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Made the Grade: Pack and Coven by Jody Wallace

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"Pack and Coven" by Jody Wallace (aka Ellie Marvel)

My Book Summary : Ever since Harry had issues with his previous pack, he has never joined another one and has no plans too. He's happy being an indie werewolf, enjoys his "grandmother" type friends, and being the local mechanic at the town he's living in. However, the local pack is in need of a new alpha and wants him to step up to the plate and take the position ... which is the last thing that Harry wants to do.

Knowing Harry's predicament June, a friend of his, makes plans to help him any way possible, even if that means going against her own coven's rules. Nevertheless, helping Harry also has the potential to inadvertently expose secrets from both of them to come out to each other. With each new secret that comes out has the potential to ruin both of their lives, depending if the pack and/or coven finds out that the secrets have been told. How much are Harry and June willing to risk for each other and keep their lives the way they want them??

My Book Review : 3.5 out of 5 stars, this is one action-packed romance novel that takes a whole new twist on what it means to be a witch within a shifter world. From finding out the secrets, that June was hiding to finding out how eccentric the witches were I enjoyed reading about how dynamic the world is that this story is set in.

About the Characters:
• June: Sweet, older than she looks, a witch who's keeping secrets.

• Harry: Protective about those he cares for, Alpha male, an independent werewolf, someone who has a secret past.

• Bianca: The Alpha female of her pack who plans to do whatever it takes to have Harry join her pack.

• June's Coven: Funny, quirky, and unique. Willing to do what it takes to make sure their secrets stay that way.

• Gavin: A wannabe Alpha werewolf willing to do anything to be sure he gets what he wants.

I liked the way this story is wrapped up (Harry and June's tale). However, I wish it didn't leave off some things about the other characters. Like what happened to the guys that came with Gavin, Maurice especially since he seemed kinda sweet. =0/ I think this has the potential to turn into a cool series if the author wanted to. You just never know. Anyway ....

I recommend this novel to everyone who enjoys paranormal romances that are action-packed in more than one way! =0)

Book Teaser(s) :
Fighting the urge to curl up and sleep, she pushed Harry’s face into her neck and peered at the old shifter awaiting an answer. A pure white beard and mustache surrounded his face, and his head hair had given in to the recessive gene not even shifters were able to avoid. He looked like Santa Claus, if Santa wore flannel and denim instead of red and white. ~ within Chapter 5
“Are you saying I could alter my appearance?”
“It’s a theory. We haven’t been able to experiment.”
“You looking for a guinea pig?” He liked new things—yet another reason he was no packer.
“No.” But her gaze lost focus as she considered it, just like when she had an idea for pie.
“How about a compromise?” He started grooming her PJs, removing pine needles. “If you stay in the tree, I’ll see what’s going on at the house.” He could sneak down there, listen in and sneak back before Maurice caught up to Gavin.
“No, sir. In horror movies when the actors separate, neither of them make it.”
“I can outrun Michael Myers.” ~ within Chapter 10
For more information on this book and/or any other books by Jody, then please check out her website.

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