Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 100+ Reading Challenge

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Alrighty ... here's my personal challenge .. or more of a record of how many books I have read in 2013. Anyway ... here we go:

    -- January 2013 --
  1. "Who's Your Daddy?" by Lauren Gallagher (aka L. A. Witt)
  2. "Duality" [Guardians of the Light Series, Book 1] by Renee Wildes
  3. "Cat's Meow" [Predators Series, Book 1] by Nicole Austin
  4. "Releasing The Wolf" [Eye Of The Storm Series, Book 1] by Dianna Hardy
  5. "Every Night Forever" [Hyena Heat Series, Book 1] by R. E. Butler
  6. "The Vrykolakas Deviation" [The Narcissus Legacy Series, Book 1] by Sherri Lackey
  7. "Virgin" [The Cat Star Chronicles, Book 7] by Cheryl Brooks
  8. "Raphael & Parish" [Bayou Heat Series, Books 1 & 2] by Alexandra Ivy & Laura Wright
  9. "Reckless Heart" [Reckless Series, Book 1] by Madeline Baker (aka Amanda Ashley)
  10. "Hooked" [Hooked Series, Book 1] by Liz Fichera
  11. "Kiss of the Goblin Prince" [Shadowlands Series, Book 2] by Shona Husk
  12. "Silver Storm" [Raveneau Series, Book 1] by Cynthia Wright
  13. "A SEAL's Secret Baby" [Operation: Family Series, Book 1] by Laura Marie Altom
  14. "Love Finds You in Glacier Bay, Alaska" [Love Finds You Series, Book 3] by Tricia Goyer & Ocieanna Fleiss
  15. "Heir to a Desert Legacy" [Secret Heirs of Powerful Men Series, Book 1] by Maisey Yates
  16. "Rogue Rider" [Lords of Deliverance Series, Book 4] by Larissa Ione (aka Sydney Croft)
  17. "Heart of Stone" [Frontiera Series, Book 1] by Cathryn Cade
  18. "Forever My Girl" [The Beaumont Series, Book 1] by Heidi McLaughlin
  19. -- February 2013 --
  20. "Bad Rep" by A. Meredith Walters
  21. "The Charm School" [Calhoun Chronicles, Book 1] by Susan Wiggs
  22. "Ashes of Angels" [Of Angels and Demons Series, Book 3] by Michele Hauf
  23. "Play With Me" by Piper Shelly
  24. "The Farewell Season" by Ann Herrick
  25. "The Rocker That Holds Me" by Terri Anne Browning
  26. "Under Her Skin" by Alexis Lauren
  27. "With the Boys in the Band" by Marie Medina
  28. "The Sheikh's Heir" [The Santina Crown Series, Book 2] by Sharon Kendrick
  29. "The Arrival" [The BirthRight Trilogy, Book 1] by Nicole MacDonald
  30. "How Beauty Saved the Beast" [Tales of the Underlight Series, Book 2] by Jax Garren (aka Jennifer Hinson)
  31. "A Scandal, A Secret, A Baby" by Sharon Kendrick
  32. "Waking Up Married" by Mira Lyn Kelly (aka Moira McTark)
  33. "Finding Chrissten" [Legacy Series, Book 5] by N. J. Walters
  34. "Drink of Me" by Jacquelyn Frank
  35. -- March 2013 --
  36. "Hunger Awakened" [Book 2] by Dee Carney (aka Morgan Sierra)
  37. "Seduce Me in Dreams" [Three Worlds Series, Book 1] by Jacquelyn Frank (aka Jax)
  38. "Ice Gods" by Helen Scott Taylor
  39. "Her Mad Hatter" [Kingdom Series, Book 1] by Marie Hall
  40. "Giving Thanks for Baby" [Tiny Blessings Series, Book 11] by Terri Reed
  41. "Deuces Wild" [Ridgeville Series, Book 5] by Celia Kyle
  42. "Cyber Lover" by Lizzie Lynn Lee
  43. "Sexting While Working" by Morgan Marek
  44. "Swept Away" [Trouble in Texas Series, Book 1] by Mary Connealy
  45. "Hybrid Misfit" by Eve Langlais
  46. "Roan's Fall" [Roxie's Protectors Series, Book 1] by Marisa Chenery
  47. "Wildcat" [The Cat Star Chronicles, Book 9] by Cheryl Brooks (aka Samantha R. Michaels)
