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Idolizing In: Hooked Series, Book 1

- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Paperback - Pages: 347; Kindle Edition - File Size: 453 KB | Expected Release Date: January 29, 2013 | Publisher: Harlequin TEEN | Obtained: NetGalley

"Hooked" [Hooked Series, Book 1] by Liz Fichera

My Book Summary : Neither ever talked to each other before ... Ryan was in one of the most popular guys in school, while Fredricka (Fred) was one of the few Native American girls that went to their high school and typically stayed in the background ... but once they did they both couldn't deny their attraction, no matter how much they both tried. But how could Ryan ever like, let alone be nice to, the girl who got his best friend kicked off the boys' varsity golf team?

Both Fred & Ryan will find that feelings like theirs are harder to ignore then they've would have ever imagined, especially when they're already hooked on each other...

My Book Review : 5 out of 5 stars!! This novel HOOKED me from the very beginning!! I loved the characters!! Plus, I thoroughly enjoyed the back-and-forth POV chapters, like it is in Ms. Barnholdt's "Two-way Street," Ms. Crane's "Stupid and Contagious," & Ms. Elkeles' "Perfect Chemistry" especially since this novel seems to be a unique mix of all three of these books too!

Ryan & Fred are great together! Their banter and their growing respect for each other make it so that no matter what really happens between them they can never fully dislike the other. Only two things I wish would have happened for me to enjoy this novel even more...
  1. I wish Ryan stopped having his "blinders" on when it came to his best friend, because in truth that boy was a bit of a psycho and needed to be arrested for some of the shit he pulled.
  2. I wish the epilogue was longer then it was. Did they ever make it to and win the state championship like their coach kept talking about?
Overall, though, this novel has just the right amount of intrigue, compassion, romance, and teenage angst that it keeps you entertained the whole way through!

I recommend this novel to anyone who liked the previous novels I mentioned and/or are just a fan of YA romance novels!!

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Book Teaser(s) :
Boys like Ryan and girls like me moved in different circles---well, I was pretty sure he had a circle; I simply moved.
I couldn't understand why he'd sat and glared at everybody all night, even his own family. He'd acted as though he would have preferred to jump through one of the restaurant windows than enjoy a dinner with them. And his parents seemed so lovely, so perfect. They'd looked like the perfect family, out enjoying a perfect dinner on a perfectly good Saturday night. How nice would it be to have your parents treat you to a fancy restaurant with a special birthday cake and everything? Where's the misery in that? Clearly Ryan Berenger was deranged. ~ within Chapter 3 - titled 'Fred'
"I don't know, Dad." I looked straight into the sunset. "Maybe you and Trevor were right. Maybe being on this team is a bad idea."
Dad snorted. "For you or them?"
I didn't answer. I sank lower in my chair. The Lab at my feet lifted his head.
"Well?" he prodded.
"I guess for them. All I wanted to do was play. I wasn't expecting special treatment. That's the last thing I want."
Dad chuckled. "So, play. Enjoy. Have fun for once." He leaned forward in his chair. "Pretend those boys are invisible. Or," he said slowly, "you could try to fit in."
My eyes widened. Fit in with a bunch of spoiled white boys? It would be easier to pretend I'm Princess Kate. ~ within Chapter 17 - titled 'Fred'
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Liz, then please check out her website.

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