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Disappointmentville: Billionaires and Babies Series & Kings of California Series, Book 16

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"Triple the Fun" [Billionaires and Babies Series & Kings of California Series, Book 16] by Maureen Child (aka Ann Carberry, Kathleen Kane, & Sarah Hart)

Author's Book Description : Baby, baby…baby?! It's triplets from USA TODAY bestselling author Maureen Child!

He's a captain of industry, a brooding billionaire and—a daddy? When Connor King learns he has fathered triplets, he feels double-crossed. Now nothing will stand in the way of claiming his heirs, not even their alluring legal guardian, Dina Cortez.

With the babies' mother gone, Dina has vowed to protect Sage, Sam and Sadie. But who will protect Dina from her feelings for the dark and defiant Mr. King? Because once she and the children are moved into Connor's California seaside mansion, his stately bed is just a heartbeat away…

My Book Review : 2 out of 5 stars, three months ago Dina’s life completely changed when her sister and sister-in-law died in an unexpected accident leaving her the guardian of her precocious toddler nephews and niece. However, because of her not being able to afford to raise them on the salary she has she decides to get child support from the “sperm donor” (Connor) of the children, which ends up throwing another wrench in her plans when she finds that Connor wants to be a part of their lives no matter the cost. How much is she willing to give up or change about her life for the only family she has left?

From the very beginning, I was having a hard time getting over Jamie & Elena's lie about the kids, especially since Connor made it a stipulation about visitation rights for himself and they completely disregarded his wishes. Because of all of that, it made it hard to enjoy this novel, as I'd have like too. So much so, that by about 40% on I just skimmed through the rest of the novel, as I was curious as to how everything would end up between them and I wasn’t enamored with what was happening in the plot. I found that while I sympathized with Connor I didn’t like how he seemed to steamroll over everything to get his way and Dina is way too stubborn for her own good. Together while they might have worked as partners in bed and as parents to the kids, I never thought they had a “wonderful” romance between them more like it was forced on them through circumstance.

I can say that while I am not a fan of this novel, I thought it had potential and recommend it to those who are a fan of Ms. Child.

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Book Teaser(s) :
Getting past his own racing thoughts, he looked at Dina and saw the misery in her eyes before she could mask it. And he was forced to remember that she'd lost her sister in that crash.
"I'm sorry," he said. "About Elena."
"Thank you," she said, taking a breath as she stood up to face him. "And I'm sorry about suing you without talking to you first."
A snort of laughter shot from his throat. "Aren't we polite all of a sudden."
"Probably won't last," she mused. ~ within Chapter 2
"You're thinking," he said, in a quiet, teasing tone. "That can't be good for me."
Reluctantly, she smiled. "Might not be good for me, either," she admitted. ~ within Chapter 7
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