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Made the Grade: Love Is... by 40+ authors from the Romance Divas writing community

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"Love Is..." by Sidney Bristol, S. M. Butler, Kat Cantrell, Cass Curtis, Keri Ford, Sadie Haller, Faye Hunter, Crystal Jordan, Jennifer Lewis, Molly McLain, Mima, Natasha Moore, A. Catherine Noon, Rachel Wilder, Elle Rush, Jessica Stone, Holley Trent, A. J. Vale, Elle Wylder, Clarice Wynter, Zoe York, Élianne Adams, Melisse Aires, Mahlee Ashwynne, Sophie Avett, Jennifer Blackstream, Sela Carsen, Cate Dean, Grace Draven, Hailey Edwards, Marie Hall, Dayna Hart, Elise Logan, Lyra Marlowe, Yelena Casale, Tina Moss, Cate Rowan, Sabrina Darby, Bonnie Dee, Jennifer Haymore, Kate Pearce, & Vivienne Westlake

Authors' Book Description : Love is...
...forty stories of first loves, friends to lovers, and the heat of the moment.

Join forty authors, including multiple New York Times and USA Today bestsellers, as they take you on a romantic ride through time and space.

From the dazzling ballrooms of Regency historical romance to contemporary love from sweet n’ dreamy to kinky n’ steamy, the wide open frontier of science fiction romance and magical worlds of far away fantasy realms, sample the best romance has to offer! Every short story is the perfect candy-sized nugget to read over a cup of coffee or before falling asleep at night.

All proceeds from the sale of this anthology will go to the Reach Out and Read Program.

~ Contemporary Romance ~

"Picture Her Loved" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 1] & [Bayou Bound Series, Book 2.5] by Sidney Bristol

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...Laissez les bons temps rouler.

Officer Odalia Foucheaux has found the man of her kinky dreams. There isn’t anything they haven’t done. It’s what they haven’t said that’s the issue, and it might tear her heart out.
Jacques Savoy is a man who doesn’t doubt—he knows. From the first time he worked with Odalia, he loved her. Now, it’s time to find out how she feels, and he’s got a plan.
Let the good times roll.

My Story Review : 2.5 out of 5 stars. A couple who has fallen in love but has yet to tell each other, finds a way to do just that. It is an erotically sweet romance. I think I'd have liked it better if it didn't start out as slow as it does. Yet, this story did make me interested in possibly checking out it's full series.

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Story Teaser :
Jacques gave Creature a scratch behind the ears. The dog flopped on his side, sufficiently tired out, which was the whole reason behind going for the jog in the first place. Creature didn’t understand that the noises Odalia made sometimes were not the result of harm. They’d had to stop their bedroom activities a few times to calm the dog down and reassure him neither of them were dying. ~ within the story as there isn't any chapters
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Sidney, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"Once Upon a SEAL" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 2] & [Sugar Falls Series, Book 0.5] by S. M. Butler (aka Suzan Butler)

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...a delivery girl, a Navy SEAL, and peaches shared together on a porch.

Maddie Benson has spent her entire life in Sugar Falls and has never ventured—nor wanted to venture—beyond her small town’s safe borders. But when her delivery job takes her to the doorstep of one very reclusive, ex-Navy SEAL Sebastian McIntyre, her small town perceptions are challenged with every conversation they have. But in trying to uncover the secrets of Sebastian’s past, she might forget what’s most important in her present.

"Signed, SEALed, and Delivered" is a prequel to an upcoming story in a brand new series coming in 2015.

My Story Review : 5 out of 5 stars! This story reeled me in from the beginning with Maddie's witty sense of humor then it really hooked me by watching her growing romance with Sebastian (Bastian). Reading about their relationship and how Maddie kept trying to bring Bastian's personality and himself out from his exile got me liking this story more and more. I really loved this story! The big twist was surprising yet I liked at how it through them closer together quicker then expected since they are great together! I hope that as this series progresses will get to read more about Bastian and Maddie!

Story Teaser :
“Maddie?” His rumbling voice reached my ears, freezing me in my spot. “Do you like peaches?”
“I love peaches.” I grinned, aware that he couldn’t see me, but I couldn’t help myself.
“Well, do you want to... share them with me?” He sounded nervous, like he was afraid I’d say no. I kind of saw him like a bear, big and gruff and grumbly, but also cuddly and cute. I sat down in the lawn chair and fished the bag of peaches out. I put them right next to the open space where the door was cracked open.
I pulled out one and waited as Bastian’s hand snaked out and got one as well. A second later, he moaned. “Oh. Em. Gee. These are so good.”
“And here I thought only girls did the whole ‘oh em gee’ thing.” I laughed.
“Hush, you,” he grumbled, but there was a teasing tone in his voice. ~ within the story as there isn't any chapters
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by S. M., then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"The Invention of Marriage" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 3] by Kat Cantrell

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...the freedom to make it up as you go.

Alexia Ford has it all figured out. Career path toward her dream of becoming an inventor—check. Blind date with a mild-mannered accountant—check. Don’t drop any balls....not so much. A chance encounter with sexy industrialist Jesse Hennessey launches Alexia into a sizzling juggling act that could signal the demise of her plans. Or is it the beginning of a joint venture?

My Story Review : 3 out of 5 stars. Two individuals couldn't be more alike even though Alexia believes otherwise; it'll take everything Jesse can do to prove her wrong. This is a prequel to Ms. Cantrell's "Marriage Reinvented," and while I think I would have liked this story more if it didn't feel so rushed, I really did enjoy Alexia and Jesse--along with their undeniable chemistry--which makes me intrigued to see where their romance will lead to and what her invention was all about.

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Story Teaser :
She rolled her eyes and his stomach seized. This was not going to end well.
“That’s your response?” she groused. “A line from Jerry Maguire? You’re going to have to do better than that.”
And maybe he had an infinite number of chances with Alexia. Good. He was going to need them.
“I thought you weren’t a cliché. Fine, how about this?” ~ within Chapter 4
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Kat, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"When Eva Gets Even" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 4] by Cass Curtis (aka Cassandra Curtis)

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...all about trust.

So when Eva discovers a receipt for racy lingerie several sizes too small for her in her lover’s coat pocket, she’s determined to learn the truth, no matter how much it might break her heart.
Embarrassed by his family’s thieving ways, Kevin is wary of telling Eva about them, knowing from past mistakes it could jeopardize any possibility for a long lasting relationship. He vows this time will be different. Besides, what Eva doesn’t know won’t hurt her.
Add in a kleptomaniac with a penchant for red and black lace, a best friend willing to loan out her navy leather thigh high boots, and one seriously sexy nerd who may or may not be cheating on Eva, and it’s only a matter of time when Eva gets even.

My Story Review : 4.5 out of 5 stars! A couple must come to terms with past mistakes, but once the truth is out in the open will they be willing to stay together like their hearts want? This funny contemporary romance was one that keeps you on your toes while hoping for the best for these two. Kevin and Eva are so cute together! My only wish was that Kevin's plans for Eva (the item that he was originally shopping for) we never get to read about and I wished we got too. =0)

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Story Teaser :
“First question. What is your full name?”
“You know my name.” He tried to sit up, but was restricted by the handcuffs.
“Not your middle name.”
“It’s embarrassing.”
“Tell me. No one else will know.”
“You can trust me.”
“Kevin Richard Everhard Moore. Mom’s maiden name was Everhard and Dad’s pop was Richard.”
“Wait—so you’re like Dick Everhard More?” Eva bit her lip trying not to laugh. ~ within Chapter 2
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Cass, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"Her Unforgettable Romance" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 5] by Keri Ford

Author's Story Description : Love is...

Tyler and Samantha’s history goes back to grade school with shared dreams of the future. That all changed when Tyler’s cold feet had him running out of town. Samantha finally recovers from his leaving and moves on with her life. When he comes back to town, she intends to ignore him, but she can’t forget the way he makes her feel.
Older and wiser, with his biggest regret being the day he left Samantha, Tyler will do whatever he can to win her back.

My Story Review : 2 out of 5 stars. A relationship restarts when the man who vanished moves back home. In truth, I wanted to like this story but even realizing that it is a short story, I felt that it was rushed and that Samantha's sudden change of heart was a little abrupt. I did like the characters though. =0/

Author's Story Extras : Love is... A book for Charity!!

Story Teaser :
“Sounds like you left a lot more to come home for a lot less.”
His hands were empty, and she was the only thing he wanted to fill them. “There was one thing here that I couldn’t find in California.”
“Good barbeque?”
He chuckled. “Okay. So two things.”
“Scalding hot summers?”
She turned away and wrapped her arms around her middle. “Country music?”
“Samantha,” he said softer this time.
She looked down and over her shoulder. “Why did you leave?” ~ within the story as there isn't any chapters
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Keri, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"A Capella" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 6] & [Dominant Cord Series, Book 1.5] by Sadie Haller

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...navigating the complications together.

After receiving upsetting news, rape survivor, Mac Wallis, hides her distress from her Dom because she is worried she is just one new piece of emotional baggage away from being dumped.
When Finn Taylor returns home unexpectedly for a surprise play session and discovers his submissive has been keeping secrets, he spends the day showing her how much she means to him.

My Story Review : 4 out of 5 stars! A man sets out to prove how much he cares to the woman in his life while trying to help her get over her crisis. I really liked Finn's playful side and how well he cared for Mac. They make a really sweet pair; it makes me intrigued about the other novels in this series.

