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Feasted On: Bachelors of Battle Creek Series, Book 1

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"Texas Mail Order Bride" [Bachelors of Battle Creek Series, Book 1] by Linda Broday

Author's Book Description : “So Beautiful. You make it impossible to think.” He pulled her against him and found her mouth. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited to do this.”

When he let her up for air, she whispered as though she couldn’t trust her voice, “Is this another Texas custom?”

“Absolutely,” he growled. “Welcome to Texas.”

Rancher Cooper Thorne thinks his life is finally on an even keel–until Delta Dandridge steps off the stagecoach, claiming she’s his mail order bride. Brash and quick-witted, the meddling Southern Belle is everything Cooper thought he never wanted…and everything his heart is telling him he needs.

But Cooper swore long ago that he’d never marry, and he aims to keep his word…especially now that the demons from his past have returned to threaten everything–and everyone–he holds dear.

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars! Thrown together based on false promises, two lost souls find their lives turned upside-down, but is it all for the better? Sure, that is if they’re both willing to let their past and their secrets go for good.

With Delta & Cooper's bickering, their magnetic attraction to one another, and Cooper's "band of brothers," this novel reminded me of Ms. Connealy's "Swept Away." Not because of the plots, as they are pretty different---and I do recommend reading both novels---but because of their characters, as big-hearted Delta reminded me of Ruthy, leader Cooper reminded me of Luke and Jenny's husband situation reminded me of Glynna. While Ms. Broday's novel is different, noticing the similarities put a smile on my face.

Yet even though I liked seeing Cooper & Delta together, and watching them deal with their attraction, it was Delta herself and how she embraced the town she recently moved to, that made me fall for this novel. I liked seeing how Delta was able to make a new start for herself and how she went about to help the town in big and small ways wherever she could. It was very sweet. Then throw in Cooper's past and this novel turned into one action-packed western romantic thriller that you never knew where it would take you next.

I'm interested to read about Rand & Brett (Cooper's brothers) to see who will stop them from their bachelor ways.

I highly recommend this novel to those looking for a historical western romance that will keep you on your toes.

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Author Book Trailer :

Book Teaser(s) :
"My dear Mr. Thorne, you're absolutely determined to think the worst of me. I assure you, I try to never say anything I must retract later."
"Look, Miss Dandridge, why don't we start over? We'll be running into each other on occasion. No reason why our hackles should rise every time we cross paths."
"Hackles! I do declare. Your neck may have hackles, but I guarantee that mine does not."
"No, ma'am. I can certainly see that." He was hard-pressed to keep from grinning. "I simply meant we should try to get along."
"I suppose," she murmured slowly. "Just so we can be civil to each other. I don't want you to get the idea that I harbor any untoward ideas about love and marriage, though."
He crooked an eyebrow. "What does that mean?"
"Just because you don't like women---"
"Hey, wait a cotton-pinkin' minute. I never said I don't like women. I love 'em. For your information, I've kissed more than my share. Just don't intend to be married to one."
Delta put her hands on her hips. "Well, don't get any ideas about kissing me."
"You don't have to fret about that." He glared. "Is this your way of burying the hatchet?"
"No, it's yours. Hackles indeed. I'm not a dog." ~ within Chapter 6
"Now why is it that you can refer to my brother as Rand yet you call me Mr. Thorne?"
"You and I are still trying out this friendship thing."
Delta couldn't help smiling. She liked keeping the man who seemed so sure of everything off-kilter. It was probably a place he hadn't been very often.
"Haven't decided. After all, you wanted to run the other way when we first met, if I recall."
"Like I said, I'm a donkey's rear end."
"Your words, Mr. Thorne, not mine."
"Can't you consider calling me Cooper? Mr. Thorne sounds like a doddering old fool with half his teeth missing."
"I'll give it some thought." ~ within Chapter 11
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  1. I'm so glad that you enjoyed Texas Mail Order Bride, Jessica. I'm very thrilled with 4 out of 5 stars! Thank you for liking Cooper and Delta and all the gang at Battle Creek, Texas.

  2. Love these characters and live Linda Broday!

  3. I loved this book you make your characters come to life with suspense, passion romance
    and a great love story


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