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Feasted On: Takhini Wolves Series, Book 2

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"Silver Mine" [Takhini Wolves Series, Book 2] by Vivian Arend

My Book Summary : It's been ten years since Shelley has been back to her hometown of Whitehorse and the Takhini pack. However, other than getting to be around her older half-sister, Caroline, again and opening up her veterinary/doctors office soon she isn't very excited to be back. Especially since, it was the Takhini pack that ran her away from the area in the first place because of her being a wolf shifter who can't shift. Nevertheless, since Caroline swears that Evan, the current Takhini Pack's Alpha, has changed and made the pack better Shelley is willing to give the area a try again.

Therefore, while setting up her office Shelley meets Chase, a Métis--which means he has a dual nature--of cougar/wolf and the "Alpha" of the outcast shifters living in the Keno area. They have an insistent attraction between them that grows more and more with every moment they share together but Shelley gave up sex with shifters a long time ago to get away from their mind games and doesn't intend to turn back on her plan. However, some of the best laid plans can get out of hand too, which is what happens between Shelley and Chase when they spend a time together finding a cure to the unfamiliar disease spreading among shifters living in the Keno area. Will they be able to accomplish their search for a cure without falling for each other or is it inevitable?

My Book Review : 4 out of 5 stars! This is the way I hoped the Takhini Wolves Series would be--inventive, spicy, and a whole fun new cast of characters!!! And .... boy ... do I really like the characters! Chase and Shelley are one hot item that I'm soo happy to read about! They have complications that I wasn't sure how they would work out but through their determination and big hearts, they make it through it all. In addition, I LOVED the characters living in the Keno area pack! I really hope that they will be, or at the very least Chase and Shelley, will be in or mentioned in the next few books.

The plot was more thought out and had a better follow through then the first book in this series, which is probably why I liked it as much as I did. Along with the wonderful characters and the antics, they got into!

I recommend this novel and series to anyone who enjoys paranormal romances with a little bit of adventure.

- On a side note -
After Frank explained about bears love lives I kept on hoping that Shelley would find out that she was part bear so that would be the reason to her problem, making it so Caroline (her older sister) would be unknowingly a full bear shifter. *crossing fingers* *sigh* We'll have to wait and see then I guess. =0/

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Book Teaser(s) :
She pulled out a pad of paper and asked him questions. The usual overall health and history. When he mentioned his Métis blood, her eyes widened but she stayed professional. Now that she was over her initial shock, she'd slipped into the smoothest bedside manner he'd ever seen.
His cock got hard just thinking about beds and her at the same time.
Her scent floored him. This time, it wasn't just the wolf that was interested, but the cougar as well, and that bastard was the pickiest thing when it came to females.
He'd gone and lost all train of thought. "Sorry. What?" ~ within Chapter 4
"Will we hike back to your cabin tonight?"
"I can walk. I'm tired, but I can go for a while."
He hummed noncommittally. "How's your arm feel?"
"How's your shoulder?" she snapped back.
Chase snorted. "Woman, you are so not good at the do everything you're told thing."
Carrying on a conversation made it easier to ignore exactly what she was doing to the body in front of her. "You'd have been bored. Admit it."
"I would have been completely bored," he drawled. ~ within Chapter 16
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