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Story Teaser :
By the time she was able to fully absorb her surroundings, Finn was out of the car and holding her door open. She took his offered hand, and as she exited, he brought her fingers to his lips and kissed them. He kept a firm hold on her hand as he led her to the building’s entrance.
Their mutual friend, Sully, was the only way Finn could have known about this place. Sully wasn’t shy about plying Finn with ‘Mac Trivia’ and she didn’t know whether to love him or hate him for it. Before she met Finn, she’d spent a lot of time on this carousel to take herself back to happier days, long, long before the rape. Her membership, which she realised had lapsed, allowed her unlimited rides, and she had been on a first name basis with the operators.
Finn led her past the cashier and straight to the carousel room where he flashed a pair of fanned cards at an attendant she didn’t recognise. How long had he been prepared for this? ~ within the story as there isn't any chapters
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Sadie, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"Hello Treasure" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 7] by Faye Hunter

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...a timeless connection.

Celia Huxley is single and about to turn forty. Depressed and lonely, she wants nothing more than to work some overtime and ignore her rapidly approaching birthday. But when her boss forces her to take some vacation time and she discovers a mysterious red letter, her birthday may prove to be the most interesting thing to happen in a long time.
“Hello treasure”
The mysterious letter sends her on a treasure hunt unlike anything she has ever done before. New clothes, spa visits, posh hotels and luxurious pampering - each clue offers more spoiling than the previous one. As she solves each riddle and follows the clues, the one thing she struggles to solve is the identity of her secret admirer.
But she’s having one hell of a good time trying to figure it out.

My Story Review : 4 out of 5 stars, a flirty fun story about a workaholic woman who's about to turn forty-years-old being sent on an adventure to last a lifetime! "If only" is the phrase that will be on repeat in the reader's mind (like it was in mine) while reading this sweetly fun romance and wishing it could happen to them (like I did even though I'm already married). I wasn't sure where this story would go from the start but I thoroughly enjoyed its ending!!

Author's Story Extras : Hello Treasure - Overview | Hello Treasure - Love is... Anthology | It's time for a Treasure Hunt!

Story Teaser :
Celia spent over three hours getting scrubbed with mud, slathered with mud, bathed with mud and finally wrapped in mud. And every mud was from a different place in the world and, thankfully, didn’t smell like mud. Each treatment had the most divine fragrances, it was impossible for Celia not to unwind and relax.
While naked on a bed, coated in mud and wrapped up like a tortilla, the first tingles of realization hit. But when she tried to catch the thought, it was gone again. She was so close to figuring it out, she knew part of her brain had already solved the riddles, knew exactly who the mystery man was, but she needed the rest of her brain to shut up so she could hear it.
Humming a little she tried to meditate and clear her mind.
But her body had other ideas and her fingers and toes started tapping to the beat of the music that was playing. It was another old song, one from her teenage years, and as the chorus came on she sang the words.
Like a semi-truck, realization slammed into her.
It had to be him. ~ within Chapter 6
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Faye, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"Hidden Attraction" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 8] & [Wilde Cove Series, Prequel] by Crystal Jordan

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...never letting go.

Sara Wilde is the quiet one in her family, a veterinarian more comfortable with animals than people. Until six months ago, she had an on-again, off-again booty call arrangement with John St. James, but she broke it off when she realized she was falling for him. Hard. He made it clear from the beginning he’d never offer her anything other than sex. Amazing, mind-blowing sex, but Sara needs more and if she’d stayed with him, she’d never have found it.
John knows a man like him should never have touched a woman as sweet and lovely as Sara. With his background, he’d be insane to think he had anything to offer a woman except the relief of sex. Marriage, kids—he’s just not that type of guy. Relationships mean letting someone get close, and he learned young that emotion wasn’t something he could trust. Logic tells him it was for the best when Sara left, but his heart knows he was a fool to let her get away.
When a sudden storm leaves them stranded together for the weekend, will he have the courage to put the past behind him and offer Sara everything she needs?

My Story Review : 3 out of 5 stars, an ex-couple--who use to be together for two years but were never officially a couple--find themselves stuck together in the middle of a bad storm and during that time they open up to each other--and their hearts--more so than ever before. I enjoyed this setup for this new series; it'll be interesting as to see where this series will go next. Yet I hope wherever this series does go Sara and John will be in it a lot as I'd love to see how their relationship progresses!

Author's Story Extras : Hidden Attraction - Overview

Story Teaser :
“Damn it,” he snarled. His hands clamped down on her thighs, stilling her movements.
“Oh, God. Don’t stop.” Her fists bunched in his shirt, her entire body throbbing.
“Not stopping, just relocating. We need a condom.” In one fluid motion, he rose, scooped her into his arms, and then strode toward the bedroom.
Condom. She’d completely forgotten about protection. ~ within Chapter 2
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Crystal, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"Gibran: Return of the Rebel Sheikh" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 9] & [The Desert Kings Series, Book 2.5] by Jennifer Lewis

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...when a homecoming stirs emotion in two well-guarded hearts.

Widowed queen Aliyah is resigned to a life of loneliness until a rough-mannered stranger intrudes on her solitude. Gibran keeps his emotions on lockdown, but finds himself falling under Aliyah’s quiet spell.

My Story Review : 4 out of 5 stars! Two people are thrown together during intense circumstances. It's not what I expected for this story but since it is basically a stand-alone prequel to "Aliyah: The Sheikh's Love Child," I find that I really liked it and am very intrigued to see where their story will go next. Even though their romance is a bit rushed, I liked seeing these two come together as they look like they could really be the "belonging" that each of them seem to crave.

Author's Series Extras : Pinterest: Desert Kings - Osman - Zadir - Gibran - Amahd

Story Teaser :
“Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess who got kidnapped by a witch.” Nasri wandered over, a half-dressed doll clutched in her hand. “And the witch kept her imprisoned in a tall tower.”
“Did she have very long hair, Mama?”
“Yes.” Aliyah smiled. They knew their favorite stories well. “Her hair was so long she had to tie it in seven knots so it wouldn’t drag on the floor behind her when she walked.”
Nasri sat next to her, eyes shining. Aliyah’s heart felt so full when she sat with her two bright and happy young daughters. She didn’t take any of these precious moments for granted.
“One day, the witch went out to the market to buy some bread, and left the princess all alone in her tower.”
“And a prince came along!” Parsia still lisped her words slightly.
“How did you know that?” Aliyah pretended to be shocked.
“Cuz that’s what princes do. They rescue people.”
“You don’t know that. Maybe he just came to put ribbons in her hair.”
“Or pull on it hard,” said Nasri with a grin.
“Exactly!” ~ within the story as there isn't any chapters
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Jennifer, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"Falling Hard" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 10] & [River Bend Series, Prequel to Book 4] by Molly McLain

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...reconnecting with someone you’ve never been able to forget...and jumping head first into the one thing you swore would never happen.

Reed Fletcher hasn’t seen Mia Carderas in more than a decade. When his childhood buddy left town, she never looked back. The sight of her, after all this time, hits him like a sucker punch to the gut. Especially when he learns she just broke off her engagement to a man he can’t stand.
Mia spent far too many teenager years hoping her best friend would see her as something more than the awkward diner girl. When he rejected her, she shook it off and set her sights on greener pastures. Now, she’s living the high life and it feels damn good. Well except the cheating ex. That part pretty much sucks.
The last thing Reed and Mia expect is to pick up where they left off. And they don’t—they skip ahead a few steps in a matter of hours, leaving the both to wonder—could there be more? Or is this rekindled flame a one-time spark?

My Story Review : 3 out of 5 stars, childhood best friends meet up after years apart and find that attraction is harder to deny than it was years prior. But will that attraction be enough? It was a good build up for Ms. McLain's upcoming novel "Can’t Let Go," yet I wish it didn't end with as big of cliffhanger as there was at the end of the story. Yet, I am intrigued to see how their romance will turn out, so I might just read it when Reed & Mia's novel comes out in early 2015.

Author's Story Extras : Falling Hard - Overview

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Story Teaser :
She’d been in love with him for so long, had hoped so damn hard that someday...
But she’d been Ugly Betty and he’d been Mr. Friday Night Lights. Her first kiss was all she’d ever have with him, other than a bunch of goofy memories of growing up together over the sink at the diner. ~ within Chapter 2
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Molly, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"First Date" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 11] by Mima

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...Being Noticed.

Army veteran Cord needs help. He reaches out to the lovely young woman who lives in his building, the one with the bounce in her step and a vivid soul. Unfortunately, the only way he feels able to connect is by hacking her life. It was wrong, but Operation Sanity required dire measures. Then she agrees to give him another chance.
Savvy city-girl Mia is astonished and outraged when her unwanted protector announces he’s ready to ask her out. Their first meeting—through a locked door—doesn’t go well. But finally, Mia has to admit she’s interested and perhaps even a little touched. Exploring a first date, they acknowledge their odd friendship is important to both of them, and discover a fiery lust capable of healing the loneliest heart.

My Story Review : 4.5 out of 5 stars! An Army veteran--suffering from PTSD--finds solace in seeing his upstairs neighbor (Mia). He likes Mia so much so that he turns into a bit of a protective stalker to her then after a while he finally takes the next step, meeting her face to face and getting a "first date."

I found I liked how this story progresses from Cord and his humorous stalker-ways to becoming more serious when you read about Mia's POV and how she handles being stalked to the very end when they decide to date and how erotic their encounter becomes! It seemed to me that they could have found something special. I really liked this one!