  48. "The Canuck Werewolf" [Oh, Canada!/Big City Pack Series, Book 1] by Marisa Chenery
  49. "Spellbound" by Emmie Dark
  50. "Picture Perfect" [Renegade Saints Series, Book 1] by Ella Fox
  51. "Dear Cassie" by Lisa Burstein
  52. "Falke's Renegade" [Puma Nights Series, Book 3] by Madison Layle & Anna Leigh Keaton (aka Leanne Karella)
  53. "Influential Magic" [Crescent City Fae Series, Book 1] by Deanna Chase
  54. "Awakening the Warriors" [Legends of the Seven Galaxies Series, Book 2] by S. E. Gilchrist
  55. -- April 2013 --
  56. "Lust by Moonbeam" [Oh, Canada!/Alien Abductions/Moonbeam Series, Book 1] by Cynthia Sax
  57. "Most Likely to Succeed" [Girls Most Likely to... Series, Book 1] by Kate Davies
  58. "Mindlink" by Kat Cantrell
  59. "Tempted by the Storm" [The Academy of Magical Arts Series, Book 2] by Maxine Mansfield
  60. "A Taste For Moonlight" ['Neath the Veil Series, Book 2] by Aimee Roseland
  61. "Not Quite Dating" [Not Quite Series, Book 1] by Catherine Bybee
  62. "The Boys of Summer" [Summer Series, Book 1] by C. J. Duggan
  63. "The Kissing Booth" by Beth Reekles
  64. "Chasing Sam" [Vegas Mates Series, Book 1] by Krystal Shannan
  65. "Dare You To" [Pushing the Limits Series, Book 2] by Katie McGarry
  66. "One Night Heir" [By His Royal Decree Series, Book 1] by Lucy Monroe (aka L. C. Monroe)
  67. "Rush Me" [New York Leopards Series, Book 1] by Allison Parr
  68. "Text Me" [Come Together Series, Book 1] by K. J. Reed
  69. "A Duke of Her Own" [Desperate Duchesses Series, Book 6] by Eloisa James
  70. "A Night Like This" [The Smythe-Smith Quartet Series, Book 2] by Julia Quinn (aka JQ)
  71. -- May 2013 --
  72. "How to Romance a Rake" [Ugly Ducklings Series, Book 2] by Manda Collins
  73. "The Testing" [The Testing Trilogy, Book 1] by Joelle Charbonneau
  74. "Catch a Falling Star" by Beth K. Vogt
  75. "Once Upon a Prince" [The Royal Wedding Series, Book 1] by Rachel Hauck
  76. "It's a Boy!" [The Camdens of Colorado Series, Book 3] by Victoria Pade
  77. "How Beauty Loved the Beast" [Tales of the Underlight Series, Book 3] by Jax Garren (aka Jennifer Hinson)
  78. -- June 2013 --
  79. "Beautiful Danger" [In the Company of Vampires Series, Book 1] by Michele Hauf
  80. "What I Didn't Say" by Keary Taylor
  81. "Don’t Bite the Bridesmaid" [Sons of Kane Series, Book 1] by Tiffany Allee
  82. "Magick" [The Coven Series, Book 3] by Trish Milburn (aka Tricia Mills)
  83. "A Mating Dance" [Ashwood Falls Series, Book 2] by Lia Davis
  84. "Her Warriors’ Three Wishes" [Dante’s Circle Series, Book 2] by Carrie Ann Ryan
  85. "Claiming His Mate" [Crescent Moon Series, Book 2] by Savannah Stuart (aka Katie Reus)
  86. "A Bead of Blood" [The Wiccan-Were-Bear Series, Book 5] by R. E. Butler
  87. "A Twitch of Tail" [The Wiccan-Were-Bear Series, Book 6] by R. E. Butler
  88. "Luck of the Dragon" [Las Vegas Dragons Series, Book 1] by Susannah Scott
  89. -- July 2013 --
  90. "Witch Bound" [Twilight of the Gods Series, Book 2] by Eleri Stone
  91. "Grif" [Redstone Clan Series, Book 1 & Tales Of The Were Series, Book 5] by Bianca D'Arc
  92. "The Ice Dragon" [Dragon Knights Series, Book 3] by Bianca D'Arc
  93. "Suddenly Royal" [Suddenly Series, Book 1] by Nichole Chase
  94. "Lick" [Stage Dive Series, Book 1] by Kylie Scott
  95. "Free Agent" [Mustangs Baseball Series, Book 0.5] by Roz Lee
  96. "Soul Song" [Dirk and Steele Series, Book 6] by Marjorie M. Liu
