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Feasted On: Netherworld Series, Book 2

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"Up In Flames" [Netherworld Series, Book 2] by Olivia Hutchinson

Authors' Book Description : Feared dragon, Liam McIntyre, is resolved to stay out of the conflict between his neighbors, the fae of PĂ©ine and the shifters of New Freedom. That changes as soon as he sees the helpless woman tied to a stake in the middle of the fae village. The mysterious woman leaves him wanting and he is determined to keep her.

For Heidi Corrigan, the mountain getaway with her friend to New Freedom is her first vacation. It may also be her last when she's kidnapped by a group of fae warriors determined to burn her as a witch. Rescued by a sexy dragon, Heidi must find her way back to New Freedom, but her new dragon protector has other ideas in mind.

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars!! Find out more about the Netherworld in this intense fast-paced novel. Heidi (a human) wants to get away from everything for a bit so she decides to go on a "wilderness vacation" with her best friend, Maggie. However, one misstep while running away from a bee has her captured by an angry group of fae, tied to a stake, and is set to be burned alive in the morning. All because the fae believe, Heidi's a witch even though she's not one. Liam (a dragon shifter) is in the fae realm so he can gather info on what they're up to, but once he sees Heidi all his plans change. Yet after he rescues her, will he be able to convince her to stay with him or will their differences force them to stay apart?

While I read "Up In Flames" (BOOK 2) in this series, hadn’t read "Once Bitten" (BOOK 1) yet, and didn't feel lost in the plot, I would still recommend reading this series in order so you'll understand its backstory a bit more. I liked how the plot transitioned and how Liam and Heidi's relationship grew. From the first time they see each other you can't deny that they have a remarkable connection. The more they interact with one another the stronger their connection grows; it was intriguing to read about. I really liked them together. In addition, it was interesting to read about "mates" in this series. I'm curious to see what will happen next.

I recommend this novel and series to those looking for a new take on the paranormal romance!!

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Author's Novel Extras : UP IN FLAMES COVER REVEAL!

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Book Teaser(s) :
An evil, horrid buzzing that made her heart stop in pure, unrestrained fear.
She jerked her head toward the noise but didn’t see anything at first. It wasn’t until the honey bee landed on the tip of her nose that she saw it.
Creature of Satan.
A blood-curdling scream escaped her lips and she slapped at the insect, missing it. It lifted off her nose and buzzed around her head. Heidi waved her arms and stepped away from the stupid bee.
The thing was pursuing her. One step and the bee followed. Then another step and the bee began diving at her, trying to murder her with its stinger. The buzzing was loud, no doubt calling all of its bee friends to join in a large swarm, or two.
Maggie sounded far away when she screamed her name but Heidi had no choice except to ignore her. She had a bigger problem to deal with at the moment. Heidi stepped away from the bee again, but this time there was no ground under her feet. There was only air.
The damn bee had killed her after all. ~ within Chapter 1
The waiting was slowly driving her insane. What she wouldn’t give for them to be free of the place. If she never saw fairies again, it would be too soon. She didn’t think she’d ever be able to see Peter Pan again without having nightmares. She wanted to scream I don’t believe in fairies over and over again until all of the fae dropped dead. But somehow she didn’t think it would be that easy. ~ within Chapter 4

UP IN FLAMES by Olivia Hutchinson -- Read my review here: #teaser #meme #bookreview #paranormal #romance #books
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