Author's Story Extras : First Date Excerpt

Story Teaser :
She felt each of his fingertips like a brand. Her heartbeat tossed her breast forcefully.
“I don’t see them, but I know they’re there.”
Biting her lip, she ducked her chin at the pleasure that curled through her. “I don’t have wings, silly.” ~ within the story as there isn't any chapters
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Mima, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"Her Royal Rendezvous" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 12] & [Her Royal Romance Series, Book 2.5] by Natasha Moore

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...reunited lovers risking their hearts for a second chance.

Two years ago, Liliana Gullotti broke off her engagement to Tony Barone, head of royal security, because his job took over his life and left no time for her. But when she sees him at the prince’s wedding reception, she knows she’s never gotten over him. And she agrees to meet him at their old rendezvous spot one last time.
Tony never stopped loving Lil, but has honored her request to stay away from her. But once she approaches him at her cousin’s wedding, all bets are off. He’ll do whatever he can to show the sexy physician she means the world to him. And that a single rendezvous will never be enough.

My Story Review : 5 out of 5 stars!! Loved this story! Two years ago Liliana (Lil) broke off her engagement to Tony because of what now seems like trivial things, after they reconnect at her cousin's wedding will they choose to put their shared past behind them and finally move on with their lives or will old sparks reignite and make them come to their senses? Tony & Lil are just so open with their emotions that it's hard not to root for their relationship from the beginning. They lay it all out for the reader making it hard to not to see what they should do ... begin their relationship again. Plus, I LOVED how the ending of this story came together! Just perfect! I'm curious now to see if Ms. Moore will embellish their story into a novel or if not I hope they'll have good secondary roles in the series so the readers can see where they'll go from here!!

Story Teaser :
“Women and their shoes. Too small. Too high. Why do you wear all those uncomfortable shoes?”
She tilted her head and lifted a brow. “Men like us to wear those uncomfortable shoes. You like the way we look in them.”
“You wouldn’t wear them unless you wanted to.” He doubted Lil ever did anything she didn’t want to do.
“True. But it’s not because of comfort.”
He had to admit he’d loved the way she looked in those shoes. He shook his head. “Like I said, women and their shoes.”
Lil smiled and eased her feet off of his lap and this time he let her go. She tucked her legs beneath her full skirt beside her on the bench. “Are we here to talk about shoes, Tony?”
“Shoes. Gardens. Anything you want to talk about.” Anything to keep her there.
“I didn’t think we would be doing a whole lot of talking.”
“No?” He ran his hand along her arm. “What did you think we’d be doing?” ~ within Chapter 2
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Natasha, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"Thunder and Loving" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 13] by A. Catherine Noon & Rachel Wilder

Authors' Story Description : Love is...

They say, “Thunder only happens when it’s raining,” and for rancher Gabe Stanton it is doubly true. When his neighbor dies of old age and Gabe hears this granddaughter is coming to take over, and from Baltimore of all places, he’s sure it’s doomed from the start.
When Clarissa Finch’s dream of owning an alpaca ranch came true, she figured she had what it takes to be a successful rancher – until she met Gab Stanton and found out there’s more to handling a ranch than wrangling animals.

My Story Review : 5 out of 5 stars! This fun and entertaining contemporary romance was one I could not get enough of; with Clarissa's (Ris) feisty attitude and Gabe's intense ways, you cannot help but enjoy this story! I'd love to see where this couple goes next! Together they are just something else! *hehee*

Story Teaser :
“Paxson has fallen in love with a particular cow of yours.”
“That’s my best guess for his behavior.”
“No offense, but how can you tell?”
“He sneaks over here and acts all...”
Gabe interrupted her. “No. I mean how do you know it’s the same one? I run a lot of head of Herefords and they all look similar.”
He kept to himself ‘to a city girl’ part.
“She has a blue tag in her ear for some reason.”
He reached and grabbed Ris’ elbow when she would have slipped. “Oh, I keep track of her. Won lots of blue ribbons for the ranch as a heifer.”
“So what’s her name?”
“Ranchers don’t name their livestock.”
Even through the drizzle he could see her disbelief. “You trailered and showed her and never gave her a name? Doesn’t she have papers or a pedigree?”
“Bloodline,” he corrected her. The next he mumbled.
She stopped. “What was that?”
Gabe grimaced. “Mirabelle, the cow’s name is Mirabelle.”
Ris bit her lip and he glared. ~ within the story as there isn't any chapters
For more information on this book and/or any other books by A. Catherine and/or Rachel, then please check out their websites: Ms. Noon's website & Ms. Wilder's website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"The Hollywood Gambit" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 14] & [Hollywood to Olympus Series, Book 2.5] by Elle Rush

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...chasing her until she catches him.

Ladies’ man Benny Duarte has never had to work so hard for a date. When none of his regular moves have any effect on Rita Morales, he might have to make the ultimate gamble and approach her as himself. He should have had faith that she was going to make the effort worthwhile.

My Story Review : 3 out of 5 stars. After reading it's title and description I had completely different expectations about this story then it turned out to be, yet it turned out better than what I imagined. It's about Benny being turned down--weekly--by a bank teller (Rita) so he decides on stepping up his "game" and finds that they might have more in common then he ever expected.

However, even though this is a good prequel to Benny & Rita's upcoming novel "Action Hero," their relationship is very slow building in this story which made it harder to enjoy because of it's major cliffhanger at the end. Nevertheless, it'll be interesting to see where these two end up. =0)

Author's Story Extras : Love is... an amazing collection of romance stories

Author's Series Extras : Hollywood to Olympus Series - Overview | News, news and more news (pt 1)

Story Teaser :
“Or did pretty little Rita scare your pants off again?”
“I’m not scared. I’m wearing her down. I can tell.” Benny was lying. Rita Morales could scare his pants off any time she wanted to but the black-haired bank teller had made it perfectly clear that he wasn’t getting into hers.
“Maybe she prefers a keg to a six-pack,” Henry joked as he rubbed his pot belly.
“I have an eight-pack. And you’re a dirty old man to be hitting on her,” Benny shot back.
“At least I get a smile.”
The dirty old man was right. ~ within the story as there isn't any chapters
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Elle, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"Shanghai Nights" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 15] by Jessica Stone

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...street food and a dry towel.

Moving is hard. Moving to China, even harder. Caitlyn Peters turns her whole life upside down when she hops on a plane to Shanghai to start over after losing her job in North Carolina. But soon she’s questioning the wisdom of her decision. Between the language barrier, lost luggage, jet lag, and a burst pipe that leaves her soaked, she’s almost ready to take the next flight home when an attractive stranger steps in to save the day. With his help, she begins to discover another side to the city. Suddenly Shanghai is starting to look like the best decision she’s ever made, but navigating the cultural differences may prove too challenging even with his help.

My Story Review : 4 out of 5 stars, an eccentrically fun story about Caitlyn moving to Shanghai for adventure and financial stability, then when she first gets there she finds out moving might not have been the best idea until a gentleman comes into her life who helps her navigate it all.

I liked this story, yet I'm not sure I would have gotten back into a romantic relationship with Ryan as quickly as Caitlyn did after "the incident," I'd probably tried to stay friends for a bit. But that's just me. Nevertheless, I'm very intrigued to see where their story would take off from here. Therefore, I'd love to read more about this couple since, even with me not to sure about Ryan, together I can see something simmering sweet happening between them!

Author's Story Extras : Love Is... : Shanghai Nights - Overview & Excerpt | Love is... covers! | Love is... officially released!

Story Teaser :
“What’s that?” she asked.
“Mutton. It’s really good,” he said. “How do you feel about spice?”
“My tolerance is okay.”
“You see that grill over there with the cooler beside it?”
She nodded.
“It’s filled with meat, veggies, bread, tofu, and fish. Pick whatever you like and they grill it up for you. And that small grill? That one is Halal. The bread is fantastic. Over there are fried dumplings. Pork, probably, and there, that’s sort of a hot dog burrito.”
“A hot dog burrito?”
“Yeah, I don’t recommend that one. Tell you what, do you trust me?”
“Uh, sure. Maybe. Why not?”
“That’s the spirit. Why don’t you let me order? I’ll bring a bunch of things back for you to try. Have a seat at that table over there.”
“Wait, take some money at least. I still owe you for the towel.”
“Don’t be ridiculous. Consider the towel a housewarming gift. I’ll be back in a flash.” ~ within the story as there isn't any chapters
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Jessica, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"Love on Delivery" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 16] & [Storafalt, Wyoming Series, Book 4] by Holley Trent

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...possible with a blank slate.

Grace Carol has never met a man who’s excited her more than her trusty cowgirl boots. At age twenty-six, she’s resigned to loneliness if her only other option is to settle. In the small town of Storafalt, Wyoming, everyone knows her past, and more than a few disparage her for it.
When a lost stranger arrives bearing a package meant for a resident across town, Grace has her breath taken away for the first time. Rafael Soto is kind, charming, and eager to help with the heavy lifting at her tiny ranch. But...he won’t touch her.
Ex-pilot Rafael is looking for a forever home and thinks it might be in Storafalt. He wants Grace, blemished past and all, but he doesn’t want to lead her on. If he can’t stay, he doesn’t want to leave her more broken than he found her.

