toes into the cotton braids of the rug covering the tile floor. Suddenly she realized she'd been arguing about marketing techniques, wearing only her yellow daises sleeping boxers and green tank top, braless. How did this happen? She'd been settling down for a night of chillaxing with her favorite junk food and ended up defending the philosophy of "sex sells" in her skimpy PJs. ~ within Chapter 18

NOT SO NEW IN TOWN by Michele Summers -- Read my review here:...
Posted by From Me to You - Video, Photography, & Book Reviews on Monday, June 22, 2015

NOT SO NEW IN TOWN by Michele Summers -- Read my review here:...
Posted by From Me to You - Video, Photography, & Book Reviews on Monday, June 22, 2015
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  1. Yay! I'm so happy you enjoyed Not So New In Town. Thanks for posting such nice comments. You made my day. ;-)))

    1. You're very welcome! I really enjoyed Lucy & Brogan's playful ways! =0)

    2. BTW, you have a very cool, interactive site. I like all the extra info you add and links to Pinterest, etc. Makes is more interesting to read. You're doing a great job. Keep it up! Thanks again.

    3. Glad to hear you like it so much! I try to give a little of everything (that I can find) so visitors will be able to get a good of the novel for themselves.


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