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Disappointmentville: Billionaires and Babies Series & The Kavanaghs of Silver Glen Series, Book 2

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"Baby for Keeps" [Billionaires and Babies Series & The Kavanaghs of Silver Glen Series, Book 2] by Janice Maynard

Author's Book Description : A woman and baby walk into a bar...

It might sound like a joke, but saloon owner Dylan Kavanagh knows it's all too serious. Struggling single mom Mia Larin needs him. She helped him when they were young, and the bachelor means to do everything in his power to protect Mia and her child. Giving her a job, a room under his own roof, is easy. Keeping it all about business isn't....

Dylan is a successful, eligible catch, but are Mia's feelings just a case of hero worship? Or will she still need him, still want him, once her circumstances change?

My Book Review : 2.5 out of 5 stars. Time to overlook the opinion Dylan has of himself, “man up,” and fight for what he’s always wanted ... a family to call his own. Now if Dylan can do just that he may be able to turn his life around for the better.

Together Dylan & Mia made a nice pair because of their shared past and their mutual attraction/respect for each other. Nevertheless, for me this novel had a good plot, yet it’s execution had a flaw that was hard for me to overlook. The flaw being:
  • Mia as a mother who was nursing her daughter.
    • It’s not the problem that she was nursing by itself. It was that in the descriptions of her having sex with Dylan or her dressing up in that fancy gown, etc., it was always explained in a way that yes she fed her daughter on a schedule but otherwise she didn’t need any of the typical “boob pads” or anything to help cover up leakage or the like. I understand it was probably written this way as to not gross out the readers. Yet, the way Mia is described and wearing in the day-to-day style of a nursing mother is just unrealistic. I know this because I am a mother of two children (the youngest being 6 months old right now) and it wasn’t that easy/non-messy for me to nurse my kids as it’s portrayed in this novel.
In addition, I didn’t like Dylan’s mother Maeve. Either it wasn’t a good representation of Maeve, in this novel, or she really is just a domineering steamrolling-type of person, which ended up rubbing me the wrong way. Then there is the ending. I kind of had an idea of where it was going before it happened, yet I didn’t see Dylan’s complete shutdown. It was unexpected and made me disrespect the character a bit.

Overall, I tried to like this novel yet because of the above reasons it didn’t turn out as good for me as I had hoped. Therefore, I don’t recommend it. However, if you’re still interested in checking out this novel you might be interested if you're fans of Ms. Maynard and/or like contemporary romances.

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Book Teaser(s) :
"You're a heartless tease," he accused.
"All the better to seduce you, my dear." ~ within Chapter 13
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