  97. "Exclusive Interview" [Rock Arrangement Series, Book 1] by Ava Lore
  98. "My Boss's Husband" by Eva Hore
  99. "The Other Half" by Cotton Nightie
  100. "A Child's Heart" by E. Ayers
  101. "The Switched Baby Scandal" [Scandals of San Sebastian Series, Book 1] [Previously published as "The Baby Mistake"] by Theresa Meyers
  102. "The Sultan's Bride" by Ariadne Wayne
  103. "Winter Love" [Seasons of Love Series, Book 3] by Merri Hiatt
  104. "The Alpha's Daughter" [The Wolvers Series, Book 3] by Jacqueline Rhoades
  105. "Say Yes" by Lyla Luray
  106. "Crazy" [Rock Me Series, Book 3] by Arabella Quinn
  107. "The Runaway Roommate" [Kdrama Chronicles, Book 1] by C. S. Mae
  108. "The Gigolo’s Bride" [The Necklace Chronicles, Book 2] by R. E. Butler
  109. "A Weaver Beginning" [Return to the Double C Series, Book 18] by Allison Leigh
  110. "The Lost Wolf's Destiny" [The Pack Series, Book 15] by Karen Whiddon
  111. "Conquest" by Rebecca York (aka Ruth Glick)
  112. "Love Overdue" by Pamela Morsi
  113. "Stone Guardian" [Entwined Realms Series, Book 1] by Danielle Monsch
  114. "The Surrogate's Secret" by Mimi Barbour
  115. -- August 2013 --
  116. "Lovestruck in London" by Rachel Schurig
  117. "Sleeping Virgin Seduction" by Nicole Snow
  118. "Daddy Love Milk" by Sapna Patel
  119. "Taste My Milk, Step-Dad" by Sapna Patel
  120. "My Step Sister's Tight Pussy" by Sapna Patel
  121. "An Ecstatic Night with Daddy" by Christian A. Turner
  122. "Suckled Like a Lollipop" by Bianca Lee
  123. "Cabin Fever Breeding" by Eliza DeGaulle
  124. "Mates Since Birth" [Half-Breed Shifter Series, Book 3] by Miranda Stowe (aka Linda Kage)
  125. "Playing Games" [Games Series, Book 2] by Jessica Clare (aka Jill Myles)
  126. "Ice Games" [Games Series, Book 3] by Jessica Clare (aka Jill Myles)
  127. "Heavy Metal" [Goddesses Rising Series, Book 2] by Natalie J. Dramschroder
  128. "Bonds of Desire" [Wicked Play Series, Book 3] by Lynda Aicher
  129. "The Wizard's Heart" [Tales of the Zingari Series, Book 1] by S. R. Howen
  130. "Indelible" by Bethany Lopez
  131. "Twilight Hunter" [The Execution Underground Series, Book 1] by Kait Ballenger
  132. "Before the Midnight Bells" [Once Upon A Romance Series, Book 1] by Jessica Woodard
  133. "Savage Possession" [Temple of Luna Series, Book 1] by Moira Rogers (aka Bree & Donna)
  134. "The Halfling's Lust" by Tanilen
  135. "Craving More" [Tiger Nip Series, Book 1] by Brandy Walker
  136. -- September 2013 --
  137. "A Happily Ever After of Her Own" [Ever After Series, Book 1] by Nadia Lee (aka Angelle Trieste)
  138. "Battlescars" [Battlescars Series, Book 1] by Sophie Monroe
  139. "Her Dark Angel" [Her Angel Series, Book 1] by Felicity E. Heaton
  140. "Alien Savior" [The Arathians Series, Book 1] by Nicole Krizek
  141. "The Last Bride in Ballymuir" [Ballymuir Series, Book 1] [Previously published as "The Homecoming"] by Dorien Kelly
  142. "The Wronged Princess" [Cinderella Series, Book 1] by Kae Elle Wheeler (aka Kathy L. Wheeler)
  143. "Romancing His English Rose" [Lady Lancaster Garden Society Series, Book 2] by Catherine Hemmerling
  144. "The Fairy Tale Bride" [Once Upon a Wedding Series, Book 1] by Kelly McClymer
  145. "First Love" [Now & Forever Series, Book 1] by Melissa Johns
  146. "Off Sides" [Off Series, Book 1] by Sawyer Bennett
  147. "Blind Wolf" by Aubrey Rose
