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Made the Grade: Alpha Marked Series, Book 3

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"Whitney" [Alpha Marked Series, Book 3] by Celia Kyle

My Book Summary : It's the last day of the Gathering, in which "alpha marked" human woman are summoned to attended to find out if they are "eligible" to mate with any of the single alpha male pairs as their destined mate, and by now Whitney is PISSED. She might be a triplet but while her other sisters are marked, and were recently mated in two separate couplings to the Ruling Alpha pair & The Captain of the Guard with his Lieutenant, Whitney has no marks and has no idea why she would have been chosen to attend this event. Yet, when she finally gets a chance to talk with Emmett and Levy, the Ruling Wardens, about why she is there they all find that their lives are going to change instantly in one little meeting. All because Whitney is their mate! However, since Wardens aren't supposed to have mates they are thrown into an evil plot that they never saw coming...

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars, this match up between Whitney, Emmett, & Levy was combustible! I loved how Whitney was able to find romance, even under the most unique of circumstances! Even though this was the first novel I read in this series, I liked how it quickly caught you up without dragging the plot at all. I really liked reading the banter between the sisters and the ways Whitney, Emmett & Levy get to know each other!

My only wish is that the ending was better. I know this author usually writes shortish novels but I'm just not sure where this series will be taken next as all of the sisters have found their mates already, and yet in this novel the story lines didn't seem all that resolved in the end. Therefore, I'm just curious as to who and where this series will be taken next, or if it will go anywhere else...?

I recommend this novella to anyone who is a fan of Ms. Kyle's as well as this series. Also, I recommend it to those who enjoy paranormal erotica romances!

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Book Teaser(s) :
They meandered, Whitney shuffling in Scarlet’s wake. At least until they were stopped by a huffing and puffing Callum.
“Misses Wickham! Misses—” She and Scarlet turned toward the approaching wolf. “Miss Wickham, Whitney, the Ruling Wardens—” He heaved in a great breath.
“You know, Callum, you really need to add some cardio to your routine. Build up that endurance. I recommend Tae Bo.”
Whitney looked to her sister with her eyebrow raised. “Really? You’re giving him workout advice? When was the last time you actually did anything other than walk to the elevator?”
Scarlet scoffed. “Duh, you’ve heard me ‘workout’ like, all the time since I mated Madden and Keller.”
“I don’t think letting them worship you sexually counts.”
Her sister rolled her eyes. “Of course it does. I get all sweaty.”
“With their sweat.”
“You know what—”
“Misses Wickham, please.”
That got Whitney’s attention. “Look at that, he said please and everything.” She smiled. “I don’t think I wanna stab you in the eye anymore. Unless you’re about to bust out with another ‘legitimate.’ Then it’s on. I will so tap dance all over your furry butt.”
Scarlet snorted. “Tap dance?”
“What?” She glared at both of them and settled on her sister. “You have Tae Bo, Gabby has P90X. I tap. There’s metal on the bottom of my shoes. They’re dangerous.” She nodded to emphasize her statement and then pointed at Callum. “You just better be thankful I never took up clogging.”
Callum did not look impressed. ~ within Chapter 1
Her glowing hand.
Her glowing, with weird lines all over it, hand.
Wait, back it up. Glowing. And the lines weren’t stripes or squiggles, but had a definite shape and pattern. They pulsed with an iridescent light, the rainbow of colors flowing along each curve. And they looked like, exactly like, her sister’s Marks.
But all over.
“What. The. Fuck?” The words were raspy, but she got them out.
“We, uh, don’t know.” Emmett’s words were timid and that snared her attention. He was a Ruling Warden, one half of the most powerful Warden Pair in North America. The werewolf didn’t have a timid bone in his body.
“We have a guess.” Hell, even Levy wasn’t sure of himself.
“And what, pray tell, is our guess,” she licked her lips and swallowed, her panic quickly overcoming any pain that lingered. “As to why I suddenly resemble a graffiti covered glow stick?” ~ within Chapter 3
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