Monday, February 9, 2015

Made the Grade: The Hot Streak: A Baseball Romance by Cecilia Tan

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"The Hot Streak: A Baseball Romance" by Cecilia Tan

Author's Book Description : “"The Hot Streak" is an interesting take on loving someone who is in the limelight. I enjoyed the book and found it to be an entertaining read.”—Coffee Time Romance

Casey hits it big when she meets major league baseball player Tyler Hammond at a photo shoot and they start up a steamy romance. Traveling with Tyler, she’s living it up and enjoying all the hot sex she can get between games. Now Tyler’s on a winning streak, and he thinks it’s thanks to Casey—but she has to decide for herself: is this the real deal, or just a summer fling?

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars! Casey meets Tyler (a hot shot baseball player) through her job and gets thrown into a whirlwind romance, but when Tyler's winning streak keeps getting hotter is the affection she see from him because of her "helping his wins" or is it true love?

This hot novel keeps you on your toes with its spicy scenes and drama. Yet what I loved most about it was Tyler with his happy-go-lucky look on life and infectious personality! Tyler's so optimistic that he balances out Casey's pessimistic ways and together they just seem like a great team. However, I really enjoyed how both Casey & Tyler deal with the major conflict that comes between them, as it helped me like them both even more.

I recommend this novel to those looking for a fun contemporary romance and doesn't mind a bit of erotica added in too.

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Author's Novel Extras : THE HOT STREAK, now published! | Wow I’ve been a busy bee lately... | Another rave for THE HOT STREAK! | New Edition Now Available! THE HOT STREAK, my baseball romance novel

Book Teaser(s) :

"Look, they'd happily spend fifty grand without blinking on a team psychologist, right? If flying you in and paying you to quit your job keeps Tyler from self-destructing, it's a bargain."
"I didn't actually quit the job. You think the team is going to want me to go to all his starts?"
"Unless he loses tonight, in which case, well, The Streak's broken." Missy shrugged.
Casey was surprised to find she didn't want that to happen. She still wanted to kill Tyler Hammond, but she didn't want him to lose. He's crazy, baseball's crazy, and I'm crazy, too, she thought. ~ within Chapter 9
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Cecilia, then please check out her website.

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