My Story Review : 4 out of 5 stars! Rafael might have fallen into Grace's life by chance yet while he's in Storafalt he's making sure that everything he does for Grace only turns out to be a positive experience for her not matter what their future holds! This story was just so sweet. Rafael and Grace make a great pair; so much so that I got a little addicted to the plotline and didn't want it to end. =0)

I liked how it all turned out, I just wish it flowed a little better so it didn't feel so rushed towards the end of the story.

Author's Story Extras : Love on Delivery - Overview | The most fun you’ll get for $1.98. Swearsies.

Author's Series Extras : Welcome to Storafalt -- FULL of Series Extras | Make it a Double (freebie!) - Overview & Excerpt | Teaching the Cowboy - Overview & Excerpt | Back to Storafalt - Overview & Excerpt

Story Teaser :
What?” He grinned and pushed the parcel up into his truck, right next to the driver’s seat.
“Don’t mind my mouth. Sometimes my filter goes on the fritz.”
“Unfiltered is refreshing sometimes.” His smile said he really meant it.
Odd man…but odd seemed to suit her just fine.
“Sorry for bothering you. I’ll leave you to your dinner. Smells good.”
“Want some?” This time she didn’t bother clamping her hand over her mouth. He’d already formed his impression, so what did she have to lose now? ~ within the story as there isn't any chapters
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Holley, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"Compromising Positions" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 17] & [Dangerous To Love Series, Book 1 or Prequel?] by A. J. Vale

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...a cop, a thief and one red-hot compromise.

Danielle’s had her eye on sexy Las Vegas Detective Caleb Tate from the moment she saved him from taking a bullet to the chest. It wasn’t his fault he was in the right place at the wrong time. But she knows her time evading the sexy Detective is running out and she’s got hard decisions to make--the biggest is whether or not she’ll give him her heart.
Caleb knows Danielle Sanders is a thief. What he’s unprepared for is her determination to remain in a life of crime. He’s even more unprepared for her motivation. But he wants her and when the lines between right and wrong blur, he’ll have to decide whether he can handle the woman trying to steal his heart.
Love is the biggest gamble in Sin City. For a thief and cop it’s all about red-hot compromises.

My Story Review : NA -- DNF. I tired to read and get into this story but the build-up was just to slow for me to get into. Plus, I'm not typically a huge mystery/thriller romance type of reader, yet if you are that type of reader then this story and it's series might just be the type for you!

Author's Story Extras : Love is... Anthology

Story Teaser :
Caleb reached under the desk, pulled out a strappy sapphire heel decorated with delicate crystals, and placed it on top of the table. “Do you know what this is?”
On the mahogany desk sat half of her new four hundred dollar pair of shoes. “A stiletto.” She waved her hand dismissively, as if her feet weren’t mourning the loss of those gorgeous implements of womanly torture right that very second.
The straps were too big, hence why one of them was now in front of her. She’d paid cash for them too. She grimaced inside. Now that he had the missing shoe, there was no chance of exchanging them for a better fit. She’d bet Cinderella never found herself in a predicament like this.
He rolled his eyes. “Very funny.”
The shoe hung off one finger. She watched it dangle, resisting the urge to snatch it. The overhead lights made the shoe sparkle. Darn it, she’d earned those shoes.
“Now, who breaks into a bank wearing stilettos?” Caleb pushed the shoe right in front of her. “A spur of the moment thing?”
Danielle feigned a smile. “I’m not an expert on why people do what they do.” ~ within Chapter 1
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by A. J., then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"Loving Serenity" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 18] & [Bad Boys of River City Series, Book 3.5] by Elle Wylder (aka Loribelle Hunt)

Author's Story Description : Love is...

My name is Trace Graham. I’ve always loved Serenity. Now I just have to convince her I can protect her and our child. Forever.

My Story Review : 5 out of 5 stars! Loved the combustible chemistry that Trace and Serenity share! This is a follow-up from their novel "Defending Serenity," where they are at a friends' wedding and slowly getting ready to spring some more good news on their friends if only Serenity can get over her fears. It was so sweet and definitely got me interested in this series!! =0)

My Previous Review(s) for this Author : Kiss of Twilight

My Previous Mention(s) of this Author's Books/Characters : Teaser Tuesdays: Kiss of Twilight | Best Book Couples -- Happy Valentine's Day 2012

Author's Story Extras : Loving Serenity - Overview & Excerpt | Cover Reveal! | Loving Serenity Cover Reveal!

Author's Series Extras : Defending Serenity - Overview & Excerpt | Saving Grace - Overview & Excerpt | Claiming Honor - Overview & Excerpt

Story Teaser :
Despite his background, I know he will be a great father. Myself I’m not so sure of. But I love him more than anything, and we’re doing this. I know he’ll help me if I stumble. A breath rushes out of me and I feel steady for the first time in weeks.
“Well, it has to be a gender neutral name if you’re gonna ink it now. They could be wrong.”
He tries to hide it, but I can see he’s relieved. It wasn’t right for me to keep this secret so long just because of my own insecurities. Once we passed the first trimester I should have let him tell the others. Now I worry I’m taking some of Honor’s thunder. We are here for her wedding after all.
“Oh no, baby,” he says, no doubt in response to my frown. “No getting out of it now.”
I see his determination and that stubbornness is one of the things I love about him, so what can I say? “I need to tell Honor first.”
“Okay.” Then he grins. “But swear her to secrecy. Let’s see how everyone else reacts to me getting another girl’s name inked on my skin.”
I stare at him a second before I burst out laughing. He’s enjoying this too much but I can’t make myself burst his bubble. Trace and his friends are forever fucking with each other. ~ within Chapter 1 - titled 'Serenity'
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Elle, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"A Taste of Love" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 19] & [Spring River Valley Series, Book 12.5] by Clarice Wynter

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...taking a chance on something new.

Best-selling self-help author Elise Fraser, PhD is convinced her relationship advice is worthless, based on her own miserable track record in love. Small town newspaper reporter Chad Marchand’s job is to dig into the truth about the good doctor whom her fans have nicknamed the Queen of Casual Sex. Will his attraction to the stunning blonde with a broken heart trump his assignment to expose her failures in the romance department?

My Story Review : 4 out of 5 stars. Setting out on an exclusive he's reluctant to get Chad meets and talks to Elise (his target) finding out more than she expects to release to the public. Once she learns the truth, will she be willing to give him a second shot? Especially when Elise finds out that he doesn't plan to intentionally discredit her...

I found this story sweet and cunning in how these two come together, getting them to fall into their own relationship. I liked how respectful Chad was with Elise instead of using her words against her for his story, very smart. I would read more about them if something additional came out!

Author's Story Extras : A visit to Spring River Valley...

Author's Series Extras : Spring River Valley Series - Overview

Story Teaser :
“And what if my answers are all ‘no comment’?”
“Janet loves those. She believes there’s more damning information contained in what people don’t say than what they do.”
She shook her head, but a half-smile curved her lips. “So either way, you get a scandalous article.”
“One you’re prepared for.”
“You handled me very well, Mr. Marchand.”
He shrugged. “Actually, I handled Janet.”
“And how do you suggest I handle this upcoming interview when we actually do meet?”
“Have dinner with me and I’ll tell you, somewhere out of town, of course, so no one spots us together and blows my cover story.”
“So I should help you cover your own butt?” Her voice dripped sarcasm, but she tempered the question with a subtle glance at his backside. ~ within Chapter 5
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Clarice, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"Perfect No Matter What" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 20] & [The Wardham Series] by Zoe York

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...promising forever and savouring the present.

Laney and Kyle lost each other once. Now that they’ve found a way back together, nothing will break them apart. But real life—two busy careers, nosy family members, and very different priorities for their oft-discussed yet still hypothetical wedding—keeps them from formalizing the forever they promised each other more than a year ago.
A business trip for Kyle and a last-minute rearranging of Laney’s schedule provides the perfect fantasy escape to re-focus on what really matters.
"Perfect No Matter What" is a short story sequel to "What Once Was Perfect," the first novel in Zoe York’s Wardham series. It can be read on its own as the culmination of a HEA romance.

My Story Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars. Created as a stand-alone sequel for Kyle & Laney's "What Once Was Perfect," I fell into this story and instantly liked the sweet romance these two share. Seeing them decide to choose their relationship over everything and everyone else’s wants and needs was a nice ending. Plus, their sex scenes were very entertaining too. The only thing that was a struggle for me was I found the beginning a bit slow, but that could be because I've never read their novel before this, even though you don't need too.

Author's Story Extras : What Women Can Do

Author's Series Extras : The Wardham Series - Overview | Between Then and Now - Overview, Excerpt, & Book Trailer | What Once Was Perfect - Overview, Excerpt, & Book Trailer | Where Their Hearts Collide - Overview, Excerpt, & Book Trailer | When They Weren’t Looking - Overview, Excerpt, & Book Trailer | When They Weren’t Looking - Overview, Excerpt, & Book Trailer | A new cover for Between Then and Now! | Coming this week! | Welcome to Wardham! | New series (a Wardham spin-off!)

Story Teaser :
“You come here often?”
“First time.” She returned the admiring look and smiled a secret smile. “You in Vegas alone?”
“Sure am. My fiancée had to work.”
“All work and no play?”
“I wouldn’t say that.”
She leaned closer and lowered her voice. “It’s okay, you can tell me. What happens in Vegas…”
He closed the gap between them and brushed his mouth against her ear. “Order your drink, woman.”
She grinned at the bartender and once they were alone again, she squeezed his thigh. “Miss me?”
“I missed Laney. I have no idea who this wonderful temptress is, but I think she might be trouble.”
“Of the best kind, I promise.” ~ within Chapter 2
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Zoe, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

~ Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal Romance ~

"Flickering Light" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 21] & [Return to Avalore Series, Prequel] by Élianne Adams

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...a spark of hope.

