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Idolizing In: Hyena Heat Series, Book 1

Format: Kindle Edition | File Size: 360 KB | Release Date: December 2012 | Publisher: Self-Published | Obtained: Amazon.com

"Every Night Forever" [Hyena Heat Series, Book 1] by R. E. Butler

My Book Summary : Alyssa has been used and emotionally abused (a little bit physically too) by her pack for far too long. Now with her self-confidence shattered she is picking up the pieces of her life, leaving her pack, becoming a rogue werewolf, and creating a new life for herself. In doing so, she took a job for three hot hyena brothers to work the front desk of their gym while she gets back on her feet. However, even though she knows they are attracted to her, she is going to stick to her guns and stay single until she can find someone to love her for who she really is.

What Alyssa doesn't know is that in hyena clans the brothers share their mate and worship her. If only Dante, Cairo, and Mason can show her that, she deserves to be taken care of as much as possible, as well as, prove to her that they are her mates and she theirs, forever...

My Book Review : 5 out of 5 stars! In this novel, you'll find that Dante, Cairo, and Mason (originally from "The Wolf’s Mate Book 4: Michael & Shyne") aren't "bad guys," they are just misunderstood. I loved the compelling plot, the relationships that are between the brothers and the relationships that they grow between themselves and Alyssa! It's a very sweet novel; about three guys proving themselves to a woman who deserves their love. I could not get enough of this novel! Plus, I loved how it leads to the upcoming novel in this series "Every Dawn Forever!!"

I recommend this novel and series to anyone who likes paranormal romances and those who also don't mind and/or enjoy m/f/m/m romances!!

Author's Novel Extras : Happy Thanksgiving & New Series Teaser | Hyena Heat Holiday Giveaway & Cover Reveal!! | It’s Early! Every Night Forever is Out & the Contest is Still Going!

Book Teaser(s) :
He hung up with a satisfied smile. Hell, if only finding their bride were as easy as placing an ad. He could picture it in his mind:
“Three horny hyenas seek one very, very willing female to be their clan bride. Must be willing to four-way on occasion, not averse to oral, and eager to be treated like a queen. Please send naked picture and list of favorite sexual positions. No uggos.”
Ah, hell. ~ within Chapter 2
When they were younger, Cairo, the most adventurous of the three, had taken them to a BDSM club, promising that it would be a great place to find more enthusiastic women. What he’d found there instead – while exciting – had just been a fa├žade. When it came right down to it, your average woman wanted monogamy with one man. The women they’d seen at the club in three-ways were only really with one man, and the other was a good friend or another member of the club who was given to the woman as a special treat. They couldn’t exist like that. Yes, they would each want their bride to themselves on occasion, but in all truth, their bride had to be able to share them, really share them equally, or it wouldn’t work. How do you start that conversation? Hey baby, my brothers and I would like to fill you up times three and take you down to our den for the winter, how’s that sound?
Sounded like the very distinct sound of a woman running in the opposite direction. ~ within Chapter 6
The pile consisted of three pieces of black clothing: a corset, a skirt, and a cloak. The corset was stretchy and laced up the front with a black ribbon. When it was on, she stepped into the skirt made of the same material and skimmed it up her legs. It was short, barely covering her cheeks, but comfortable. She fixed the cloak at her throat, lifted the hood up and smoothed the material so it slipped forward over her shoulders and pooled on the floor.
Hyena ceremonial clothing is a lot like goth club clothing. ~ within Chapter 13
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by R. E., then please check out her website.

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