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Feasted On: Starved For Love by Annie Nicholas

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"Starved For Love" by Annie Nicholas

My Book Summary : Pia is an unusual succubus, instead of being like her older sisters who enjoy the hunt of finding a man to feed on; she likes to have suitors (an old fashioned practice) so she could have one-on-one relationships with them without loosing her heart. Since all Pia has ever wanted is to have a loving relationship like her Dad and Moms' share, but that dream has been a hard one to accomplish and will soon be tested to see if it's even possible...

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars! This is a fun and compelling novel about a succubus finding her one true match, yet only if he will allow himself to give his heart to her...

Val & Pia are an intense couple whose world-win relationship was one that everyone wishes they could have, in some way. They are drawn to each other in more ways then one and it takes a lot for things to come between them, even though Pia's old anxieties and Val's wives try too.

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel! I was especially intrigued with how the dynamics worked in Pia's love-triangle-ish society and in doing so I fell in love with her two lead suitors Sin and Cooper!! In addition, Pia's family and her intense relationship with Valerio (Val) made this novel one to remember! Therefore, I hope that if Ms. Nicholas doesn't continue on with the story between Pia & Val then I hope that she'll write about one of the secondary characters in this novel since some things were left open-ended enough that I just want to read more!! However, because some storylines, especially the ones between Val & Pia, were too open-ended I gave this novel a lower rating then I would have originally planned, as this novel doesn't feel finished.

Overall, I recommend it to those who are a fan of Ms. Nicholas and/or those who like paranormal erotica romance!

- On a side note -
Okay, I'm not trying to sound mean because I love the show and respect the relationship the Brown Family has made for themselves, but every time Pia would mention her mothers' or talked about sister wives I could not help but think of their show, TLC's Sister Wives. =0)

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Book Teaser(s) :
Shaking the excess water from my hair, I tried to poof some life back into my signature curls. They sagged on my forehead. Sighing at my reflection, I hung my head. Nothing was sadder than a disheveled, horny succubus.
The doors slid open and a large pair of bare feet stepped into my view. A finger slipped under my chin and raised my gaze. Zur-Sin, ancient vampire warrior, stared at me with his stern dark eyes. Dressed in only a pair of black silk pajama bottoms, he looked good enough to eat. He brushed my curls from my face and frowned. "You have much to learn about the art of seduction." ~ within Chapter 1
He folded his cell phone. "Well, that went better than I expected."
I stopped. "What did?"
"Your lunch." He grinned and slipped his arms around me. "You're still wearing your skin, divorces have not been filed, and everyone is still attending the banquet."
"I think we had different expectations." I leaned into his embrace, crushing my face into his chest and inhaled his masculine scent, a mix of soap, sandalwood and musk. "They don't want me to marry you."
He rubbed my shoulders, digging into the knots I hadn't noticed. "They're just speed bumps, Pia. You were expecting them to welcome you with open arms and ask you to go shopping after lunch, weren't you?"
Maybe a little. A girl could have hopes. I slumped against him.
"You were." He pressed a kiss on my head and I could sense him struggling not to grin. "Didn't your mothers teach you anything?"
"Yes." I gave him a light slap on his hip. "They told me not to get eaten alive, then tossed me to the sharks, and cried swim."
He laughed out loud. ~ within Chapter 20
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