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Feasted On: By His Royal Decree Series, Book 1

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"One Night Heir" [By His Royal Decree Series, Book 1] by Lucy Monroe (aka L. C. Monroe)

My Book Summary : Maksim (Maks) is the Crown Prince of his country, which means he knows that it's his duty to produce an heir and make sure he can find a woman that he feels would be the perfect match for him along with who would be best for his country....

After dating Gillian for the past seven months he feels like she is who he wants to be his Queen and the mother of his children. That is until he finds out because of a case of childhood appendicitis Gillian has a very low chance of ever being able to conceive. Therefore, he decides that he needs to breakup with her even though he doesn't want to. Yet, his last night with Gillian doesn't go as he had planned when he spends it in her bed then is thrown out the next morning.

Things for both of them are miserable after the breakup. Yet when they both find out that their last night together created a miracle will they be able to get back together again or will Gillian find that she won't settle for anything less than love...

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars. Is one person falling in love within a relationship ever enough for the relationship to survive? Maks & Gillian put that question to the test...

I was delighted and frustrated in the fact that this novel was written to encompass such a short period of time in Maks & Gillian's relationship between their fallout and reunion. I felt this way not because of how the relationship is portrayed but because I wished, there was more of a longer ending then what was given. Also, the epilogue didn’t expand on what happened with them like I really would have liked it too.

Nevertheless, I found this novel to be endearing, sweet, and interesting in the way this couple chooses to stick together and find a way to make it work between them.

I recommend this novel to anyone who likes reading about unexpected pregnancy romances!

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Book Teaser(s) :
Teaser #1 ~ within Chapter 1
The door flew open to reveal Gillian glaring at him in bad temper. "How did you get into my building?"
He shrugged. The hacker had upset her. Telling her he had sublet an apartment on the floor below hers he had never stepped inside so he would have open access to her building would not make her happy, either.
"You are too much."
"I am just enough."
She shook her head and turned toward the kitchen. ~ within Chapter 6
"The smell of rosemary reminds me of you."
"Isn't that the way it works? Rosemary for remembrance?"
"It's the scent of your bath salts. Rosemary and mint. I like it."
He'd said so before and she'd stopped buying other fragrances for her bath. She didn't admit that now, though. "I like it, too," was all she said.
He nodded before gently lifting her and placing her with what could be mistaken for tender care into the tub.
"I don't need this kind of help," she protested. "I'm pregnant, not helpless."
"We have just made the most passionate love. I will see your comfort if I like."
"You're kind of bossy."
"You're very independent."
"If you wanted a leech, you shouldn't have dated me."
"I do not want a leech. A little clinging wouldn't hurt, though," he grumbled under his breath.
She couldn't believe her ears. ~ within Chapter 9
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