  148. "Steven" [Dallas Billionaires Trilogy, Book 1] by Kirsten Osbourne
  149. "Hook's Pan" [Kingdom Series, Book 5] by Marie Hall
  150. -- October 2013 --
  151. "Her Sudden Groom" [The Grooms Series, Book 1] by Rose Gordon
  152. "Tattoo Thief: Gavin & Beryl" [Tattoo Thief Series, Book 1] by Heidi Joy Tretheway
  153. "Untamed Hunger" [Alpha Colony Series, Book 1] by Aubrey Ross
  154. "Draco" [Accidental Mates Series, Book 1] by Brenda Steele
  155. "Drive Me Crazy" [Holland Springs Series, Book 1] by Marquita Valentine
  156. "Escaping Love" [Koning Clan Series, Book 2] by Debra Smith
  157. "Double Fault" by Sheila Claydon
  158. "Bad Kitty" [Southern Shifter Series & The Black Cougar Trilogy, Book 4] by Eliza Gayle
  159. "Friday Night Alibi" by Cassie Mae (aka Becca Ann)
  160. "A Promise on White Wings" [The Wiccan-Were-Bear Series, Book 7] by R. E. Butler
  161. "The Rough Mating Of A Vampire" [The Vampire Coalition Series, Book 0.5] by J. S. Scott
  162. "Wicked Mourning" by Heather Boyd
  163. "Desire By Blood" [By Blood Series, Book 1] by Melissa Schroeder (aka Kiera West)
  164. "Whitney" [Alpha Marked Series, Book 3] by Celia Kyle
  165. "The Alpha's Mate" by Michelle Fox
  166. -- November 2013 --
  167. "Twice as Hot" [Tales of an Extraordinary Girl Series, Book 2] by Gena Showalter :: THIS BOOK WAS A REREAD :: Click Here to read my previous review!
  168. "Starved For Love" by Annie Nicholas
  169. "Beloved" [Where the Heart Lives Series, Book 3] by Robin Lee Hatcher
  170. "The Surprise Holiday Dad" [Safe Harbor Medical Series, Book 12] by Jacqueline Diamond (aka Jackie Hyman, Jackie Diamond Hyman, Jacqueline Topaz, & Jacqueline Jade)
  171. "Darkness Awakened" [Darkness Series, Book 1] by Katie Reus (aka Savannah Stuart)
  172. "His Purrfect Mate" [Shifters, Inc. Series, Book 3] by Georgette St. Clair
  173. "Masked Love" by Nicole Zoltack
  174. "Untamed: An Alpha's Kiss" by Evelyn Glass
  175. "Body to Barter" [Half-Breed Shifter Series, Book 4] by Miranda Stowe (aka Linda Kage)
  176. "Meeting Trouble" [Previously published as "Happy Accident"] by Emme Rollins
  177. "Misplaced Princess" [Foreign Affairs Series, Book 1] by Mari Carr & Lexxie Couper
  178. "Just Desserts" [Holland Springs Series, Book 4] by Marquita Valentine
  179. "Draken" [The Draglen Brothers Series, Book 1] by Solease M. Barner
  180. "Two Week Trial" [Love Beyond Barriers Series, Book 1] by Missy Jane
  181. -- December 2013 --
  182. "One Tiny Miracle..." by Carol Marinelli
  183. "Expecting Royal Twins!" by Melissa McClone
  184. "A Marriage in Middlebury" by Anita Higman
  185. "It Happened Under the Mistletoe" [The Secret Brides Series, Book 3.5] by Valerie Bowman
  186. "Crash into Me" [Shaken Dirty Series, Book 1] by Tracy Wolff (aka Tracy Deebs, Tessa Adams, & Ivy Adams)
  187. "Ashes" by Sarah Gilman
  188. "The Magic Between Us" [Faerie Series, Book 3] by Tammy Falkner
  189. "The Scandal Before Christmas" [The Reckless Brides Series, Book 3.5] by Elizabeth Essex
  190. "Three Ways to Wicked" [Wicked Shores Series, Book 1] by Jodi Redford

* If you would like to know what I think about the books I didn't share my ratings or reviews with you about, than leave a comment about which one you want info on and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

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