More than two decades after Queen Angelique’s death, Barbara Morgan struggles to find the will to go on. Without their queen’s light, their people cannot survive. The darkness invading her soul threatens not only her, but all of Avalore. The dragon deep within her spirit has gone dormant, refusing to face the hopelessness plaguing their people. Desperate for a break from the endless misery, she turns to Clay, igniting the passion sizzling between them for one glorious night. When the Elders announce the reigning queen still lives, Barbara faces the biggest decision of her life. Turn her back on Clay to join with her predestined mate, or condemn their entire race to extinction.

My Story Review : 5 out of 5 stars! Years after Avalore's death of their Queen its kingdom is still hurting in more ways then one. The major way that everyone is hurting is because with her gone the light that is inside all of her people is being "eaten up" by darkness, and if they succumb to their personal darkness they die. For a while now Barbara has been on the brink of succumbing to her darkness. After a hard night Barbara goes to see Clay and while there their passions arise igniting something between them that they have been holding back from. But is he her mate? If not, are they willing to let someone else come between them for the sake of Avalore or will everything be too much for Barbara letting the darkness take over?

I really loved this buildup for this series! This story is an intriguing sweet mystery that I couldn't wait to piece together! Barbara and Clay share a bond that is hard to find and I liked seeing how they dealt with the possibility of having to give it up even if they didn't want to. Very enjoyable!

Author's Story Extras : Love Is... Cover Goodness | Excerpt from Flickering Light

Author's Series Extras : Pinterest: Return to Avalore | Camp NaNoWriMo | Rise of the Phoenix | Call of the Dragon Excerpt

Story Teaser :
“Barbara.” Clay’s strained voice came from behind her.
She spun to find Clay racing up his front steps toward her. He devoured her with his eyes, his elongated pupils proving he wasn’t quite in control. His wheat colored hair was messed as though he had run his fingers through them. The unruly, shoulder length locks he always tried to subdue tumbled around his head.
“I went to your house looking for you. When I found your door open, and no one had seen you, I thought…” His broad chest rose and fell with labored breaths. A muscle ticked in his jaw, and then he had her in his arms, crushing her to his hard body as though he would never let her go.
She wrapped her arms around his waist, her need for strength and comfort overshadowed by the need to ease his fears. “You had only to speak to me, I would have answered.”
His arms tightened until she could hardly breathe. “I couldn’t face the possibility...” He choked on the words. “It doesn’t matter. You’re here.” ~ within the story as there isn't any chapters
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Élianne, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"Bridal Faire" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 22] & [Wizards of Woodland Academy Series, Part of Book 1] by Melisse Aires

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...a griffintaur—human with griffin wings and feet—wizardry student, and a mistreated servant girl, married in haste.

Adler, forced by his father to find a wife at the Bridal Faire in a large, far away city instead rescues a servant girl from her abusive mistress.
Ayperi is from a distant land and all alone. They elope and Adler soon learns his pink-haired bride is part Moon Fairy, and her former employer is not a simple fruit vendor. Dark magic follows his new bride. Ayperi’s magic was tied to her homeland, in the unfamiliar North she is nearly powerless. Adler still has his two most important apprentice years ahead of him before he is a full wizard. Somehow they must evade the powerful sorcerers chasing them.

My Story Review : 5 out of 5 stars, this is a long excerpt to Ms. Aires' upcoming novel "The Moon Fairy Bride" that brings you right into the action of Adler's life and his navigation of finding a good wife for him. It also leaves the reader excited to follow Adler and his growing romance/relationship with Ayperi within their full novel without being disappointed with how this story ends. So far, I really like Adler & Ayperi as a couple! I can wait to see what Ms. Aires has in-store for them next.

Author's Story Extras : STILL Editing | Fantasy Romance | SFFS ~Fantasy Snippet This Week | Where I am at | March Madness Melisse | SFFS A Fantasy Romance Excerpt | Weekend Writing Warrior, More Fantasy Romance | G= Gryphentaur , Behind the Story #AtoZChallenge | W= Weekend Writing Warrior, Behind the Story #AtoZChallenge | A Summer of Shorts and Crazy | Weekend Writing Warriors--Bridal Faire

Story Teaser :
She looked him up and down, but not in the flirty way that made him uncomfortable. She turned and looked behind her. The old lady that generally sat back in the shade was nowhere near.
“Can I ask you zometing?”
“Vat are you?” She raised her arms and did a little flap move.
It was cute. He grinned. “I’m a griffintaur. Wings and clawed cat feet of a griffin. Like buns have ears and feet of a rabbit, fauns have ears and feet of a goat.”
She nodded. “Vere I am from zhere are only bun, faun and zentaur.”
“Oh. Are from across the sea? The desert lands?”
“My name is Adler.”
The girl smiled, her deep dimples and blinding white teeth making her a stunning sight. “I, Ayperi.” ~ within Chapter 3
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Melisse, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"On Target" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 23] by Mahlee Ashwynne

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...on target when you least expect it, in the direst of circumstances.

In another place, another time it is an emotion of give and take. A lesson that Adriel must learn. Even a professional assassin has a heart and a conscience. And level-headed Chaz, ace reporter, throwing in her lot with him twists his mind and cracks the ice in his heart.
Decisions are made, actions taken that bring these two strangers together on an alien world in turmoil. Hunted, they must work together to escape. Adversity dogs them at every turn, but with a little luck they elude the militia.
And with love there is always pain mingled with joy. His revelations to her bring insights to himself. To uphold the assassins’ creed he needs to tidy up all loose ends. Chaz is a loose end. If she lives he is in deadly danger. Eliminating her means his lucrative career continues. Can he take the inevitable step?

My Story Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars. This is a long excerpt to Ms. Ashwynne's upcoming novel "A Shot In The Dark" (a working title), which from it's description I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy at all but after getting into it I am happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised. It was interesting to fall into their world, learn about Adriel's culture and upbringing, while being thrown into the middle of Chaz and Adreil's escape along with their growing attraction and romance. I really think (depending on what gets thrown at them next) they could make a good couple and that Ms. Ashwynne's novel could be a good one. Yet, time will tell if this is my type of novel or not, I have a good feeling about it though.

Author's Story Extras : from the Romance Diva's Forum Anthology released 6th August. 2014 "Love Is...." my contributing short in the scifi romance genre. | here is the model I used for the current cover for On Target.

Story Teaser :
His hand stroked her arm in a slow caress that sent a tingle through her. He lifted a corner.
“Get under here, cuddle up to me. We’ll conserve body heat.” His smile had a too-sexy slant to it despite the paleness of his skin.
Chaz blushed. “I’m fine.”
“You’re not.” He lifted his dark head. “Strange woman. Naked you didn’t have any pretensions. Dressed, you have reservations about getting up close. I don’t think either of us is in a condition to indulge in wild uninhibited sex in this tight space. And you are the one in danger of succumbing to an illness.”
“Can’t cure me, can you,” she told him wryly. “Besides, you’re the one who dislikes being up close.” He shook his head and patted the tight space next to him. ~ within Part Four
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Mahlee, then please check out her facebook page. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"Blind Briar" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 24] & [The Briar Saga, Book 0.5] by Sophie Avett

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...not even close to being Enid’s most pressing worry.

Food to survive the winter, or how she’s going to manage to repair her torn cloak—what about her missing sister?
The Maker’s knickers, who has time to care about love?!
If she wants mayhem and heartbreak, she’s already been blessed with plenty. A young girl with no marriage prospects, Enid wants nothing to do with the monk knocking on her door in the middle of the night. For one, he’s rude. Second of all, he’s rude. And third and most importantly, he’s a monk. (So rude.)
But you know what they say about visions...
They’re seldom what they seem.

My Story Review : 2.5 out of 5 stars. This is a dark fairy tale that while it has a happyish ending it wasn't one that you'd have expected. I like the plot but when it finally came towards the romance between Enid and her monk I found that it was way to rushed for me at the end. Definitely unique though.

-- On a side note --
I really disliked Enid's sister, maybe from her POV I might change my mind but I found her demanding and without much substance.

Author's Story Extras : Blind Briar - Overview & A Note from Sophie

Author's Series Extras : The Briar Saga - Overview | Black Briar - Overview & Excerpt | Something Has Eaten The Sophie | Monster Madness Ensues | what the blazes is going on here?!

Story Teaser :
“I have yet to meet another with such a saucy and sharp tongue.”
Blush. It burned her cheeks, the creamy swell of her chest, her ears—everything felt like it was being eaten away by flames, and she shied away from him. “Even if you are some kind of heathen, ’tis odd to hear a monk speak that way about a woman’s tongue.” She swallowed the distaste in her mouth. “’Tis rude, too.”
“And if such a heathen offered to teach you how to write your name?” He tilted his head and snared her eyes with his. They were sparkling with male humor and amber otherworldly light. He flashed a confident smile that was beyond out of place on his severe face. “I am no monk.” in his eyes. Forget monk. If she didn’t know any better, she’d swear she’d found herself entangled with the town rake. ~ within the story as there isn't any chapters
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Sophie, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"The Pirate and the Earth Witch" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 25] by Jennifer Blackstream

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...not always patient.

