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Blog Tour - Feasted On: Hollywood Ever After by Sasha Summers | Review & Giveaway

Today I'm turning my blog over to Sasha Summers, with a review of her latest novel "Hollywood Ever After," which is the 1st book in The Red-Carpet Series!!

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- This is an ARC book - Available Formats through Paperback - Pages: 388; Kindle Edition - File Size: 527 KB | Expected Release Date: May 2012 | Publisher: InkSpell Publishing | Obtained: Goddess Fish Promotions

"Hollywood Ever After" [The Red-Carpet Series, Book 1] by Sasha Summers

My Book Summary : As a birthday trip, Claire visits her best friend, Shannon, in LA to take in the sites and relax for a while. However, not long after her plane pulls into the airport Shannon whisks her away to get pampered and dolled up for a big movie premiere that Shannon was a part of, much to Claire's excitement and dismay because it's something out of her comfort zone. Nevertheless, Claire seems to fit right in on the red carpet with her friend that is until she almost trips on the carpet right into the arms of Hollywood "IT" boy Josh Wiley!

Claire is instantly attracted to Josh, even though she's a bit older than he is, but doesn't think he would give her the time of day. That is until he seems find Claire out and get involved in the groups she's in during the movie's after party. As they get to know one another, they find that they have an instant connection to each other. The attraction grows even more over the few days they spend together.

Yet, regretfully, Claire goes back home to Texas and to her children leaving Josh. During their time away from each other Claire admits that she misses Josh more than ever, yet she also finds that while she was away her abusive ex-husband, Daniel, had decided that they should become a family again, and he won't take no for an answer. Will Daniel get in the way of the blossoming romance between Josh and Claire? Will Claire's dreams for something more for herself and her children come crumbling apart around her? Or will Claire & Josh actually get their happily-ever-after?

My Book Review : 4.5 out of 5 stars!! This intense Hollywood fairytale is one that keeps you entranced in its fast-paced, heartwarming, and dramatic ways. I was captivated by Claire's story, and the romance between her and Josh! It was moving to see her put her life together for her and her kids; and even though most of the changes in her life where sprung on her, Claire gets through this novel with a lot of grace and self-sacrifice that keeps you spellbound during some of the twists that come up. Especially during the last, few chapters ... WOW!

This is definitely not your typical "Hollywood romance" which is why everyone who likes those types of novels should read it! I also recommend it to anyone who enjoys contemporary romances that have a thriller-type of edge to it.

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Author's Book Trailer :

Book Teaser(s) :
Teaser #1 ~ within Chapter 1
“What about you, Josh? Do you have anything to add?” The female reporter turned to him, flashing a sparkling smile.
Josh ran a hand through his hair, sending up a shriek from the crowds lining the red carpet. He shook his head at the sound, his smile uncomfortable. “I’m very happy.”
My heart thumped loudly and I felt myself smile as he spoke.
“Over the success of the movie?” the reporter asked.
“That’s nice too...” He nodded. He sounded amused.
The reporter jumped on it. “There’s something else, other than your record-breaking openings, making you happy? Wow, Josh, that’s pretty amazing. Care to share what it might be?” The reporter was leaning forward, waiting.
He shook his head, then stopped, a slow mischievous smile spreading across his face.
My eyes narrowed as I watched his face change. What are you up to? ~ within Chapter 8
For more information on this book, series, and/or any other books by Sasha, then please check out her website.

About the Author :

Sasha Summers is part gypsy. Her passions have always been storytelling, history, romance, and travel. She writes both lyrical romantic fantasy and contemporary romance. Her first play was written for her Girl Scout troupe. She's been writing ever since. She loves getting lost in the worlds and characters she creates; even if she frequently forgets to run the dishwasher or wash socks when she's doing so. Luckily, her four brilliant children and hero-inspiring hubby are super understanding and supportive.

Book Excerpt :

Two very large, strong hands caught me and I looked up into the most beautiful face I’d seen since this morning.

“Josh? Hi, Josh!” I squealed, bouncing in his arms as he smiled down at me. I kept bouncing, my racing heart thumping faster than the music as his hands slid around my back. “I didn’t know you were here.” I was smiling like an idiot.

“You’re a rather focused dancer.”

“I am! Never do, I mean. But it’s fun!” The song ended and I frowned.

He laughed. “Should I make them play the song again? I will if it will make that pathetic little frown disappear.”

Another song began. It was slower, but it still had a good beat. “No, I think this will work and I won’t sing–even better.”

“I liked your singing.” He was looking at me…the way he always looked at me.

