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Idolizing In: Goddesses Rising Series, Book 2

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"Heavy Metal" [Goddesses Rising Series, Book 2] by Natalie J. Damschroder

My Book Summary : After dealing with so many of a life changes recently, Riley--a girl who never thought she'd have Goddess powers yet now does--decides to get in contact with Sam. Riley hopes that after meeting Sam she'll be able to see if he can help her and if he can let her know if The Society for Goddess Education and Defense is a organization she can trust or not. Since based on her family's experience, and rants, the society isn't someone she should trust.

Once Riley and Sam meet they notice their immediate attraction and connection to each other that is undeniable yet both find excuses to try to keep distance between themselves because of various reasons even if it's hard to follow through.

Sam reluctantly agrees to bring her to the society. Not long after they get there, they both fall into secrets and personal missions that need to be taken care of soon. This will test Riley's trust in the society and in Sam, as well as their budding relationship...

My Book Review : 5 out of 5 stars, this novel takes up where "Under the Moon" left off and throws you into a world of intrigue, suspicion, romance, passion, and a whole lot of suspense! I loved Riley as a character. She is smart, brave, courageous, and wise beyond her years. Then add Sam with her and I could not get enough of this novel or it's duo!

In addition, if you are like me and haven't read the first novel in this series, DON'T WORRY because you don't need to have read it for you understand the plot or to like the characters!!

I highly recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys paranormal romances!!

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Book Teaser(s) :
Riley took a deep breath and let it out slowly. And then she did it again. She’d stepped outside after her shower thinking to check the temperature to determine how cold she’d be with her shirt still damp at the seams after washing it in the sink last night. She hadn’t expected to see Sam standing out there, half naked, fairly magnificent, and petting a damned cat with more gentleness than those big hands should have been capable of. Now she was all flustered and flushed. And maybe some more F words.
So inappropriate. ~ within Chapter 2
“I want to know about your Riley. You like her.”
“She’s likeable.” He tried not to fidget under her stare, but his fortitude crumbled in seconds. “I was trying not to.”
He shrugged. “She’s young.” Of course Quinn laughed, and even he had to smile. “Younger than I was,” he tried, but he couldn’t keep it up. “Okay, the age doesn’t matter.”
“Not unless you want to be a hypocrite.” She bounced her knee to rock the chair. “I talked to Marley about her. She’s tough. Riley, I mean. Pretty strong considering all she’s been through.”
“Yeah.” He told Quinn about the night they’d met and everything that had happened since. “I think she’s still not sure who to trust, especially anyone tied to the Society.”
Quinn grinned. “And yet she followed you there, and you’re the first person she called when she was in trouble again.”
“Well, I convinced her to give them a chance. That’s all.”
“Nick would say it’s your puppy-dog eyes, but I know it’s more than that.” Her eyes twinkled, and she briefly looked less tired. “The attraction’s not one-sided.” ~ within Chapter 11

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