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Feasted On: I've Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

Format: Hardcover | Pages: 433 | Release Date: February 2012 | Publisher: The Daily Press | Obtained: Page After Page Bookstore

"I've Got Your Number" by Sophie Kinsella (aka Madeleine Wickham)

My Book Summary : It's about two weeks from Poppy's wedding, to her fiancé--Magnus, and she's hanging out with some of her best girl friends at a hotel's Marie Curie Champagne Tea event. Everything is going well when one of her friends asks to try on her emerald engagement ring (which was a family heirloom), she lets them and it gets passed around their group. However, things suddenly change for the worse when the hotel's fire alarm goes off in the middle of her ring being passed around which make her loose the ring. To top that off in the middle of her looking for the ring her cell phone gets stolen!!

Now the hotel is blowing her off saying since it hasn't been turned in they'll let her know if and when it does. Yet she doesn't want Magnus to find out about the lost ring so she needs to think of a number they can inform her on while she's dwelling on that worry she finds the answer to her prayers .... a WORKING CELL PHONE was dropped into the trashcan!! Therefore, since it doesn't seem like anyone calls her out when she takes it out of the trash can, she takes it for herself.

Nevertheless, Poppy soon finds that taking a used phone isn't as easy as it seems, especially if Sam Roxton has anything to say about it. Since that phone was his PA's phone who just quit that day and it has his business life on it (as his PA's and his emails go to that phone).

Poppy won't take no for an answer, which makes the both of them to fall into each other’s lives in ways they never expected and derailing the plans they had for their lives. Yet will they find the changes in their lives are a good or bad thing before everything gets even more complicated for and between them?

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars!! Ms. Kinsella does it again with this fun & quirky novel!! Poppy seemed like a great mix of Emma from "Can You Keep a Secret?" & Samantha from "The Undomestic Goddess," making her the typical-quirky-heroine type that Ms. Kinsella puts out and we all love while still having the enjoyable humor that keeps the books lively. Plus, I could not get enough of Sam! He is a stoic yet sexy man who develops into being a great guy in this novel. Sam and Poppy are so cute and sweet together that you just want to root for them and their dreams!!

However, this novel will definitely keep you on your toes throughout this fast-paced comedy, especially with all of the sudden twists that arrive in the last few chapters! Some of the twists will shock you and some are ones you probably were hoping for (like me), but all of them make this novel into one that you won't forget about anytime soon!

I recommend this novel to those who are fans of Sophie Kinsella, as well as, anyone who enjoys contemporary comedic romances!!

- On a side note -
I liked the varied footnotes throughout this novel since I thought it was a cute way to enhance the plot. Also, for those who've read Dayla from Confessions of a Book Addict's review of "I've Got Your Number" I'm just going to say don't worry about the binding your books since I got my copy at a local book store and it was able to put up with my one year old's antics (like dropping it on the floor repeatedly but accidentally) and still is in one piece looking very good! =0)

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Book Teaser(s) :
OK. I know it was cheating. I know it was a bad thing to do. To be honest, I kept expecting someone to catch me out. But I put the ring tone on silent and no one realized I was texting Sam all the way through. 43
And, yes, of course I feel guilty. Halfway through, I felt even worse when I texted Sam in admiration, How do you know all these words? and he replied, I don't. The internet does.
The internet?
For a moment I felt too shocked to reply. I thought he was thinking of the words, not finding them on Scrabble or whatever.
That's CHEATING!!!! I typed.

43 Haven't both Antony and Wanda ever invigilated exams as part of their jobs? Just saying. ~ within Chapter 5
"We spoke about it last night."
"Well, I wanted to thank you," he says earnestly. "I know this was your influence. You two guys will add so much heft to the cause. Oh, and thanks for the donation. We really appreciate it."
I stare in astonishment. Sam gave a donation to the Guatemala trip? He gave a donation?
Now Matt is beaming at me. "Hello again. Are you interested in the Guatemala trip?"
Oh my God, I would love to go to Guatemala.
"Well---" I begin enthusiastically, before Sam cuts me off firmly:
"No. She's not."
Honestly. What a spoilsport. ~ within Chapter 10
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Sophie, then please check out her website.

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