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Idolizing In: The Smythe-Smith Quartet Series, Book 2

Format: Paperback | Pages: 373 | Release Date: May 2012 | Publisher: Avon Books | Obtained: My Mom (previously read it and thought I might like it)

"A Night Like This" [The Smythe-Smith Quartet Series, Book 2] by Julia Quinn (aka JQ)

My Book Summary : After three years of being in exile to escape being killed at his friend's father's request, Lord Winstead--Daniel--is finally able to return to England. However, being on the run and always looking over your shoulder does keep one on edge and it's a good thing in Daniel's case because it seems that not all of his troubles are finished once he returns. Nevertheless, he finds it hard to become too frightened once he meets the lovely Anne, his cousin's Governess, who has some secrets of her own. Now if Anne can only open up to Daniel about her past and her fears they might be able to stop the madman after her (and kind of after Daniel now too) before it's too late...

My Book Review : 5 out of 5 stars! This is hilariously energetic novel keeps you on your toes while encouraging you to fall in love with its compelling cast of characters! I loved Daniel & Anne! Their story was one I did not completely expect yet it kept me riveted the whole way through. If only there was more! =0)

And the secondary characters! Good god! They made this novel full of twists I never saw coming, and so very fun to read!

About the Characters:
• Anne: Because of an accident--that happened eight years ago--when she was 16-years-old she has been "on the run" in a way ever since. Currently works as The Pleinsworths' (Harriet, Elizabeth, & Frances) governess. Likes her job and employers. Is immediately drawn to Daniel, has to fight with herself to stay within certain propriety.

• Daniel: He's the Earl of Winstead. Had a duel with one of his close friends when they were both drunk and being dumb. Accidentally wounded his friend in the leg during the duel, and because of that he was on fled from England and stayed away for three years after his friend's father announced that he wanted him dead. Once he is allowed back home, he meets Anne and is instantly attracted to her wanting to find out everything about her. Forced to perform in an unusual play and go back to "school" just so he can hang out with and get to know Anne better. Is very sweet, charming, and chivalrous when he goes about his own way of courting Anne.

• Marcus: He's the Earl of Chatteris. Engaged to Lady Honoria. Daniel's best friend.

• Honoria: Daniel's younger sister. Engaged to Marcus.

• Hugh: The second son of the Marquess of Ramsgate. A close friend of Daniel's. Is the one who wanted to duel with Daniel when he believe Daniel was cheating at cards, and ended up with a bad leg because of it. Told Daniel that he could come back to England after getting his father to call off his father's death wish.

• Harriet: Is fifteen-years-old. Believes herself to be an amazing play write, but usually comes up with more unusual dramatic pieces of work then anything.

• Frances: Youngest of the Pleinsworths siblings at ten-years-old. Likes unicorns and likes to pretend she is one.

There are more characters of course but those ones stand out the most for me. =0)

I recommend this novel to anyone who likes humorously dramatic historical romances!

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Book Teaser(s) :
"Do you know my sister?" he asked, sounding terribly tired. "Oh, of course you do. You were playing with her."
"Your sister is Lady Honoria?" It did seem prudent to verify.
He nodded. "I am Winstead."
"Yes, of course. I had been informed of your pending return." She stretched out another awkward smile, but it did little to set her at ease. "Lady Honoria is most amiable and kind. I am very happy for her."
"She's a terrible musician."
"She was the best violinist on the stage," Anne said with complete honesty.
He laughed loudly at that. ~ within Chapter 2
Then Elizabeth came, bearing a tray of cakes and sweets, and finally Harriet, who carried with her a small sheaf of paper---her current opus, Henry VIII and the Unicorn of Doom.
"I'm not certain Frances is going to be appeased by an evil unicorn," Anne told her.
Harriett looked up with one arched brow. "She did not specify that it must be a good unicorn."
Anne grimaced. "You're going to have a battle on your hands, that's all I'm going to say on the matter."
Harriet shrugged, then said, "I'm going to begin in act two. Act one is a complete disaster. I've had to rip it completely apart."
"Because of the unicorn?"
"No," Harriet said with a grimace. "I got the order of the wives wrong. It's divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, widowed."
"How cheerful."
Harriet gave her a bit of a look, then said, "I switched one of the divorces with a beheading."
"May I give you a bit of advice?" Anne said.
Harriet looked up.
"Don't ever let anyone hear you say that out of context." ~ within Chapter 14
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Julia, then please check out her website.

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