Especially if you’re a pirate and patience is not so much a virtue as a sign of laziness. A true pirate takes what he wants when he wants it. Seize the day. Carpe Diem. Hey, that’s mine, and so forth.
Which is exactly how Captain Tyr Singlehand came to be in possession of a golden feather...and why an ogre is now threatening his life if he doesn’t produce the rest of the firebird the feather came from.
Now the only person who can save Tyr from losing his other hand is Ingrid, the earth witch with the power to capture the firebird. It’s unfortunate that she doesn’t want to help him, but a pirate doesn’t take no for an answer.
And Tyr is a pirate. He is strong. He is determined. He is... no way prepared.

My Story Review : 4 out of 5 stars! A roguish pirate got himself in a bit of a jam and he needs Ingrid (an earth witch) to help him out of it, but will she be willing even when it turns out that her own neck is on the line?

I liked their intense chemistry and how Ingrid kept scaring away Tyr's crew by using their superstitions against them. This is a very cute and fun story! If they ever make it back to her home, I'd love to find out how they fared together. =0)

Story Teaser :
Tyr closed his eyes, counted to twenty, then pinched himself. He opened his eyes.
Nope, not a dream.
In all of his dreams, all of his nightmares, never once had Tyr imagined his life would end with a dip in a cauldron of boiling water. Sea water, yes. The possibility of being tied to a cannon and pitched overboard had been something he’d faced more than once and usually averted only by a great deal of blood-spilling. In his youth, he’d called that “Wednesday.” But boiling water? In a cauldron ordered by a maiden that less than a day before he’d thought of as his salvation? ~ within Chapter 5
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Jennifer, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"A Wolf to Watch Over Me" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 26] by Sela Carsen

Author's Story Description : Love is... your all and living to tell the tale.

In a future Earth, sometimes the Big Bad Wolf is the good guy. Hakon sidUlfr, a wolf shifter from another planet, is sent to make sure that physicist Lauren Ivers lives long enough to complete her project, but one harrowing day will put their survival at risk, as well as their hearts.

My Story Review : 4 out of 5 stars, a clever paranormal sci-fi romance about a wolf shifter--who's also a bodyguard--finding his mate during extreme circumstances. I really liked the intensely fun buildup to this story; it was all thrilling and sweet! I am especially happy with how Lauren seemed to take everything Hakon through at her in stride. Hakon & Lauren seem like they could be a good couple!

Author's Story Extras : Love is...

Story Teaser :
She was on the verge of tears, but she held it together with a quick sniffle. She held out her trembling fingers.
“Thank you. You have no idea how very, very grateful I am for your help.”
He looked at her hand as if it was a snake about to strike before he reached out and pumped it briefly. Claws lightly grazed the inside of her wrist and she couldn’t hold back a shiver of reaction.
“My name is Hakon sidUlfr. I was hired to make sure you wouldn’t be taken or killed.”
“Killed?” Her breathing was mostly back, but the topic wasn’t helping her heart rate.
“Shot. Stabbed. Decapitated. Blown out an airlock into deep space.”
“Wow. You’ve obviously put some thought into the many ways I could meet my doom.” What a dizzying array of deaths he offered. ~ within Chapter 1
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Sela, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"Tempted Heart" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 27] & [The Blackbourne Legacy Series, Prequel] by Cate Dean

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...losing your heart to the wrong man.

Katelin Rossow has her entire life planned: marriage to a good man, a place in her father’s investigative agency, an exciting but stable life in the kingdom’s capital city.
But one moment, and a selfless act, turns it all upside down. When a stranger steps out of a crowd and in front of a runaway hansom cab to save her father, he steals her heart. The heart she has already promised to another man.

My Story Review : 3 out of 5 stars. A very intriguing beginning to Ms. Dean's The Blackbourne Legacy Series. At first Katelin's meeting and quick relationship with Lord Rutledge (Devan) kind of reminded me a bit of Beauty and the Beast, because both heroine's have a bit of inventorish fathers and they get involved with social pariahs, as it just made since. Yet, what I was pleasantly surprised about was how in-depth this story was for it being a prequel to the series. It definitely gets the reader interested as to what will be thrown at them next. However, other then a mention of a possible ghost I didn't see where this was a paranormal, sci-fi, or fantasy book so it'll be interesting to see how that fits in as this series progresses. In addition, I cannot wait to see how Devan comes back into Katelin's life, as it seems like they could make a good couple together. =0)

Story Teaser :
“All right, Father. Now!”
The wheel rolled off his leg—and he nearly knocked her over as he reached for it. She caught him around the waist and pushed him to the ground, pinning him there. The skittish mare stood mere inches from them, pawing the ground.
“Please,” she whispered. “You need to stay still.”
He cursed, his voice raw. Katelin thought she had heard the full range, growing up around her father’s rough investigators, but he threw out an impressive string she didn’t recognize. “Sorry, sweet.” Vivid green eyes met hers, glassy with pain. “Thought I would make it out from under.”
“I am so sorry—”
“No—apology. You smell like vanilla, and citrus.”
She blinked at him. Those were the scents she added to her soap. “They are a personal favorite.”
“My new favorite,” he whispered. Before embarrassment could set in, he closed his eyes again. ~ within the story as there isn't any chapters
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Cate, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"The Lightning God’s Wife" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 28] & [Master of Crows Series] by Grace Draven

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...hope and sacrifice.

While watching an approaching thunderstorm, the slave woman Martise tells her lover—a renegade sorcerer known as the Master of Crows—the story of a human woman who became wife to the lightning god and brought rain to a dying world.

My Story Review : 3 out of 5 stars. A story within a story about Ms. Draven's Master of Crows Series character's talking about a story that one of them knows about a human woman becoming the Lightening God's (Atagartis') wife. The "god story" is interesting while you get a glimpse into Martise & Silhara's life together.

Author's Story Extras : The Lightning God’s Wife - Overview & Excerpt

Author's Series Extras : Master of Crows - Overview & Excerpt | THE BRUSH OF BLACK WINGS – partial beginning chapter of the sequel to Master of Crows | Everything and the kitchen sink

Story Teaser :
“So this priestess runs off with the lightning god and consigns herself to an eternity of weeping because she loves him?”
She rolled her eyes, unsurprised by his less than romantic interpretation of the story. “Of course not. Her tears only invoked the others’ powers. They say when the big storms come, like this one, it’s Atagartis making love to Revida.”
Silhara huffed. “Well I’d appreciate a little less enthusiasm on his part. The last time he decided to tup the goddess near Neith, he torched one of my trees.” ~ within the story as there isn't any chapters
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Grace, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"A Heart of Ice" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 29] & [Araneae Nation Series, Book 0.5] by Hailey Edwards

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...taking a leap of faith.

Reine knows marriage isn’t about love. It’s about making the best bargain you can with what you have and then living with the consequences. Wedding vows are alliances given voice, and I Do is on the tip of her tongue.
Ennis is a man on a mission to woo the future Araneidae maven, whether she wants him or not. Her clan is wealthy, prosperous and in dire need of the one thing his people have to offer—protection. But one look at her and all thought of his obligations vanish. He’ll court Reine, but he wants the feisty heiress all to himself.
Forced to entertain offers from her bevy of suitors, Reine is torn between duty to her people and loyalty to herself. Ennis is the man she wants, but is he the future paladin her fragile clan needs? She can choose to lead with her head or, for once, she can follow her heart.

My Story Review : 4 out of 5 stars! It's a creative world with unique characters! This story gives those who are already fans of the series a chance to read about how Lourdes' (the heroine in book 1) parents met and fell in love, while giving those who have yet to read the series an intriguing glimpse into its world. I found Ennis & Reine's growing "romance/relationship" entertaining and sweet as they allow themselves to get to know one another.

Author's Story Extras : A Heart of Ice - Overview & Excerpt

Author's Series Extras : Araneae Nation Series - Overview | A Hint of Frost - Overview & Excerpt | A Feast of Souls - Overview & Excerpt | A Cast of Shadows - Overview & Excerpt | A Time of Dying - Overview & Excerpt | A Kiss of Venom - Overview & Excerpt | A Breath of Winter - Overview & Excerpt | A Veil of Secrets - Overview & Excerpt | Pronunciation Key | Araneae Nation Glossary | Creatures from the Araneae Nation | Map of the Araneae Nation | Tour the Araneae Nation | Inside A Hint of Frost

Story Teaser :
“Are you going to kiss me again?”
His grip tightened. “Do you want me to?”
I opened my mouth to laugh in his face.
No sound emerged.
He drew me closer. “It’s a simple yes-or-no question.”
I braced my hand against his chest. “I don’t want to...”
At once he released me. “That was all you had to say.”
“I didn’t mean—” I fisted his shirt. “I don’t want to like you more than I already do.”
His grin was sinful. “You like me.”
“That is a very bad thing.” I shook him. Or tried to. He didn’t budge. “This can’t happen.”
“What can’t happen?”
He held my gaze. “This is because you must marry another?”
I bit my lip and nodded.
“What if I don’t want to go to my bride—” he whispered, “—a virgin?”
If not for his help, I would have fallen flat on my arse. “You are not a virgin.”
He scowled. “How would you know?”
He had me there. ~ within Chapter 4
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Hailey, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"Hatter’s Treasure" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 30] & [Kingdom Series] by Marie Hall

Author's Story Description : Love is...

It’s Alice’s birthday and Hatter has a plan to show her his most valuable treasure...

