Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Books I'm Thankful For (so far) in 2012


Okay so last year I started this by doing a top 5 list of the books I was thankful for reading/reviewing and well this year I just couldn't decide. Therefore, since today is Thanksgiving Day, after all, I chose to list ALL of the books that I've read so far (and gave my highest ratings to) for this year that I'm Thankful for!! So, here you go (listed in the order of when I read them this year):
  1. "Bound In Darkness" [Bound (Vampires/Werewolves) Series, Book 2] by Cynthia Eden: 5 out of 5 stars!!! Even though this is a quick read, it is packed with hot romance and fight scenes. Plus, it has a really good plot! Add in some dynamic main characters and you have a paranormal romance novella that you just have to read!!

    I recommend this to anyone who likes to read short and spicy paranormal books then this is a book for you! [Read more of Jess' Review and a Teaser for this book HERE]
  2. "There You’ll Find Me" by Jenny B. Jones: 5 out of 5 stars, this is a touching novel about trying to deal with the heartbreak of loosing someone close to you and how you can over come that heartbreak into getting back to a "normal" life again. I loved the way this novel goes about trying to help the main character, Finley, from the gorgeous views that were described of Ireland (making me wish I could take a trip there) to Finley's adopted grandmother and her cranky ways to the new friends Finley meets. There seemed to be nothing I did not like about this novel!! Especially the relationship between Finley and Beckett, it was sweet, funny (with all of their bickering and unusual ways of talking to each other), and because of the way they go about helping each other it really made me enjoy this novel so much more!!! [Read more of Jess' Review and a Teaser for this book HERE]
  3. "A Familiar Face" by Marie Harte: 5 out of 5 stars!! WOW!! This novel exceeded my expectations and then some! It's a sexually driven, fast-paced, match made from heaven or a little club known as The Python Palace, novel that enthralled me into wishing there was more to read about!!

    About the Characters:
    • Mallory: Sarcastic, funny, sweet, and very playful. A witch who knows how to fight like the best of them. One who might not be much in her own world but means quite a bit in Core's world.

    • Core: Clever. A strong leader. A wonderful fighter. Very protective of Mallory.

    • Rattler: Mysterious. Bossy. A god??

    I can't say enough about this book! [Read more of Jess' Review and a Teaser for this book HERE]
  4. "The Unofficial Zack Warren Fan Club" by J. C. Isabella: 5 out of 5 stars!! I LOVED the characters in this novel!!! Chloe and Zack are quite a pair about keeping false fronts about their feelings to each other for everyone else while their true feelings are quite different!! Plus, I loved the fact that they went, pretty much, their whole lives in love with each other and only now taping into those feelings. *sigh* It is a fun story that I thoroughly enjoyed reading!! From them finding out the truth of one another, to getting used to their new living arrangements, to dealing with their new jealousies and old secrets .... I just could not get enough to this book or this pair!! [Read more of Jess' Review and Three Teasers for this book HERE]
  5. "Feral Sins" [The Phoenix Pack Series, Book 1] by Suzanne Wright: 5 out of 5 stars!! This novel has a really good plot along with being spicy enough, with its erotic scenes, to get you all hot and bothered by the time this book is over! Trey is a possessive and domineering werewolf who isn't always in control of his wolf side. Taryn is a sarcastic, smart, feisty, and even though she's on the small side, she knows how to protect herself. Together they are an unstoppable duo that are perfect for each other and fun to read about! [Read more of Jess' Review and Two Teasers for this book HERE]
  6. "My Stubborn Heart" by Becky Wade: 5 out of 5 stars!! I loved the setup of this novel!! The prologue sets up this novel in a way that it fills in what happened, a bit, in the main characters' pasts while leaving you curious to read more about them. Then to read the build-up between Kate and Matt throws you for a loop and back again. When you finally realize what each of them have gone through and how they get into this sweet relationship where they both want more from each other but because of God or their pasts or just life itself makes it so they have to fight for what they want you might just fall in love with this novel too! What also makes this novel is "the seniors!" [Read more of Jess' Review and Two Teasers for this book HERE]
  7. "Valor" [Greystone Series, Book 1] by Taylor Longford: 5 out of 5 stars!! This series is one I bet you have never read about (or any type like it) before and will keep you just as captivated as I was!!! I LOVE THIS NOVEL!! The plot was awesome, intense, dynamic, funny, and very fast-paced! Also -- I could NOT get enough of the characters!!!