I felt light-headed and dizzy as I stared up at him, wobbling on unsteady feet. I knew I was drunk, but now there was more than just alcohol heating me up from the inside.

His hands were firm, guiding me closer to him. I let one hand rest on his chest as we swayed together. Between the buzzing euphoria from my many drinks and the raging hunger burning in his eyes, my every nerve was tingling. I was more than a little pleased with life at the moment.

I quivered under his touch. His fingers splayed across my lower back, fitting us closer together. We danced with the music, our movements in sync with one another.

Under the flashing colored lights, my hand looked red and then green against the white of his shirt. I felt the heat of his skin, the solid strength of his muscles through the fabric of his shirt. His scent, his touch, his...presence stirred images of our night together, sharp in my otherwise foggy mind. My skin grew more sensitive and my senses flooded with him.

I was aching for him, all of him. Now. My breath grew short as I remembered how he felt buried deep inside me.

The rational side of my brain knew I was losing control, but there was too much alcohol in my system. I had no fear or inhibition. And I liked the fire raging inside of me.

My eyes slid to his mouth and I felt my tongue wet my lips.

His breath hitched and he closed his eyes. When he looked at me again, there was little doubt he knew exactly what I was feeling.

The song ended and I felt myself being guided from the floor.

“Taking her home?” Shannon had apparently returned to the table. She and Arthur regarded us with interest.

There were three other people at the table now. I didn’t know them. But I didn’t really care at the moment. I wanted to kiss the pulse wildly beating in Josh’s throat. I was vaguely aware that now might not be the right time for that. I glanced at his neck. It looked very kissable.

“Unless you have other plans?” Josh looked from Shannon to me.

I was looking at him as if I were about to eat him. It wasn’t intentional; that was really what I wanted to do at the moment...because he was so damn gorgeous…

He looked back at Shannon, his jaw muscle noticeably rigid.

“I recommend you get her home. And make her drink some water at some point, please,” Shannon added. “Here.” She handed Josh some keys and waved at me with a smile.

Then we were heading toward the door.

“Wait.” I stopped. We weren’t moving, but everything seemed to be moving around me. “You’re here with friends?”

His hands clasped my shoulders, steadying me. He smiled down at me. “Yes.”

“You shouldn’t leave them....I don’t want to mono...monopolize you.” My words trailed off as my eyes met his.

He wanted me. I could see it. His nostrils flared just a bit. His jaw clenched and unclenched. I smiled slowly. I liked that I could make him react this way.

I asked, “Don’t you want to stay?” Say no.

If he wanted to stay, I might be able to stop staring at him or thinking about how perfectly we fit together. It wasn’t completely out of the question, not yet. My eyes fell to his lips and my smile grew.

“No.” He leaned closer, whispering in my ear, “Claire, we have to leave now if you’re going to look at me like that.” His face reflected the hunger I felt.

My voice was husky as I whispered, “I’ll be good.” Not a chance.

He paused, his eyebrow rose in question. “You want to stay?”

“Nope.” My eyes fell to his mouth again.

Josh’s smile was pinched as he led me to the exit.

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    1. Hi Maria - and thanks for commenting! Reading is the BEST!!! If you decide to read HEA, I hope you'll let me know your thoughts on it. Have a great day.

  2. Morning Jess! Thanks so much for sharing Hollywood Ever After with your readers. :) I'm so glad Josh and Claire's story touched you - I love these characters so it's really lovely when other people do to! Did you, or anyone who has read the book, have a particularly favorite scene? Or character? Again - thank you!

    1. Good morning yourself! My favorite character was definitely Josh!! He smoothed out all of Claire's rough edges and made me like her and the story that much more. =0) Your welcome!

  3. I'm thinking I need to move to Hollywood and find me a Josh....sigh ;) But only in movies or
    Thanks for sharing today

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    1. Josh is pretty awesome. I'm pretty sure there are fellas like him outside of CA, too! LOL!

  4. Thanks for the excerpts today. I have been looking at your website and noticed you write in 2 other genres besides contemporary romance. Which genre is the most difficult to write? Which genre is your favorite?

    kareninnc at gmail dot com

    1. Hi Karen - Hmmm... Honestly, they all offer up their own challenges and perks!:) I tend to write whichever story/characters are demanding to be written - which helps me keep going. Which genre are you partial to?

  5. Love the sound of this book. I really loved the excerpt.

    1. Thanks MomJane! I'm pretty proud of it. I hope you enjoy it!

  6. Thanks for the great teasers!

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  7. Thank you for the excerpt. The book sounds intriguing.


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  8. I enjoyed the trailer thank you. I hope you had fun making it.



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