My Story Review : 5 out of 5 stars, become immersed within Wonderland while Hatter sets out to show Alice what his greatest treasure is .... her. It’s a very sweet glimpse into their lives about year after they got together. While making, the readers want to have fun and enjoy the madness too. =0)

My Previous Review(s) for this Series : Book 1 | Book 5

My Previous Mention(s) of this Author's Books/Characters : Best Book Couples -- Happy Valentine's Day 2014

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Story Teaser :
Stepping back, as if he needed to put distance between them, he flashed his maddeningly, delicious grin. “You should dress.”
“Am I too tempting for you, my dear?” she pirouetted on her heels, tossing out her arms so that he could catch a glimpse of her from every side.
With a growl, he took yet another step back. “Alice,” he warned, his voice shaking with a throaty rumble.
Laughing, she nodded. “Fine, you spoil sport. But I don’t see why we can’t have fun right here.”
His head cocked. “Do you not recall that today is your birthday?”
He looked genuinely perplexed and that’s when it dawned on her that she hadn’t remembered. Frowning, a tiny twitch tugged at her lips. “Now that you mention it, it completely escaped me. Time moves so differently here.”
Excited for more than just his body, she licked her lips. “Have you gotten me something, Hatter?” ~ within the story as there isn't any chapters
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Marie, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"Lessons Learned" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 31] & [HOOD Series, Book 0.5] by Dayna Hart

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...the one lesson she hasn’t learned.

Five years ago, Claret left her home, her beloved grandmother, and the man she loved, to join the Circuit—a roaming band of judge/jury/executioners. She has loved her training—much of it an extension of the lessons her Mamére taught her while she was growing up. Lately, though, some of the things she’s been told aren’t adding up. Crimes that don’t make sense. Criminals not smart enough to have pulled them off. When she returns home to visit her grandmother and discuss her recent desire to leave the Circuit, she finds her home devastated by an attack. One perpetrated by an outlaw known only as The Wolf.
When the recruiters showed up, Ryder knew , Claret wanted to go with them, so he pushed her out the door. His own experiences with the Law, however, made it impossible for him to go with her. Instead, he joined a band of outlaws, and turned himself into the notorious Wolf—a thief who shares his loot with the poor, an insurrectionist who reminds the people to question authority. When his town is attacked, and the blame is placed on him and his band, he knows the Law will investigate.
It’s just his luck they send Claret.

My Story Review : 5 out of 5 stars! It seems like a intriguing mixture of Robin Hood and Little Red Riding Hood, only being the grown up version of course and having it be a little like Ms. Garren's Tales of the Underlight Series. This story brings you right into the action and relationship between Claret & Ryder, a couple who have taken opposite paths over the past fives years who come together again during dire circumstances and decide to take a chance on each other--this time hopefully for good. Even considering the circumstances they meet up again in, I really liked how this story played out and cannot wait to see what will happen next in this series!

Author's Story Extras : Lessons Learned - Overview | coverlist | Cover Reveal

Story Teaser :
A man’s most vital organ is not, as it turns out, his heart. It is located, in fact, rather a bit lower on his body. ~ within Lesson One
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Dayna, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"Two in Hand" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 32] & [The Tlin Series, Book 1.5] by Elise Logan

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...two alien warriors and the woman determined to keep them.

Maddy knows her men aren’t like other men. But their new assignment is going to be a challenge even for winged alien warriors.
The original job of rescuing a handful of people from human traffickers was difficult enough, but when the Syndicate brings in a group of girls for the sex trade, difficult becomes nearly impossible.
It might have been her idea to rescue everyone in the first place, but she never intended to risk everything she holds dear.

My Story Review : 2.5 out of 5 stars. Because I have yet to read this series, was probably the reason I felt a bit lost while reading this story. However, you can tell they love each other and the sex scene after their mission has completed was very HOT! Therefore, I feel that if you have liked Ms. Logan's "Twice As High" then you should like this story too.

Author's Story Extras : Two In Hand - Overview | Cover Awesomeness

Author's Series Extras : Twice As High - Overview | New Tlin!

Story Teaser :
She shoved her hair out of her face as she peered down at them.
“And let that be a lesson to you. No more getting shot at.”
Julian managed a weak shake of the head but Kyle snorted out a laugh.
“Madeline, if that’s what happens when we get shot at, I’m going to start shooting at Julian myself.” ~ within the story as there isn't any chapters
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Elise, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"A Pack to Call My Own" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 33] by Lyra Marlowe

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...sometimes love is about a family–not the one you’re born into, but the one you’re lucky enough to find.

Bettie is a fading prostitute with no family, no friends, and no future. When her pimp cuts her loose, she has no home, either. She’s on the streets with a bag of clothes, a box of books, and no protection.
And a serial killer is has stabbed three hookers in two weeks.
Cold, hungry and alone, Bettie looks for help in a used book store. There she meets a newly-disabled young man and helps him regain his sexual confidence. In return, he agrees to store her books.
Back on the dangerous streets, Bettie comes face-to-face with the Slasher. She puts up a good fight but is badly injured. She fully expects to lose her life. But she’s saved by what she thinks is a pack of wild dogs.
She wakes in the Lupanara, an upscale brothel run by beautiful Lara. The women of the brothel are friendly and happy, empowered and content. The guests are polite and well-satisfied. No one seems ashamed to be in the Den of the She-Wolves. Bettie is convinced that she’s too old and plain to be welcomed there. But Lara assures her that she is treasured as a daughter and sister. The newcomer quickly learns that the women of the Lupanara are not women at all, and in their Pack she finds the safe and loving family she’s so desperately longed to join.

My Story Review : NA -- DID NOT READ. From the author's story description, I knew it wasn't a story for me or one I'd probably like. Nevertheless, I hope it's a good story for those who like reading that kind of thing.

Story Teaser :
A girl, I gathered, could make a very nice living here.
I wanted to stay. Oh, God, I wanted to stay. But I was too old, too faded. I was not nearly as beautiful as the women already here. Five years ago, maybe, but not now.
I could have cried.
“Michelle, love, come here,” Lara called.
I went to her side.
“Are you sad, my love?”
I shook my head. ~ within the story as there isn't any chapters
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Lyra, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"Embracing Darkness" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 34] & [Key Series, Book 1.5] by Yelena Casale & Tina Moss

Authors' Story Description : Love is...
...embracing darkness.

After a hellish ordeal suffered at the hands of evil, Zoey wants life to go back to normal. Yet, demons haunt her every step and a power grows inside her that she does not understand, nor can control. To have a chance at surviving this nightmare, she’ll need to trust in a fallen with a hidden agenda.
Rafe’s war with the hellspawn of Las Vegas has dragged on for over a century. To shift the balance in his favor, he needs an edge over the demons. The girl may be the answer, but to gain her trust, he’ll have to use all of his powers of seduction and stop at nothing to win her heart...even if it means losing his own.
Now, as the stakes rise, Zoey and Rafe must put their faith in each other to heal the wounds of the past and meet the challenges in the present. Only by discovering their strength together can they find the answers - not by running from the night, but by embracing darkness.

My Story Review : 5 out of 5 stars! Loved the buildup for this story and how they quickly grew into their feelings for one another (especially with how they quickly accepted it without fear -- which is a rare trait to read). I really liked Rafe & Zoey's "easy" relationship; I am interested to see in how their relationship will grow from here.

Authors' Story Extras : EMBRACING DARKNESS - Overview #1 | EMBRACING DARKNESS - Overview #2 | LOVE IS... A Charity Anthology by 40 Authors: Cover Reveal | LOVE IS... A Charity Anthology by 40 Authors: Book Birthday

Authors' Series Extras : A TOUCH OF DARKNESS - Overview #1 | A TOUCH OF DARKNESS - Overview #2 | Update on WIPs | Happy Halloween! A Touch of Darkness is Out in the World! | Writing Process Blog Tour | Writing Process Blog Tour

Story Teaser :
His face softened and he placed a gentle hand at her elbow. “It doesn’t matter. I’ll keep you safe.”
“I believe you.” She dropped her arms. If for no other reason, he would protect her for her power, but in her gut she knew it was more. “But, we can’t stay here forever.”
“No, we can’t.” He slid his hand from her elbow and draped his arm around her. His signature smirk tugged at his lips. “But, we can enjoy the time we have.”
Zoey laughed. He was a rogue, a fiendish one at that, but damn was he a charmer. “That’s true.” ~ within Chapter 4
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Yelena and/or Tina, then please check out their websites: Ms. Casale's website & Ms. Moss' website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"Lirael’s Candle" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 35] by Cate Rowan

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...the most powerful kind of magic.

Lirael, a mystic’s daughter, has held Jeck’s heart since they were both fifteen. Newly married, the couple wants nothing more than to work the land Jeck has carved from the forest and to spend their lives loving each other. A king’s war changes those plans—and Jeck—forever.
But Lirael is a warrior, too. Can the magic she wields save Jeck and the love they once knew?

My Story Review : 5 out of 5 stars! This is touching story about a man who recently married being sent off to war and his "magical" wife who promises that no matter how long they are apart her candle will bring him back to her. It truly made me tear up with how sweet it was as it was easy to tell how much they loved each other. ♥

Author's Story Extras : Lirael’s Candle - Overview | ♥ New FREE Short Story + Multi-Author Fantasy Sale!

