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Made the Grade: Alpha Marked Series, Book 5

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 256 KB | Release Date: January 4, 2015 | Publisher: Summerhouse Publishing | Obtained: | Originally Found Out About @ Celia Kyle's Newsletter

"Lorelei" [Alpha Marked Series, Book 5] by Celia Kyle

Author's Book Description : Thirty and single? Well, getcha ass to the Gathering! Wait... what?

Lorelei is a hint over thirty—nobody better ask how much of a hint—and isn’t sure why the hell she’s been magically hauled to the land of werewolves. But she has. Which sucks. At least they stole her while she was at the gun range. Go Pink Pistol of Doom! So, they stole her, she stole a cell phone in return, and all is crazy in her new werewolf-laced world. It gets even crazier when, 1—she discovers her sisters have been kidnapped, too, and 2—werewolves are sexy as all get out. Lorelei is determined to come to her sisters’ rescue and well, see what Dylan and Zeke have to offer.

Dylan and Zeke can’t believe they’ve found their mate. Even though word was passed around that Wardens can have mates, they never thought they’d find theirs. And yet, here she is. Lorelei—gorgeous, lush, and curved in all the right places—calls to their magic and heats up their wolves. They want to lick her from head to toe… together. And they will, once they get that little gun out of her hands. Hell, maybe she could keep it. She is sexy even when she threatens their lives.

They found her and now they’re gonna mate her... as soon as they take care of the powerful five families threatening to take Lorelei from them. Blood may be involved. Sucks to be those guys.

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars. Gun toting Lorelei is scared when she is thrown into a hotel overrun by werewolves, finds out that they're hunting her and her sisters, and then she hopes to grab her sisters and escape. Yet once she meets Zeke & Dylan all of her well-intentioned plans are thrown out the window.

It is definitely a cute novel, but the last few chapters fell a little short for me. I mean I really liked Zeke, Dylan, & Lorelei. Together they are combustible, scorching, and a trio who relationship I just wanted to read about more. However, when it came to the "background plot" about finding Paisley I just didn't enjoy it, but I can't tell if it was because of how it was all laid out or by its abrupt ending.

Nevertheless, I would still recommend this novel and series to those who like m/f/m werewolf romances that have a little suspense thrown in.

-- On a side note --

I can now say I hate Miles and Holden, so much so that I think they're working for the five families.

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Book Teaser(s) :
“Mine,” he growled low. When she paled and her magic flared, his wolf growled at him.
“Ours,” Zeke murmured, and Dylan jerked his head in a quick nod.
They’d strip her, fuck her, and then claim her.
She was theirs. Theirs with...a bright pink gun pointed at him.
Dylan rethought his plan.
Disarm her, strip her, fuck her, and then claim her. ~ within Chapter 2
Staring at his tiny, lusciously curved mate, he had only one thought. Well, two, but the first went along with the second. “What now?”
Dylan hoped someone would say, “Mate with Lorelei.”
He was not that lucky. ~ within Chapter 4
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