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Made the Grade: Cat Scratch Fever by Jodi Redford

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"Cat Scratch Fever" by Jodi Redford

My Book Summary : Years ago, Lilly's grandfather was swindled out of a big plot of land while playing cards with Dante's father. Therefore, for a while now she has been hounding Dante to sell that plot of land back to her without any success. Nevertheless, is she willing to do just about anything to get back what rightfully belongs to her family, even if it means taking Dante's proposition?

Dante has been avoiding Lilly and her demands for years, but now with his father's mate-bond ultimatum he is in desperate need to find someone to mate with that isn't the girl his father wants, and Lilly seems to be the perfect choice. Especially with the chemistry that flies between them and with Lilly currently being in heat right now the sexual tension is flying high. However, will Dante's pack or Lilly's family allow or approve of this match between them? Will Dante & Lilly be able to keep this proposition only a business agreement between them without letting their hearts get evolved? In addition, will Lilly be able to stand up to the competition that wants to mate with Dante and have Lilly out of the picture?

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars, this sexually intense novel is entertaining with all that the drama that ensues between the main characters' budding relationship! I really enjoyed the sarcastic comments and sassy comebacks that fly between Dante and Lilly. Along with reading about the unusual type of things, Dante decides on using as foreplay items. It's really a quick but fun read that is overloaded with sex between the stubborn main characters.

I only wish it didn't end where it did, meaning, "I wish there was more!!" Since where it ends leaves a bunch of questions in the air ... Is Lilly really okay? What happened to Anna? Did Dante's father know anything about what she did? How is there relationship now? If this novel was a part of a series, then I could possibly let the unknown questions slide but since as far as I know it isn't then I wish I could have answers to my questions. However, I AM very happy with how Lilly and Dante's relationship ends up in the book it was quite charming.

I recommend this novel to everyone who's a fan of Jodi's, as well as, those who enjoy reading paranormal erotic romances!!

-- Check out Jodi's response to my questions above!! --

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Book Teaser(s) :
Dante turned and watched the approach of Lilly’s SUV. Even with the distance separating them, he could clearly see the wide-eyed apprehension overtaking her face as she took in the amount of Morgans camped on his porch. He had to give her credit for not flooring it in reverse and hightailing it the fuck out of there.
Hell, it was probably what he would have done.
A weighty silence descended on the group as Lilly parked her vehicle and made the slow trek toward the porch. Dante’s gaze dipped toward her neckline, where the tag for her sweater was hanging out in plain view. She’d jumped into her clothes so fast earlier, he hadn’t noticed she’d put the sweater on backwards.
His mouth quirked, and Lilly glanced down. A groan fell from her. “Aw crap.” Her motions swift, she tugged her scarf in place to cover up her wardrobe malfunction.
Something about her obvious embarrassment stoked his protective instincts. Cupping her elbow, he pulled her close and dropped a kiss on her forehead.
The collective spell of silence that’d gripped his cousins shattered as they all began talking at once. In his typical fashion, Theo outshouted everyone else. “Holy shit, Shane wasn’t talking out of his ass.”~ within Chapter 10
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  1. I agree 100% on the review. I love Jodi's books, but hated how this ended. I wish that there would have been maybe another chapter or an epiloge. My favorite part was the comments and bickering back in forth to each other. Loved the book and can't wait for Jodi's next book.

    1. Thanks Chris! I know what you mean but at least from what Jodi says in her twitter reply,!/jodiredford/status/190528803636908033, this novel is a part of a series ... so hopefully the next book will answer some of our questions. *crossing fingers* =0)


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