Story Teaser :
Lirael took his hands in hers. Together they stood in the waning light, fingers entwined, as her thumbs stroked his work-roughened skin. The air between them hummed with unspoken words, and longing, and pain.
Jeck vowed to himself that somehow he would get through the battles to come if only he could return home to his wife, here in their cottage on a hill in the quiet lands far from rival monarchs, glittering courts and political strategies. Home to Lirael. It was all he would ask for. ~ within the story as there isn't any chapters
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Cate, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

~ Historical Romance ~

"A Mistress by Design" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 36] by Sabrina Darby

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...not a consideration. Until it is.

Lord Harrison is a widower looking ready for a mistress. Sarah Leighton wants him, and since she’s a courtesan it should be a simple match. The only problem is he’s looking at the wrong woman, and Sarah has only a matter of days to make him hers.

My Story Review : 3 out of 5 stars, a woman sets out to win the man she wants but once he's in her grasp will she be willing to follow through with her plans? I liked this buildup of this story, yet it felt a bit incomplete. Because as soon as they get together I want to know more to completely accept them as a good couple. *shrug*

Story Teaser :
“You want a woman who is skilled. Who knows what she is about. To whom you never need to apologize for your desires. You want a woman who will accept the basest part of you and love you for it.”
“Love?” he scoffed and she held up a hand.
“That is what you want, my lord. And what I want is for you to paint me.”
“I only paint landscapes.”
“My body is a landscape. Shall I show you the topiaries?”
“By God, you are bold.” ~ within the story as there isn't any chapters
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Sabrina, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"The Eyes of a Soldier" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 37] by Bonnie Dee

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...two enemies offering each other solace and hope.

Marching home from the Civil War, Logan Albertson is at the end of his strength and will to carry on, when he spots the lights of a cabin in the Tennessee woods. Widowed Mae Pike is bone weary and struggling to survive in the wilderness without her husband. When a stranger shows up in the night, she keeps the door barred—until he tells her something about himself that gives her a glimpse of the Yankee soldier as a person.
In two short days, the wary strangers connect in subtle ways. Soon the flickering flame of attraction between Logan and Mae flares into a fire that consumes them both. Is a future together possible for enemies of war, or are mere moments of comfort all they can share?

My Story Review : 3 out of 5 stars, two "enemies" meet and after spending time with one another become something like friends with the possibility of turning into something more if only they are willing to try.

I really like its plot because it made the realities of Logan & Mae's lives seem realistic. I liked that they both have similar backgrounds so what brings them together isn't just simple lust. However, after they "hook up" it made me wonder what their ages were (who was older and what was the difference in their ages) because of how Logan treats their "hook up."

Nevertheless, this story feels like an incomplete romance to me or like it's a prequel to a longer novel. Maybe once that "something more" is added to this story (like maybe a better ending to there romance) I'd have liked it better, even though I'll admit I understand Mae's reasoning (sort of) for why she shouldn't move with him. Anyway, my point is that, even though I liked this story it still feels like a work in progress.

My Previous Review(s) for this Author : Dream Across Time

Author's Story Extras : Love Is... Charity Anthology with 40 authors included

Story Teaser :
He’d been too long without a woman’s touch but it wasn’t mere lust that stirred Logan. He desired the warmth of that soft bed and an even softer body pressed against his. Human connection was what he craved. And even though he didn’t yet know this woman’s name, and she’d looked at him mostly with hatred, he couldn’t help feeling just for a moment their minds had met. He’d recognized the empathy in her nod. She suffered from nightmares too.
What would she do if he spoke to her now, asked her to stay awake and talk with him for a while? What would she do if he rose and climbed into bed with her, an unspoken plea for comfort?
No doubt she’d wallop him with that shotgun and drive him out of her little cabin. He smiled at the thought and turned over to the other side, warming his back for a while. ~ within the story as there isn't any chapters
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Bonnie, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"A Highlander’s Seduction" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 38] & [Highland Knights Series] by Jennifer Haymore

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...grabbing your second chance with both hands and never letting go.

Three months ago, the attraction that flared between Sir Ewan Ross and Miss Alicia Stratton quickly erupted into an inferno. And one night at a ball it burned so hot, Alicia and Ewan were caught. Their liaison became a scandal that ruined Alicia’s reputation, and society pounced on her with claws bared.
Alicia hasn’t left her house and Ewan hasn’t seen or heard from her in six weeks. But when he glimpses her slipping out of her father’s box at the theater one night, he knows he’s been given his second chance. And this time, he refuses to let her go.
Alicia, however, might want something else altogether...

My Story Review : 4 out of 5 stars! A couple works their way through a big misunderstanding...

To me this story seemed (at first) like an ending of a longer novel. It was very sweet and hot, and had enough "romance" to make you want more. Then at the VERY END, there is a unique twist that leaves you wondering what just happened! I will say I never saw it coming, but I hope somewhere this couple gets another story so I can learn more about them. =0)

My Previous Review(s) for this Author : One Night with an Earl

Story Teaser :
“You havena left your da’s house until this night,” he reminded her.
“How do you know that?” she asked, her eyes narrowing.
“Because,” he said softly, “I’ve been watching. Waiting.”
She made a scoffing noise. “You ought to have knocked on the door.”
His lips twisted. “I did, lass. Your da was never at home.”
“Of course he wasn’t,” she retorted. “My stepmother demanded he leave London immediately after she...after that night.”
Not surprising.
“And,” he continued, “your stepmother turned me away from your door. Six times.”
She paused, startled. “Six times?”
“Oh, aye. And not to mention,” he added gruffly, “that the eight letters I wrote to ye were all returned unopened.”
She blinked. “Eight...letters?” ~ within the story as there isn't any chapters
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Jennifer, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"A Right And Proper Apology" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 39] by Kate Pearce

Author's Story Description : Love is...

When the Earl of Buckley’s wife runs away with his best friend, society assumes he will do everything in his power to rid himself of such an undeserving chattel. But the earl knows the truth, and when fate offers him a second chance to set things right, he is more than willing to submit to anything his lovely wife desires...

My Story Review : 4 out of 5 stars! Interestingly enough even though this novel isn't usually the type I like to read (where the woman is the Domme) it was quiet humorous, hot, and sweet with it's intriguing plot about a man who sets out to win back his wife!

My Previous Review(s) for this Author : Planet Mail

My Previous Mention(s) of this Author's Books/Characters : Best Book Couples -- Happy Valentine's Day 2014

Story Teaser :
“Beautiful,” he murmured and kissed her throat and then moved down to her shoulder.
“Kiss you?” He did it again. “I’ve never stopped wanting you.”
“Why not?” She pushed away from him and took two steps back, crossing her arms over her breasts.
He considered her for a long moment. “Because you’re my wife.”
“But I ran away from you!”
“I know.” His smile was bittersweet. “But that was hardly your fault, was it?” ~ within the story as there isn't any chapters
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Kate, then please check out her website. To find out more about this anthology then click here.

"The Lady’s Wicked Proposition" [Love Is... Anthology, Novella 40] & [Wicked Liaisons Series, Book 1.5] by Vivienne Westlake

Author's Story Description : Love is...
...yielding to desire.

A late night game of cards turns into something far more intriguing when Edwina Merriweather confesses a secret to one of the most charming and debauched men in London. Contrary to popular opinion, Edwina is not in town to find a husband. Instead, she’s resolved to find a rake.
Francis Chevalier is fascinated by the drunken spinster offering up her virginity like a piece of cake. Torn between the need to have her and the desire to protect her from her own stupidity, he politely declines.
Undeterred, Edwina returns with a proposition so daring even Chevalier cannot refuse.

My Story Review : 5 out of 5 stars, a woman sets out to find a rake to fulfill her every wish yet she finds a man who gives her more then she could ever hope for...

Francis & Edwina (Dina) sound like a great couple because about how they have a sweet friendship that turns into something more after Dina proposes to Frances her plan. I really enjoyed reading about the beginning of their union and I can't wait to see where their romance will end up in book 2 of this series!

Author's Story Extras : Love Is... Cover Reveal

Author's Series Extras : Lady Northam’s Wicked Surrender - Overview & Excerpt | When a Book Becomes Real | New, shiny!

Story Teaser :
“May I ask you this, Mr. Chevalier, do you find me appealing?” She leaned in closer and when she whispered, he felt her breath on his face. “If I were to kiss you, would you turn away?”
Without hesitation, she pressed her lips to his and dropped her hand to his thigh. Soft lips teased and seduced, fraying away the edges of his control.
He didn’t want her to stop.
She licked her lips as she pulled away, and he inched closer to resume the kiss.
“I think that answers my question.” She wiped his lower lip with the tip of her thumb. “I must admit that I am quite surprised. I never expected a man of your reputation to resist on moral grounds. Who would believe that a rake could resist seducing an innocent woman, when she practically thrust herself into his face?”
He laughed at her naïveté, picturing the very image she conjured with her words. ~ within Chapter 2
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My Book Review : For the full book I give it 3.91 out of 5 stars!! I really liked this novel, yet I recommend that if you read it to do so by skipping around within the genres since if you read each story from cover to cover like I did it seems to get a bit overwhelming. Nevertheless, it has such a broad diversity of stories that I can truthfully say it has a little bit of everything and for it's price I don't think anyone would be disappointed.


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  1. Thanks so much for this! I know reviewing anthologies like this, even in part, is hugely time consuming.

    1. You're welcome!! I was happy for the opportunity even though the way I like to review made it seem like it took forever to read through. *hahaa*


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