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Made the Grade: The Nephilim Series, Book 1

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"All For You" [The Nephilim Series, Book 1] by Dana Marie Bell

My Book Summary : Five years ago, both Abby & Seth's lives changed... Seth's life changed when his wife suddenly was diagnosed with cancer and passed away not long after. Abby's life changed when her obsessive abusive boyfriend (at the time) tried to murder her. Now years later they both have overcome their past hurts and are ready to start anew...

Abby has had a crush on Seth ever since she was a teenager and her older brother became close friends with him. Nevertheless, because of timing and because of her ex it has taken her until now to have her sister-in-law to set up Abby on a date with Seth. As soon as the two start hanging out together, the chemistry between them is instantaneously apparent. However, when Abby's past seems to catch back up with her in hopes of killing her will Seth be able to protect her or will he loose her right when he found her?

My Book Review : 3 out of 5 stars, this is a suspensefully angelic novel about two people getting over their pasts and making a better future for themselves during unusual circumstances. One positive note I can say for this novel is that I loved the funny one-liners that were sprinkled throughout. In addition, I thoroughly enjoyed the world that this novel was based in and I have high hopes for the secondary characters that were presented in this novel along with whom they'll be matched up with.

However.... Abby was sooo wishy-washy that I went from hating her one-minute to loving the relationship evolving between her and Seth the next. Plus to quote Abby herself:
She really was too stupid to live, wasn’t she? ~ within Chapter 11

Because throughout most of this novel all I kept thinking of her antic was, REALLY why the hell did she just do that? Therefore, the only thing that redeemed this novel for me (other than because of how I liked Seth and his life/friends/family) was Chapter 12--the last chapter--because of how Abby finally turned into the heroine I wanted her to be! If that chapter wasn't as good as it was this novel would have sucked.

SO ... overall, I only recommend this novel to those who are fans of Ms. Bell. However, I have optimistic hopes for this series; therefore, I recommend this novel also to those who like paranormal romances about angels vs. demons!

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Book Teaser(s) :
She prayed she wasn’t making the second biggest mistake of her life.
She started to wander around his town house, still a little numb. Absently, she began inspecting bits and pieces of his home. She picked up a delicate glass bird and winced. Who the hell picked this out? This is so not him. She noticed there were quite a few bird images around the room.
Fiona must have been seriously into bird-watching. Either that, or Seth was. Somehow she couldn’t picture Seth sitting in a blind with a pair of binoculars, watching feathery antics of the boring kind. Then again, what she knew about Seth would fill a thimble. ~ within Chapter 2
She took a deep breath and blew it out. “Fuck a duck.”
He stuttered out a laugh and dropped his hand. “That’s all you have to say?”
“Give me a break here. I think I’m doing pretty well, considering I’m dreaming as I drown to death in crème brûlée.”
He blinked, his head tilted to the side. “Um, what?” ~ within Chapter 9
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