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Feasted On: Those Engaging Garretts! Series, Book 6

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"The Daddy Wish" [Those Engaging Garretts! Series, Book 6] by Brenda Harlen

Author's Book Description : THIS COULD BE THE MERGER OF A LIFETIME . . .

The holidays are over, but Allison Caldwell can’t stop thinking about the kiss she shared with Nathan Garrett under the mistletoe. The dazzlingly attractive playboy she’s secretly crushed on for years isn’t just off-limits because he’s out of her league; the heir apparent to the Garrett furniture empire is about to be crowned CFO—and the single mother’s new boss!

One night changed everything for Nathan. And now his executive assistant is strictly hands-off despite their intense physical attraction. Besides, Allison has a son, and Nathan’s no family man. Then why is Nathan’s head suddenly filled with fantasies of being a father? Perhaps this once-happy bachelor won’t be single for long . . .

My Book Review : 4.5 out of 5 stars!! Because of a health scare forcing his Uncle into retirement; Nathan (Nate) is finally becoming the CFO of the family business. However, that means not getting close to Allison (Alli) who is his Uncle's--now soon to be his--executive assistant, which will be hard since getting close is all he can think about. Even after learning that Allison is a single mom he still wants to get to know her more. But is this playboy willing to give up his footloose and fancy-free days for family life?

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. It was simply captivating in its plot especially in how it leads the reader through the novel. Then with the way, it subtly builds you up for other novels in this series ... Pretty awesome!

I found Allison and Nate to be an engaging couple, enjoyed them being together a lot. However, I felt their "official coming together moments" at the end to be a little forced. Overall, though, they made a great team and pair.

I recommend this novel to those looking for a flirty contemporary romance!!

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THE DADDY WISH by Brenda Harlen -- Read my review here: #teaser #books #contemporaryromance
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"Ohmygod." She sat down, hard, because her legs were about to go out from under her.
"Was that a good or a bad 'ohmygod'?"
"I don't know." ~ within Chapter 15
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