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Feasted On: Stratton Series, Book 2

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"Dragon Her Feet" [Stratton Series, Book 2] by Celia Kyle (aka Lauren Creed) & Mina Carter

Authors' Book Description : Sometimes a girl’s gotta flex her quills and lay down the law…

Katie Carmichael may not be a scary badass dragon capable of toasting her enemies to a crisp, but that doesn’t mean she’s a pushover. And sure, the roaring, fire-breathing hottie is, uh, hot, but she’s a chick with a plan. A plan that includes a secluded old farmhouse and doesn’t include a tall, heavily muscled, and totally delicious weredragon.

Joey Kenton, new owner of said old farmhouse, has plans of his own. They revolve around one, curvy, spitfire werehedgehog and whether their children will be hoglets or dragonlets—Joey would be happy with either. Until Katie’s life is threatened and he realizes that her life is more important than his love for her.

Of course, Katie realizes Joey is an idiot and when she revises her plans…

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars!! Because of his grandfather's death--the man who raised him--Joseph (Joey) heads "home" to settle the estate. Once he gets there, he runs nose first into meeting his mate. Now he just needs to convince his prickly little mate that he's worthy of her trust, before the dangers of being who he is get in the way.

This was one mismatched set of mates that I thoroughly enjoyed reading about!! Joey and Katie seem different in every conceivable way but their hearts and "inner beasties" can't deny their connection even if for better or worse they want to at times. In truth, I enjoyed Katie and Joey together, along with its plot. I just wish I liked how it all wrapped up in the end better.

I recommend this novel to those looking for an entertaining paranormal romance!

-- On a side note --
Also, I kinda hoped that I could read a scene where Katie shifted but it wasn’t meant to be.

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Woo hoo! Dragon Her Feet is out next week and I wanted to share a quick quote with ya. :D

Posted by Author Celia Kyle on Saturday, April 11, 2015

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Book Teaser(s) :
Katie wondered if murdering a pregnant woman was two counts of homicide or one. ~ within Chapter 2
"If you don't hear from me by morning, assume I was a dragon snack and send in the cavalry."
"You could be a dragon snack and enjoy it."
"True, but I find it unlikely." She paused and rearranged her plans. "Unless it gets me the farm."
"You cannot whore yourself out for the house, Katie."
"Eh, you say whore, I say strategic loss to ensure long-term gains." Katie winked at her friend to tell her she was joking. Mostly. ~ within Chapter 5
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