    About the Characters:
    • MacKenzie: Human, 16 yrs old. Maybe a witch...? Protective of those she loves. Pretty much lives on her own. Helps out Valor and his family with everything they need. Has a crush on Valor.

    • Valor: Gargoyle, about 18 yrs old. Meets MacKenzie first and tells her about who and what he and his family are. Instantly and intensely drawn to MacKenzie. Likes to hunt. [Read more of Jess' Review and Two Teasers for this book HERE]
  8. "Almost a Scandal" [The Reckless Brides Series, Book 1] by Elizabeth Essex: 5 out of 5 stars, this fun, courageous, and delightful novel will take you on an intriguing ride through the life of a British sailor in the 1800s. I loved how this novel evolves--from Sally boarding the ship trying to hide her identity, to her being in the thick of the crew, getting into fights about shipmates treatment, to the growing love affair between Sally and Col all the while being right in the middle of a war. I could not get enough of this novel! I especially enjoy how Sally wasn't a wuss when it came to her duty and the action on deck or that she wasn't impervious to any causalities of her own, no matter how small. [Read more of Jess' Review and Three Teasers for this book HERE]
  9. "Forever Werewolf" [A Part of the Beautiful Creatures World] by Michele Hauf: 5 out of 5 stars!!! This is a fun & sexy novel about loving who you are and being true to it! I loved Lexi & Tryst together!! They played off each other soo well!! In addition, the plot was great, especially with all of the twists!

    With how many time Tryst mentioned his ice demon friend I really can't wait to find out what will happen to him! And I do hope things will work out between Lana and Liam, since Liam seems like such a good guy. [Read more of Jess' Review and Two Teasers for this book HERE]
  10. "All Summer Long" [Fool’s Gold Series, Book 9] by Susan Mallery: 5 out of 5 stars!! Ever since this year's three-part series from Fool's Gold came out, I have wanted to read more about Charlie's romance! Therefore, I'm so happy that it turned out even better than I expected!!! This is a novel about what the heart is able to overcome when faced with the opportunity to heal. I LOVED CHARLIE & CLAY!!! Together or apart Charlie and Clay were a great duo that I couldn't get enough of!! I loved the way this novel dealt with Charlie's fears, helping Clay with his ambitions, and bringing Charlie and her mother back together again. It was a charming book, which I could not put down!! [Read more of Jess' Review and Two Teasers for this book HERE]
  11. "Forbidden" [The World of Nightwalkers Series, Book 1] by Jacquelyn Frank: 5 out of 5 stars!! Follow Docia along through her death and new life while learning about the world of Nightwalkers, becoming a Bodywalker, and finding your soul mate in the most unlikely of places. This is a hilarious and thrilling start to The World of Nightwalkers Series!! In addition, this is also a bit of a spin-off from Ms. Frank's Nightwalkers Series (a series that I have yet to read) based on the prolog that I'm not sure how that part of the story really fits into the series but I'm hoping we will find out as this series progresses.

    About the Characters:
    • Docia: I enjoyed Docia so much! She is quirky, fun, rambles quite a bit, and is the perfect mix of being shy and daring all at once. Also, I think that with her new "Bodywalker" status she will grow to be more formidable than ever, however I do like Docia's attitude more so then the bits I saw of her reserved counterpart so I hope that later on as this series goes we will see her acting more like herself than anything else. [Read more of Jess' Review and Two Teasers for this book HERE]
Well ... those are all of the novels/novellas that I LOVED (thus far) THIS YEAR!! I hope after reading my reviews and teasers you'll be interested in a few of them too.

One thing I'm finding funny now that I'm looking at my list is that it goes back and forth from contemporary-ish to paranormal-ish without me even trying. *hehee*

Anyway ....

I hope every one of you will have a WONDERFUL and HAPPY Thanksgiving! Please stop back on my blog this Saturday because starting that day until November 30th I'm putting together a couple of giveaway contests and hosting a few guest posts all surrounding Small Business Saturday/Week!!

Take care, Jess


  1. Thanks so much for including me in the lineup. What an honor. : )
    Love your list--lots of new to me authors/books to check out.

    1. You're welcome!! I'm glad you liked it. I thoroughly enjoyed your novel!! =0)

  2. I'm delighted to see My Stubborn Heart in this group! Wow! Thank you, Jess. If I had a "Bloggers I'm Thankful For (so far) in 2012" list, you'd be on it! Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you and yours.

    1. Thank you for your kind words and you are welcome for being included!! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and weekend! =0)


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