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Made the Grade: The Braddacks Series, Book 1

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"Born In Secret" [The Braddacks Series, Book 1] by Susan Kearney

Author's Book Description : BEST MOM EVER.
When a checkup reveals that 5-year-old Skye is not Brooke Evan’s daughter, a heart-broken Brooke hunts down the biological parents. It’s the right thing to do . . . for Skye.

But when Brooke shows up on Max Braddack’s doorstep, he suspects she has ulterior motives. It’s hard for the laid-back, billionaire, Max to believe that Brooke is simply doing what’s best for her daughter.

Yet, the more time Max spends with Brooke and Skye, the more he comprehends that other forces besides his growing feelings are in play. The little girl who was born in secret is in terrible danger . . . and she needs Max and Skye to protect her.

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars! This gripping novel keeps you on your toes and in suspense the whole way through! I liked this novel and it’s build-up for this seemingly dynamic series. Typically this isn't usually the type of novel I'd go for but I like reading novels where the premise is about a couple meeting and falling in love because finding out that their child (which they got help in creating through a clinic) isn't really theirs, the only difference about this novel was its darker twists to it.

As a couple I liked Max & Brooke together. Their personalities are very similar and I enjoyed that no matter what was happening Brooke stuck to her convictions. Add Skye into the mix and they make a sweet family. Plus, its sweet how the novel wrapped up their romance.

I recommend this novel to anyone who likes contemporary thriller romances!

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Book Teaser(s) :
While she and Max filled their plates, Red joined them.
Max took a seat beside Skye but spoke to his dad. "Catch anything?"
Red winked at Brooke, his eyes reminding her of Max when he was up to devilment. "Nothing as good as you did."
Brooke fought the heat rising to her cheeks, thankful when Skye piped in, "Max wasn't fishing. The only thing he caught was a mud pie in the face." Brooke admonished Skye with a grin. "That'll be enough sass, young lady. Eat." ~ within Chapter 7
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